Four days to go!

The start of Run Melbourne last year (

The start of Run Melbourne last year (

Four days to go!  Four days and four sleeps until the Run Melbourne Half Marathon.  This time last year Pauly and I were set to run our very first half marathon.  So much has happened in the space of year!  From our first to our second to our third and here we are about to run our fourth official half marathon.  Oh my goodness.  Never ever doubt yourself, just don’t do it!  If I can work my way to this point ANYONE can!  Chip away at your running goals no matter how big they seem right now.  Before you know it you’ll be looking back over your shoulder at dreams come true.

Almost there, can't wait to press stop on the GPS!

Just about to finish my first half marathon

My work day today was mostly about supporting some new volunteer literacy tutors at their induction session – they are all about to jump through the hoops of studying and qualifying to be adult literacy tutors.  I’m always so humbled by the wonderful people who give up their time to volunteer in this way.  At morning tea time one of the volunteers asked me when my next run is. So of course I told them all about Run Melbourne (any excuse to talk about running and I’m in).  The looks of amazement in the eyes of those I was talking to was huge.  They think I am amazing that I could run THAT FAR!  What 21kms???  they asked.  Don’t forget the .1 I said (hehe).

But it wasn’t that long ago that running all the way from our house to the letter box seemed like an unconquerable distance.  It felt like pie in the sky.  Wishful thinking.  Something that I will try and achieve, but possible?  Nah, not really.  I’m more likely to fly to the moon than RUN to the letter box.  That’s a long way.  That’s 1.2km for goodness sake!  But I did.  I did run all the way to the letter box.  Then I ran up a mountain in November last year.  If I can do these things anyone can.  Just don’t give up, keep training, chip away at your goals.


Four days to go!  Do I think I can meet the expectations of my running friends and run this event in 2:00:00?  Honestly I don’t know.  But I am going to try, just knowing that my beautiful running friends believe that I can is enough for me to give it my all.

The course is two laps.  At this point in time I am seriously trying to get my head around running with thousands of people.  I can’t.  The most runners I’ve run in an event with is just under 5000 but this is 25,000!  My head just can’t take those numbers in.


With four days to go I’m feeling excited and nervous.  I know I have enough runs in my training bank to get me to the end of the race.  I’m going to trust my training and enjoy the amazing experience of running in an enormous HUGE running event for the first time.

Happy running 🙂

if you can dream it


30 thoughts on “Four days to go!

  1. oh gosh… i just LOVE this entry… its just oozes positivity and it is just so honest and inspiring!
    THANK you xxx and you will ROCK BABY!!!!! ❤

  2. That is a lot of people! It sounds like you’re well prepared for this race and it’s going to be a great experience. Best of luck on your time goal!! You can do it!!

  3. Wishing you a fabulous race! Hope the days leading up are restful and that you are fueling up that speedy body of yours. Looking forward to herring all about it!

  4. Good luck but I’m sure you don’t need it 🙂 You’ve have enough runners drive and spirit it seems to ooze from every part of you. As long as you run your own race and have fun that’s what started you off running isn’t?

  5. Have a fantastic run, I know you will because you prepare well and have the most awesome attitude to your running 🙂
    Sorry I haven’t commented for a while but have been following from beautiful Queesntown, only fitted in one very short run but the skiing was amazing and surely good for the legs too!
    Have a great weekend xx

    • Thanks Sam 🙂 Sounds like Queenstown was awesome. I would think that skiing would be enough exercise and a core strength workout all rolled into one to keep you fit! Did the whole family enjoy it? I saw on facebook that their marathon event in November is sold out! That one is on my list for one day. Thanks for the encouragement Sam 🙂

      • I loved Queenstown, definitely don’t need an excuse to visit again but combined with a run, now that would be great! I went with just the kids as hubby had only ust returned from visiting his dad in the UK and couldn’t get the time off, we all had an absolute ball 🙂
        Amazingly I managed to run a PB on Sunday at a local fun run, only by 2 secs but after 2 weeks off, was pretty please with that. Are you running at Ross, I’m doing the 10 if all goes well.
        Will look forward to hearing all about it, can’t imagine running with that many people, think it would freak me out a bit!

      • I’m so glad you had a good time with the kids in Queenstown. It’s just such a magical place and so beautiful. Well done on the PB on Sunday! That’s awesome, skiing must have been a good form of fitness training!!! I’m going to be at Ross doing the half. Ross and Run Melbourne are chalk and cheese with numbers. Ross is small and oh so friendly. I loved it last year so really looking forward to it this year. I hope we can catch up and that your 10km preparation goes really well xxx

  6. Oh, I’m excited for you! I know how well prepared you are for this and you sure will enjoy it. I only ever hear wonderful things about Melbourne and I bet it’s a joy to run through. Looking forward to reading your report in the coming days. Go for it, girl!

  7. Good luck for tomorrow. Enjoy every moment it is a beautiful city to run in looking forward to reading all about your run tomorrow. Deb

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