Living the fit life


Let’s have a fence leaning moment. Let’s push aside running goals, races we want to enter, times we’d like to achieve, distances we’d like to conquer. Let’s just stop for a moment and smell those fitness roses.

Mmmmm don’t they smell sweet?

As runners and keeping fit, living the fit life, we are doing amazing things for ourselves.

  • Our metabolism is boosted and we are able to burn off fat better.
  • We decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • We maintain excellent blood pressure.
  • We do amazing things to our self-esteem and sense of wellbeing – endorphins are so good!
  • We create strong muscles and bones, improving our posture.
  • We cope better with stress.
  • We sleep better.
  • We are more alert and able to focus.
  • We have more energy to face life and all its joys and challenges.

Feeling good about being fit? You should be, look at all that awesome stuff you are doing for yourself. It doesn’t matter where we are on the fitness scale, if we are living the fit life every day, we are well on the way to all these benefits.

This morning over my pre-breakfast coffee I caught up on a bit of blog reading. I was so excited to read that Cynthia of Ups and Downs ran her very first official timed 5km race. I love this blog! Cynthia is so real and honest about her weight loss and her struggles to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love cheering her on. It was just so exciting to read about her 5km race AND she won a medal for fastest in her age group! Cynthia is living the fit life and this little post is inspired by this amazing milestone she has achieved.

How good does fit feel? It feels amazing, just ask Cynthia!

Yesterday I visited the dentist. I have a huge phobia of the dentist but make myself go regularly. It was just a teeth clean yesterday BUT I so don’t like having this done. I hear the drill and get so nervous (I know it’s not drilling but cleaning…but it makes the same noise!). At my last visit the Dentist said I really needed to have the clean done and since I’m so nervy I should have happy gas – for a teeth clean…yes, I am a big sook!

The Dentist fitted me with a heart rate monitor prior to starting the gas. He looked down at my resting heart rate and was a bit alarmed. He knew I was a runner since I run in the same group as his lovely nurse. My resting heart rate, even though I was so nervous and clenching my fists was 49 bpm.  Guess what category that puts me?  I’m an ATHLETE!  The Sporty-Athletic-Unsporty Woman really is an athlete.

Last time I did the fitness test using my Polar RC3 GPS and heart rate monitor and had a resting heart rate of 44bmp so I guess that makes me very fit!  Yay! And let’s not forget that I’m turning 50 in November.  Fit Fabulous and Fifty!  If I can become this fit ANYONE can!

Yes, I live the fit life. I love the fit life. As I stop for a moment and think of Cynthia and her fitness story and then of my own I’m just so proud of all of us who dare to live the fit life. At first it’s so hard to get into it. We feel we are NEVER going to get there. That it is always going to be so hard. Then we have little wins along the way. We conquer that first 1km, we finish that race, we crank out an amazing number of pushups… We feel great! (And by an amazing number I mean more than we have done before, more than we thought possible).

Lean on the fence with me and celebrate where you are right now. I know for many of my lovely readers you are fitter and stronger than you ever have been before in your life.  Celebrate it because you are amazing!

Happy running 🙂

PS This is the web site that I read to create the list of benefits about being fit:

24 thoughts on “Living the fit life

  1. 🙂 i turned 50 a month ago. I started walking ‘seriously’ a year ago and running about 2 months ago i reckon… just little one minute bursts, or lampost counts 🙂 I am doing my first 5km race on the 16th of August… reading your post re energised me and made me realise how important all of this is for our well being. You are fab, love reading your blog xxx thank you *mwah* and now off to read x

  2. Great heart rate! I average between 60 – 70 resting. I used to be about 90 before I started running. I remember my dad, who was a runner, saying that the slower his heart beat, the longer he would live because his belief was that his heart had a finite amount of beats before it wore out. I know, not scientific, but it sounds good to me. If that is the case, you my live to be 120! 🙂

    • Thanks Tom 🙂 You have come such a long way with fitness and running – that is an amazing improvement on the resting heart rate. Hehe 120? There will have to be some new age groups introduced for races!

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 And that’s you too – the fit and fab part xxx you are amazing with all the diverse athletic things you do. All that rock climbing as well as cycling and running….speechless… you are a machine! A very happy, inspiring Energizer Bunny xxx

  3. Being healthy is so wonderful and how great to feel SO incredible in the year you turn 50. Not everyone can say that!

    My resting heart rate is usually in the low 60s, sometimes in the 50s. Love it! My body is giving me a strong indication of how healthy I feel!

  4. Oh my gosh, Annie, thank you so much for the mention and wonderful things you said! That means so much to me and I am so grateful to have your support and encouragement! It has really helped me to see my accomplishments for what they are by listening to outsiders when my mind is still running those negative thoughts that just aren’t true! Thank you, thank you! ha, my resting BP is “athlete” too! How cool is that!? I hate the dental cleaning too…

    • My pleasure Cynthia 🙂 you are a real inspiration to me and I’m sure to everyone who knows you. That little voice with negative comments is so wrong, you are just amazing! And awesome about your resting heart rate – it’s amazing to think that us ordinary lady runners can be athletes! I got a real kick out of looking at that chart and it looks like you did too. Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the teeth cleaning bit – gosh I feel like a sook though hehe

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