A runner’s pantry

It’s easy to tell a runner by their pantry?  I haven’t actually looked in anybody else’s pantry but you can sure tell that runners lives in our house.

Over the last 18 months I’ve experimented with many different products.  Here are a few of my favourites.

Glucose Jelly Beans - always a winner



Just prior to Point to Pinnacle last year we discovered the Enervitene cheer-pack. It’s so easy to use.  Unlike a gel it’s not messy to open and can be resealed.   The Enervitene cheer-pack is AU$7.00 so quite expensive and while we could buy them online instead of from a local sports store, the postage is high!   To my surprise a couple of weeks ago I found the Dextro-Energy cheer-pack in our local supermarket.   It has very similar ingredients and nutritional value to the Enervitene but is AU$3.99.   These are without doubt my favourite energy sources to take while on the run.


I’m not much of a gel user.  I find them sticky and difficult to open and hard to eat while running.  I fuel up on them just before the start of a race.   I love Hammer Gels and Honey Stringers – they are natural and don’t disagree with me.   The chews are easy to eat and digest and I love good old fashioned glucose jelly beans.  These are my fuels of choice for races along with a cheer-pack or two.

Deciding on these products has been very much a trial and error process.  I’ve bought some that haven’t worked at all for me and really upset the stomach.  One product that I did really like is Jelly Belly Sports Beans that I found by accident while visited New Zealand.  Do you think I can find them somewhere in Australia or online with a reasonable postage?  No unfortunately.

I’m not recommending any product in particular as such, the above are just what works for me.  What I do recommend is experimenting in training runs to find out what works 🙂

Why am I writing about my pantry today?  I’ve just cleaned it out; in fact I’ve spring-cleaned my kitchen.  It’s winter here in Tasmania, Australia, but who wants to be inside cleaning during the spring?  It’s a much better winter activity.

And there is snow on the mountains surrounding the farm today.  Louise and I ran 12kms at 8am this morning when the snow was fresh.  The wind was strong and so chilly!  Brrr!  But we got the run done.  Louise did have to drag me around a bit.  I better get that running fuel into me before next Sunday!


It’s one of those magic winter days full of contrast. In the wind it’s freezing, but out of the wind the sun is strong and warm. Much of the snow has melted on the lower peaks, but judging from those snow clouds there is more on the way. This photo was taken at 2:30pm.

One thing’s for sure: this coming week, our last week before Run Melbourne Half Marathon, has to be careful eating of good running fuel.

Happy running 🙂

PS My Dad sent me this text yesterday.  I think he might be proud of my running.


16 thoughts on “A runner’s pantry

  1. aww how kewl is that note from your Dad! xxx My Dad passed away in Jan this year, he was a walker. I know he is looking down on me and cheering me on for making changes in my life, wish i could do a race with him!
    Im so with you on ‘winter’ clean outs, her ein the UK, one ray on sun and I am OUT there boy. I’m from Cape Town, so miss the sun and blue sky too much to waste it on ‘spring cleaning’ 🙂 so yeah its a winter thing for us too!

  2. Those jelly beans wouldn’t last a minute in the Chook House pantry! I can pass on the gel stuff though! Blergh, though I’d be glad of it by mile 15 probably.

    • It’s empty nest here or the jelly beans would be in my wardrobe! Paul is a threat but he knows he’d get into big trouble if my jelly beans were all gone! I just can’t do gels during a race…very blergh!

  3. Snow?! You have snow? My brain always struggles with how planet works as we are currently trying to survive a 30C heatwave… 🙂 Your pantry is very clean, the picture must be the “after” one. 🙂 Interesting info on the gels etc as well – I have never actually tried one as they scare me. My worst fear is my stomach not being able to handle them…

    • I know, it’s funny how our weather is poles apart (hehe) 🙂 It was an after photo, all nice and tidy, wasn’t going to show you a before one, too scary. Gels and chews can be tricky. They certainly need a lot of trials, at least that’s been my experience.

  4. Great job on the winter cleaning. Nothing better than a little organizing and dejunking 🙂 It’s full-on summer here and the last thing I’m considering is cleaning, although it really needs done around this home! Such a sweet message from your dad.

    • It feels good to have it done. Of course I didn’t mention that my Mum and Dad are coming to housesit next weekend – had to have it tidy for them. I thought that text from Dad was pretty cool 🙂

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂 I had mine in smaller containers and they were just spilling out all over the place. Then Paul or I would rummage through and well yes…just messy. I give this tidy look ooo about two weeks 🙂

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