Running happy in Run Melbourne

I didn’t run those 21.1kms in two hours. But I did have a wonderful run.

It was one of those magic Melbourne winter days. Melbourne weather can be extremely nasty in the winter. Cold, wet, windy, grey and freezing. Nasty stuff to try and run in. But today? Glorious sunshine, cool with a slight breeze. Perfect running conditions. It was forecast to be about 7°C for the 7am start and I haven’t actually checked what it was, but it felt warmer than that.

Balloons overhead at the start of the race (

Balloons overhead at the start of the race (

This was my first run interstate and my first really big run with 25,000 other runners across the different Run Melbourne events. I was anxious about running with so many people. I didn’t want to hold anyone up by being too slow and I didn’t want to be held up by being in the wrong wave either. There was no need to worry. Louise and I went out in wave number five and had a clear run all the way. Pauly said he did quite a bit of weaving around slower runners but I didn’t feel like I did. Yet I passed a considerable number of runners and ran 21.41kms today and Paul did 21.1kms exactly. So I guess I must’ve done some running around people but it didn’t feel like it.

Louise, Pauly and the Unsporty Woman AKA Louie, Huey and Dewey.

Louise, Pauly and the Unsporty Woman AKA Louie, Huey and Dewey.

Along the way there were lots of bands, DJs and ensembles. The music was fun and varied and I waved to them to say thank you. It certainly made the race a lot of fun. At one point there was a tunnel of bubbles to run through – that brought the kid out in most runners. There were lots of ooo’s and arrrrr’s as we ran through the bubbles. With the sunshine and the volume of bubbles there was a sort of rainbow effect. It was beautiful.

But no, I didn’t run in two hours. I tried to keep up with Louise but she was on fire. That’s ON FIRE! Our first km together was sub 5:00 minute pace. I knew I couldn’t keep that up and my goal pace was 5:41 minutes per km to finish in two hours. She had promised to run on if I couldn’t keep up and she did. We high-fived each other a couple of times when we were running up and down the loops. I saw most of The Running Group running too. Everyone was going for it.

It was a really awesome run. One where I conquered my reluctance to run in a crowd. Everyone was so friendly, runners understand each other, we are family. I was cheered on by so many volunteers and spectators, often by name because my name was on my bib… one of The Running Group who shall remain unnamed couldn’t work out how everyone knew her name (hehe) and then it dawned on her that it was on her bib! (hehe).

It was a really wonderful run: fun and friendly.

Pauly’s time was 1:47:34, Louise’s time was 1:49:25 and my time was 2:01:56. PBs for all three of us. I took 9:30 off my last half-marathon in January. So not quite two hours but so close. Louise is just on fire. Watch this girl go! In fact it was a PB for all seven runners from The Running Group today!  We have a wonderful Coach!

A race, for me, is about going the distance. Running all the way. Finishing. Running far, happy and always. I did all that today and managed a pretty amazing PB. I’m happy.

Happy running 🙂

Fun at the Expo:  An Unsporty cover girl!

Fun at the Expo: An Unsporty cover girl!

38 thoughts on “Running happy in Run Melbourne

  1. Well done all three of you great results you are so lucky to have a wonderful running group. . Look out at the Ross 1/2 marathon hopefully we might get to meet:-) keep up the fantastic blogs love them.

    • Thanks Debbie 🙂 it was such a great day. Paul anf I are so lucky to have suchlovely people to run with. I would love to meet you and say hello. I’m really looking forward to having a go at the Ross half.

  2. ha haaa! couldn’t wait for this blog post!!!! WELL DONE!!!!! wow!!!! what a stunning race you’ve had! You shaved 9.30 of your time? holey moley!!!! how fab is that!!!! I’m giddy with excitement FOR YOU! well done *mwah mwah*

  3. Awesome !!! You’re amazing! YOU are on fire- that’s a great time, 9:30 faster! Congratulations. That is a huge crowd and to run in the big city must have been super fun. Love your cover photo, so fun 🙂

  4. Congratulations sounds like you kept your word and had fun:) I’m so happy for you especially when I understand how awesome it feels to finish with a PB even if the sub 2hr eluded you but a year ago you wouldn’t have run to your gate.. So *clapping hands* extremely well done and for the poster above it suits you :):)

  5. Oooohhh, well done Annie! GREAT time and great fun too by the sound of it. Aren’t you the perfect cover girl for Runner’s World? Love that pic. You look amazing!

  6. Well done on your recent run and also to Louise and Paul (aka Huey Dewey and Louie). You will smash that 2hrs soon enough 🙂 It must have been a buzz with the number of people competing and others cheering from sidelines. Great sports cover pic to. 🙂

    • Thanks Leanne 🙂 One day I might make those two hours – we shall keep trying and having fun doing so! It sure was a buzz running with so many people and not the worry that I thought it would be, just lots of fun!

  7. Congratulations on your run, your time (wow!), running with 25,000 people (eek) and most of all, your enjoyment of the whole thing!
    Thank you for taking your time to share your running journey online, I’m so glad I accidentally found it one day! I look forward to your updates 🙂
    What’s next in the amazing running woman’s sights?

    • Oh Sam, you say such lovely things. Thank you. It was a really fun run. The atmosphere was wonderful. I’m always so amazed that a few people in the different corners of the world find my ramblings encouraging. The next event is the Ross half marathon 🙂

  8. Hey just catching up here, you were so close to your time, but you and I will get there to a sub 2 hour half marathon. Amazing to take such a huge amount of time off, you are on fie too unsporty

    • Thanks Shaz 🙂 I was so pumped to get so close. But regardless of time it was just such a great event to be part of hehe lots of fun people, lots of music. It has squashed out that fear I had of running in big crowds.

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