Here we go again – I’m going to run up a mountain!

The first day of August means one thing. It’s Point to Pinnacle registration day. There are three and a half months until this Holy Grail of running events celebrates its 20th anniversary.  It’s known as the World’s toughest half marathon.

Snow on Mt Wellington yesterday
Snow on Mt Wellington yesterday

The Point to Pinnacle was that alluring race that had me spell bound. Spell bound from the first moments that I realised that ordinary people can become runners and can run up mountains. Ordinary people like me.  I wanted to try.


A few weeks before Point to Pinnacle last year my bootcamp buddy who had just caught the running bug, asked me if I would do the event with her in 2014. (Louise had been running for a long time but had never entered any events, she caught the bug from Pauly and I and had just started to try a few.  She discovered that she loves them.  The rest is history, the running trio of Huey, Dewey and Louie was created).

At the time when Louise asked me to run P2P in 2014 I was an excited, anxious, believing ball of nerves with less than a month to go until the big day.

  • Would I make it all the way up that mountain?
  • Would the sweeper bus catch up with me? (there is a time limit of 3:40:00 and the rule of thumb is to add 40 minutes to your half marathon time).
  • Would the weather be ok or would it be snowing and make the course impassable? (In the weeks leading up to the P2P last year, despite being spring, it had been cold with snow down to the foothills).

There I was with all these worries about my own ability to capture my Holy Grail of running events for the first time and yet my new running friend was asking me to run with her the following year. She didn’t doubt that I could do it last year and she doesn’t doubt that I can again this year.  The belief of our running friends is so important.  When we doubt and don’t have the strength to believe, their words are the strength we need to silence that voice that says that we can’t.  Because we can!

1476018_10151861466043020_179504977_nA bangle that says If you can dream it you can achieve it given to me by Janette after P2P last year. 
I wear it every day.

Of course I said yes to Louise.  How could I say no?

For the three months leading up to this amazing event Pauly and I lived and breathed P2P training. Hill repeats, long runs, core strength training. We did it all with complete commitment.

The Point to Pinnacle distance and incline
The Point to Pinnacle distance and incline

And here we go again!

Point to Pinnacle training is as much mental as it is physical. Last year I had to 100% believe that I could run up a mountain. That I could run 21.4kms from sea level all the way up to the pinnacle that stands at 1250m above. I had doubts, I had worries, but as I trained I silenced every doubt and every worry. I am a hill runner, I can run up hills! I am a hill runner, I can run up hills! I chanted in my head over and over and over until I believed it. At the end of every hill repeat I would throw my arms in the air and celebrate conquering an incline… silently telling myself that if I could run up that hill then of course I can run up that mountain. Belief in myself as a runner was just as important as any running that I did.


And it doesn’t matter what event, distance, discipline a runner is aiming for. If it’s the first time to try it, it’s just the same as a big mountain. The first step is to really believe that we can do these things and then work like mad to make it happen.


I’m excited to be attempting this event again. This Holy Grail of running events. Running up a beautiful mountain and feeling how alive it made me again? I want to do that! And to have the wonderful company of running friends and to be there at the top with Louise when she conquers this epic mountain race? That will be sweet!  And of course my gorgeous husband Pauly will be there too.

Last year km 16 got me. This year the goal is not to beat my time but to conquer km 16 and, however slowly, run all the way without any walk breaks. But at the end of the day the goal is to get to the top and if we give it our all on the day that’s all that matters.

Are you running P2P?  I have written a lot of posts last year about my training and preparation.  There isn’t much published online about P2P so please have a look through my old posts and I hope you will gain some inspiration.  If I can run up a mountain anyone can!


Here we go again! I’m excited!

Happy running 🙂

PS the stormy weather has continued.  Our power was out from mid morning yesterday until lunch time today.  We were told it could be Sunday until restoration so I was so happy when it came back on!  I took this photo of the mountains around our farm this morning just after registering for P2P at about 7:15am.  I had a very chilly walk across the cattle stop in my dressing gown and gum boots 🙂  Then I quickly got ready and Louise and I managed a 10km run in lovely clear weather before it cracked up again this afternoon.  We live in a beautiful place.


24 thoughts on “Here we go again – I’m going to run up a mountain!

  1. OH MY GOODNESS… that has me me all emotional… (god i am a wreck!) that is so wonderful, you will never know how much reading your posts inspires me and instills a ‘can do’ mind set! YOU GO GIRL! and keeps the newsies coming dying to read about the training etc xxx have a fabulous weekend *mwah*

    1. Thanks CJ, your words make me all emotional. I’m so pleased to give you a friendly boost to keep going. You inspire me to keep working towards my goals xxx happy weekend to you too xxx

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 it’s pretty epic but would have to be the best event I’ve ever had the opportunity to be part of. The atmophere is so good and the spectators along the way so motivating and encouraging.

  2. Can’t believe you doing it again, I admire your madness, sorry I mean commitment! Thanks got checking up on my, reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, really need to catch up with your blogs too, know you have been doing some amazing things! Keep it up. X

  3. Your cold front must’ve been sent our way
    …Its pouring rain,:) and fairly today. I had planned for a run today but have chickened out. As always you’re an inspiration to us all. Keep the positive attitude and the world could be your oyster..

    1. I’m sorry to hear about the weather, it should be rainy in winter but not in summer. I hope it improves. Life is better with a happy outlook. It doesn’t necessarily change the outcome but it helps how we go through things…at least that’s what I tell myself and I might not always succeed with this outlook but I try! 🙂 Hope you get that run in today 🙂

  4. Will be doing this P2P for first time – grew up loving the mountain – and the P2P has been on wish list since Brother & Sister in law walked it – I don’t have patience to walk it so run it, it will be – though a little nervous as Perth (where I live now) doesn’t have any big hills to train on – but like you said – if you can dream it – you can do it.

    Also was inspired by reading your blog last year on it.

    1. That’s so lovely to hear. All the best with your training. I know what you mean about Perth. There are a few little inclines up in Kings Park but not many hills as such. I found in my training last year that hill repeats were the best thing, as long as the incline was ok it didn’t matter how long it was if that makes sense. Running hills is supposed to mimic intervals and sprints – hopefully it might work in reverse. I’m so happy to think that my posts have gone a little ways to inspire you to have a try at this event, it truly is the Holy Grail of running events giving a runner’s high like no other! All the best with your training 🙂 We will have to look out for each other on the day, I would love to meet you 🙂

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