Celebrating Every Little Running Step

One of the best things about running is being part of other runner’s successes and achievements.  And over the last few days I’ve seen some wonderful running friends soaring with success!  Let’s go backwards from today…

Tuesday – The Beautiful Fiona

Fiona did her first run today after months of working through an injury.  She totally nailed this return run!  She’s lost a lot of running fitness but is strong and motivated and will be back with steely determination and even more fitness than she’s ever had before.  Go Fiona!  She is registered for a 5km in October that’s part of the Melbourne Marathon festival of running events. You will smash it Fiona!

Monday – The Gorgeous Janette

Now I’ve been a bit worried about this running buddy of mine.  She doesn’t say much about her niggles and injuries but this calf injury of hers was certainly troubling her.  But she’s been very good and has done all her exercises and followed physio’s orders.  Monday we had a 5km tempo run with The Running Group and she totally smashed it out.  She’s back on form!  Yay!  Run Melbourne here she comes!


I'm not known for my shyness in front of a camera, here everyone is doing my signature post - A+ everyone!
Everyone is doing my signature pose – A+ everyone!

Sunday – Wonderful The Running Group runners

Sunday was the affectionately known Half-Margaretathon (21.1kms).  This run was named after a former Group member who was training for her first half-marathon.  Several runners totally smashed their PBs!!!  It was freezing cold!  It started at 4ºC and didn’t get very much warmer.  I didn’t run because of my long run on Friday so got to go around and do the drink stops with Janette.  It was wonderful fun.  I took some happy snaps of everyone.  This photo above is my all-time favourite with Pauly, Bruce, Leanne and Cathy all doing the Annie-Pose. Love LOVE LOVE IT!


Saturday – The Lovely Lynnda

I volunteered at the half way mark at Launceston parkrun on Saturday.  Pauly and I hadn’t been to our local parkrun since we returned from holidays due to so many runs with the Launceston Running Club.  To my surprise there was Lynnda running!  She’s back from a stress fracture.  It was just awesome to see her running.  She’s on track for the 5km event at Run Melbourne in three weeks!


And of course there is me!

Yes indeed I can sing my own running praises all by myself.  Why is that?  Because even today, four years down the track I’m still amazed that I have transformed myself into a runner.  From haybarn to letter box all the way to a half-marathon.  Unsporty Women Can Run!  I never wait until my goals are reached to be proud of myself.  I’m proud of myself every time I run (hehe) I love running!

Friday Louise and I smashed out 18km up and down hills.  Our pace was a bit under our goal half-marathon pace but even with the pace on Friday we would have taken four minutes off our Cadbury time of 2:11:00.  Louise of course can run much faster than this but it is her goal to drag this Unsporty Woman around Run Melbourne in the time of 2:00:00.  Please wish her luck!

carr villa

Saturday saw Pauly and I volunteer at parkrun, then run the Launceston Running Club’s 6.2km Carr Villa Trail event.  My handicap had been adjusted with an extra minute but I managed to come in 8th out of 52 runners. It was an interesting course right around the cemetery!  At least they wouldn’t have far to take us if we conked out while we were running!  The President in the pre-race briefing suggested that it was an ideal time to sus out where we might like out final resting place to be!  Those two laps were nicely undulating.  It was fantastic.  I do really love the challenge of a few hills.

So all up lots of lovely runners to celebrate and cheer on.   I love running!  It truly is the simple things that makes me happy – being able to delight in another runner’s success is certainly one of life’s pleasures.

Happy running 🙂

26 thoughts on “Celebrating Every Little Running Step

      1. My last couple of runs have been of the ‘starting over’ variety. Basically I’ve felt like I am super-slow and feel like I am dying…but I keep saying to myself that every step brings me closer to fitness and closer to feeling like a gazelle again. So your post was EXACTLY what I needed. Thanks 🌺🌺🌺

      2. Awesome Melee! Every step does bring you closer to fitness and to bringing out that graceful gazelle that you indeed are no matter what pace you go. I’m glad the post helped! I’m so impressed with my running friends and I love to cheer them on AND I’m very impressed with your amazing fitness journey and I love to cheer you on too. Go Melee!!! (don’t forget to throw those arms up in celebration of just being out there running) hehe 🙂

  1. How wonderful of you to high light all of the success and recovery around you? Bravo to all and that includes you. Haybarn to letter box to marathon runner. If that isn’t inspirational I don’t know what is!

    1. hehe Sue 🙂 Thank you! Running just brings out the amazing in all of us. (It was Lynnda who I dedicated my Friday run to at your suggestion – I hadn’t seen her for a while and didn’t know she was just getting back into running again – I was so happy!)

  2. What a lovely post, celebrating others! Often we. Blog about our own ups and downs, but it’s a good reminder when we see other people’s comeback, recovery or just persistence thAt it can be done! Thank you! Julie

  3. You are doing awesome and so are your friends! I love to hear someone talking about celebrating accomplishments along the way. It is so easy to set a long term goal and get stuck with the progress toward that instead of acknowledging our progress daily. Great post!

    1. Thank you 🙂 You are so right – it’s so easy to lose sight of where we are right now. And really it’s the months of training that get us to those goals so we should celebrate all the way through. Thanks again!

  4. Such a touching read, yes there are times when injury, illness even personal issues that life can throw at us can send us into a spin and play havoc with our goals. Your positive blog each week and the encouragement you give when you are out and about in your running community especially when others are returning from injury and other issues. Well done to the ladies who are returning to running you mentioned. Last but not least your amazing journey keep up the great work running and writing 🙂 🙂

    1. Hehe you funny thing 🙂 I can’t catch a ball or kick one or do anything with bats, clubs or rackets, I can never remember rules or which way the team is going. Definitely unsporty – running mustn’t be a sport me thinks 🙂

      Thank you for that serious vote of confidence, I guess I’m perhaps becoming sporty but I will never admit it 🙂

      1. You are completely sporty! Noone can do the times or distances you can and not be able to say they are sporty! In fact, I think you might even be athletic which is what I am aspiring to. 🙂 xx

      2. Athletic? I can take that one on if you will. Miss Hysterical Runner, you inspire me with every post, the amazing distances and you run them for you – no event, just because you can. Pure inspiration you are!

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