Outside Fit Inside

There is something about doing Outside Fit Inside on a stormy night with Grease Lightning blaring away on the stereo.


Last night was Outside Fit but it was Inside in the PT’s studio due to the extreme winter weather we are currently experiencing in Northern Tasmania.

I tipped two lots of mls out of the gauge this morning - the weather in the background shows how stormy it is right now.
I tipped two lots of 25mls out of the gauge this morning – the weather in the background shows how stormy it is right now.

Grooving away on the stereo … (do we even call those music making machines a stereo anymore?  You know, the thing that the iPod gets put into with a speaker?) … as I was saying, grooving away to Grease Lightening we did a circuit of high intensity exercises concentrating on the abs.  We biked, rowed, planked and treadmilled.  We pulled on weights from over our heads, from a lunge position we pulled on weights across our bodies and we did so many crunches both up and down and oblique from the fit ball that I lost count.  It was a serious sweat session.  Loved it!

After a rest day from running on Monday after Run Melbourne it was just what I needed.  A chance to sweat.  We also did squat jumps from a low sitting squat.  I was able to knock out 24 of those in a minute.  Down low (that’s way down low) to squat, spring up, jump with arms above my head (we won’t say that I was beating the chaps that were there last night but I did 🙂  ).

Just as well I made the effort to get there last night because tonight is an enforced rest day.  It is crazy wet, crazy windy and extremely rough.  Up until I arrived home tonight I was going out for a run.  Weather doesn’t stop me very often, in fact only a handful of times in the four years I’ve been running… but it has tonight.

This was taken a month ago on another stormy night were Outside Fit was Inside
This was taken a month ago on another stormy night when Outside Fit was Inside

On my way home last night from Outside Fit Inside it was so rough.  Rain was coming across the road in sheets.  I had to slow down.  I took the back roads to the farm so there was hardly a soul out; I had the roads to myself.

That was until I was barely 10 minutes from home.  I was driving along the 2kms of winding road we call going through the bush.  It’s winding and undulating, narrow and right up to the verge of the road is a thick forest of wattle and gum trees.  All of a sudden I came up the back of an old station wagon with the hazard lights on.  There in front was a huge tree across the road.  Before I could get out another car pulled up behind me so I was trapped.  On the other side of the tree was another car.  Ummm.  There I was on my own with three cars full of men with chainsaws.  Ummm.  Rugged looked men with chainsaws? Trees about to fall down?

I’m a runner, I could easily outrun these guys, I think, trying to be brave.

We had a nice chat while the tree was cut up.  The wind was howling, the trees were swaying.

Twenty minutes later the road was clear and  just like Grease Lightning I zoomed off home.  The driveway never looked so good.  Did I mention that Pauly is away at the moment visiting his Dad in NZ? Yep, the driveway never looked so good!  Mum and Dad are staying so home to company and dinner.  Nice.

An interesting evening. Grease Lightning, sweat, a total ab workout, a tree across the road rugged chaps with chainsaws and all put together with wild weather.  I love Tasmania in the Winter!

Happy running 🙂

PS there are three different ways to get to the farm.  One is currently under water and the other two are often blocked by fallen trees in the winter.  Living in the country has its challenges.  Fortunately we haven’t had any power outages which is extremely unusual.  But when the power goes out we don’t have water either because we rely on our own pump.  Needless to say last night I jumped up from dinner to get in the shower quickly just in case the power went out!  Thank goodness for a wood heater that can boil the kettle.

12 thoughts on “Outside Fit Inside

    1. It was scary! Mum and Dad are going home later today and Paul will be home today too – thank goodness because this weather seems to be getting worse and I don’t know how to start the generator hehe I think it might be time to learn 🙂

  1. Lol sounds like you have had an awesome adventure so were these guys with chainsaws any way good looking:):) awesome recollection of a chain of events.

    1. hehe chain of events 🙂 Good looking? Um, it was dark so I’m not sure but I am pretty sure the best feature about all of them was their ability to remove trees from the road 🙂

  2. “There I was on my own with three cars full of men with chainsaws. Ummm. Rugged looked men with chainsaws? ”

    Wow talk about setting up a situation that could go either way! This and zombies would have to be my 2 and 1 fears for running at night.

    1. Giggles Melee 🙂 It was a bit scary but it all turned out ok. In fact had those dudes not been there I would have been waiting for a long time for the council chaps to come and attend to it. They were busy with fallen trees everywhere. Zombies don’t worry me at all, but sometimes when I run at night and my head torch flashes into a paddock where all the cows are their eyes light up all greeny yellowy. It’s a bit creep!

  3. It sure has been wild, last time it was this bad we were without power for over 36 hours and like you, we are on tank water so couldn’t even flush the loo! But at least we don’t have animals to look after as well, hopefully it will settle today, I have opened my curtains today to blue sky for the first time in days, very cold and very windy but finally the rain has stopped! Only managed one training session on the track in the wind and rain this week so off out for a run this morning 🙂
    The beautiful mountain is covered in snow, looks very big this morning as I am contemplating giving the P2P another try after pulling out due to a knee injury last year.

    1. 36 hours is a long time without water and power! Ours went off yesterday during the morning and just came back on before lunch. The milking herd is down to about 30 now readiness for calving so not too many girls were troubled by missing two milkings. The weather here was lovely this morning but has cracked up again this afternoon. Oh well.

      I saw some photos of Mt Wellington this morning. Beautiful! So much snow! The Tiers are nicely dusted today too. Oh I hope you can give the P2P a try, but the good thing is it will be there next year if this year isn’t right for you. I registered today – I can’t believe I’m giving it a second go! Stay warm x

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