First taste of trail running

Oh my goodness.  It’s the most perfect running day here in the north of Tasmania today.  It’s fresh and cold but the sun is shining, no wind and well it’s just perfect.  The best sort of weather for running.


Pauly and I left the farm at 8am with a freezing cold frost and -2ºC but by the time we drove to the top of our driveway it was -3ºC.  We headed into parkrun to run for the first time in a few months.  Janette ran with me.  While the run was nothing out of the ordinary time-wise, I was pleased with our negative split and big finish, thanks Janette!  It all helps with endurance and what can I say but the chat was wonderful as always.  AND the lovely Leanne got a PB!  Awesome!


Next we headed to the Launceston Running Club handicapped race.  I’m so loving all the different races this Club puts on.  They have varied distances, varied altitudes and varied terrain.  Many of the races are events that the Club has staged for years and years but there are usually a few new ones put into the mix each year.  This was the first Youngtown 6km handicapped race.  It started and finished on a football oval with a few suburban roads but the majority was run on a trail.


The darker grey line is pace – there was a lot of slowing down and stopping to let the antelopes fly by.

The amazing Lance ran today.  He is an experience trail runner.  He’s only been running for a little over a year!  But in that year he has skyrocketed from novice to budding expert.  Amongst other trails Lance goes and runs sections of the famous Tasmanian Overland track just for fun!  The Overland Track is in the iconic Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park, a mecca for bushwalkers and trail runners the world over.

So Lance, I asked, once the run was done, this trail today would be pretty tame compared to the ones you’ve run lately?  Yes definitely, he said.  He went to on to explain that most of the trails he’s run involve a lot of rock and boulder hopping, scrambling over trees, picking his way over rocks, tree roots and basically a very uneven, undulating sort of trail – frequently very steep and narrow.  The run today on the other hand was quite even.  It was muddy, narrow and slippery most of the way but really not too bad.

I had my handicap pegged back due to my win last week.  I haven’t done a trail before and couple this with the thought of Run Melbourne next weekend and not wanting an injury, I didn’t push myself too much.  I had a fantastic run!  My average pace was 6:04 minutes per km but I stopped an awful lot to let the faster runners go by and of course I took a few photos!





That’s Lance (above) flying up the hill with me plodding along behind taking happy snaps



Did I enjoy the trail run?  Yes I did.  Will I get more into it?  Well, here’s the thing, I would have thought that this would be my cup of tea.  I love the bush and being away from roads and cars but honestly it wasn’t something I can see myself getting involved with.  It has however, dramatically increased my respect for trail runners.  I found that it takes a lot more mental energy to run over a rough track.  I don’t usually look backwards to see who’s chasing me down, but today I did so I could keep out of their way and step off the track.  All up I found it way to stop-start-stop-start for my liking.  But it was great to try something new.  AND I will definitely be putting it in the diary for next year!

Back to my happy place, back of pack coming in third last hehe I LOVE RUNNING!

Last week I was in 1st place but this week 54th.  My handicap was 12:20 and my time was 37:21.  I’m back to my happy place, back of pack coming in third last hehe I LOVE RUNNING!


Thanks Launceston Running Club for another interesting race.

While today I’ve been enjoying all that’s good in the world symbolised through running and friendships, my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones in that terrible plane accident.  I have no words really, just heart break for those who are hurting and for families who now have missing parts because of the senseless actions of others.


Happy running 🙂


run for joy, for life, for freedom and for all that’s good in the world


22 thoughts on “First taste of trail running

    • Thank you 🙂 it was a magic winter day, so cold but just so lovely too. Mmmm can’t really call them races, the LRC one was but I was having too much of a good time to stress about racing…coming 54th sort of shows that hehe

  1. Yay for trail running! It is challenging – much harder to get a reliable PB for sure. Looking at your photos is kind of what I think when I think of Parkrun (I’ve still never been to one) more than trail running. I bet Tassie has some amazing trails if you are that way inclined. (Ps I think of Tassie as a very small place where you can cross the Tarquine before breakfast and then have brunch with penguins before skipping through the cradle mts).

    • I have so much more respect for the trails you have done Melee! It takes heaps more concentration and I was worried about holding up the faster backmarkers. parkruns are different everywhere. Launceston parkrun is on gravel and sealed trails but it’s way too well groomed to be considered trail running. One in NZ that I did was in a park but had similar trails to yesterday in places. Mmmmmm Tassie is just a bit bigger than that, better come for a visit to find out 😉

  2. Wow! Inspired now!!! Hmmm when I have my first 5km under the belt I may try a trail… I’ve always been fascinated… Next week eeeek first Park Run!

  3. If you can run then trail running I think is the next step:):) I love trails they are awesome and a real challenge. I wish I did more trail running but I’m on the road good a bit because the trails are out of the way. I need to do more trail it’ll probably help with my ITB injury (old nagging injury from Ultra in 1998). Also run can be fun if you take the time to enjoy the atmosphere and scenery:)

  4. I’m impressed with two runs in one day! The scenery is so nice. I love nature so much maybe some day I can get into trail running. I think worrying about my footing and the scenery would be good distractions for me, even though I’m sure it would slow me down.

    • Thanks Cynthia 🙂 I think you would love it Cynthia knowing how much you love being out in nature from your blog posts. And who cares about pace if we are enjoying being out there! It was a lot of fun on Saturday.

  5. I’m really enjoying trail running – the best part is stopping to take photos 🙂 Good luck with Run Melbourne next week. I think my brother will be there too!

    • Thank you 🙂 It was good to stop and take a few photos. LRC isn’t big on photos so it was fun to have just a few. And thanks for the good luck wishes for next weekend – my head is not succeeding at getting around the numbers – 25,000 oh my goodness. I hope your brother has a great run!

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