Running adds life to our days


Some Run Melbourne photos were put up on The Running Group’s Facebook page today. They were taken by the husband of one of our beautiful group members. They are great photos. Seriously, they are awesome photos of all seven of us from the Group who ran last Sunday. We all look so happy AND we all look beautiful because our smiles are just so genuine. We look like we are having so much fun running those 21.lkms.

There are some particularly smiley photos of my Husband Pauly. It got me thinking. You see, Pauly doesn’t much like having his photo taken. In fact neither do I. We usually look stiff and starchy in the posed photos. But in running photos? We know there is a camera there but we smile and look natural and oh so happy!

The Unsporty Woman running at Run Melbourne.
The Unsporty Woman running at Run Melbourne.

Our Coach posted the following status

Some people say the words ‘fun’ and ‘run’ should not be used together and to them I say check out the photos of our group at Run Melbourne. They look like they are having fun to me. 🙂

Coach is right. We were having fun.

Pauly especially was having fun.

Pauly at Run Melbourne
Pauly at Run Melbourne
And another smiley Pauly at Run Melbourne
And another smiley Pauly at Run Melbourne
And here he is during Point to the bottom of that big mountain...smiling!
And here he is during Point to Pinnacle…at the bottom of that big mountain…smiling!
And here we are together.  What can I say?  I love this man!
And here we are together. What can I say? I love this man AND I love to see smiley photos of him!

Why is running so much fun? At first our lungs burn, our legs ache, our heart pounds. We feel like we are going to throw-up/faint/fall in a heap or perhaps all three at once. Then fitness starts to grow. We become more confident. We don’t feel like our lungs are going to explode. Our legs feel comfortable doing this running thing. Our heart is pounding but it feels GREAT! Running goes from being arduous and tough to something manageable and… well… fun! SHOCK…We are enjoying it. We are doing something we never thought possible. We run 5kms and honestly we are elated. ELATED! We chip away at our goals and all of sudden we are running like we never thought possible. We are so happy with our achievements.

For Pauly running is time out. When he runs he gets off the farm. He is away from the daily grind of living where he works. Farming is a way of life way more than it is an occupation. His mind gets precious time out to be free. Freedom. He runs and he loves it. He gets to run with friends and enjoy their company. There is no pressure, the only goal is to put one foot in front of the other to get to that finish line. Pauly likes to run fast. His 10km PB is 41:00. But he doesn’t have any tickets on himself what-so-ever. He is happy to pace friends or even me from time to time. Sometimes he runs with friends just for the chat. Other times he likes have a crack and do a PB. But mostly he just runs for the love it.

*~Remembering a special lady~*

All this is in stark contrast to some news I had today.

During the wild storms of this past week a beautiful lady lost her life. I had heard the report on the news and was deeply saddened. She was out clearing up fallen trees when a limb fell on her. I was very sad. But today I found out who it was. It was a very special lady who is a rock of Girl Guides Tasmania. A giving lady who took on many leadership roles to give girls and young women some fabulous learning, growing, fun experiences. She particularly touched the life of my eldest daughter Anna as well as my younger daughter Isabelle. And even my son Simeon who had to tag along was included by her. You see I was a Guide Leader before I married Pauly. A single mum with lots of struggles. Guides (and Scouts) gave my family opportunities to do things that I couldn’t give them. Abseiling, camping, kayaking and so many other awesomely fabulous adventure activities. As well as community service, learning to get on with other people, being responsible. Guides provided my children with some fabulous adult role models who reinforced the values that I was trying to teach. Guides gave my girls adult friends who they could talk to when they couldn’t talk to me. This lady was one of them. She did it for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of girls but made each one feel so special. She was instrumental in organising so many camps and wonderful experiences for Guides, she was self-less, giving and kind.  She has been such a special part in the growing up years of so many. My heart is broken for her family. She leaves a huge gap.

*~For your love and care, you will never be forgotten, you showed us what real kindness is ~*

So I say live each day. We don’t know what’s around the corner, so live life to the fullest today. Don’t get bogged down in rubbish. For us runners, run and be happy. Celebrate life through the joy of this awesome wonderful amazing simple movement of putting one foot in front of the other in running steps.

Running does add life to our days.

Happy running 🙂

16 thoughts on “Running adds life to our days

  1. Annie I am so sorry to hear of the tragic loss of this special lady. Obviously she gave so much to so many including your family. May she rest in peace. Perhaps we can all honor her by doing exactly as you say, living each day.

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 It was just such a terrible shock. Like a big punch in the guts. I can not imagine how her family and friends are coping. It helped to write it all down. Thanks for reading and thanks for always having something just right to say.

  2. This entry is really all about the joys and sadnesses in life. So good for all of us for whom running adds life to our days but it can be so difficult too to deal with the shock and grief of losing someone as precious as that dear lady.
    So sorry for your loss, Annie.

    1. Thanks Red Hen 🙂 you say it so well as always. It makes me more determined to keep doing all my funny little things to celebrate each run no matter how it felt, good or bad. It’s just so good to be alive and to be able to run.

  3. The pics of you and Pauly are great and yes you really get the sense that you are having fun, my pics are always head down, grimacing, hunched up, maybe I am not enjoying it after all!
    Sorry to hear of your loss.

    1. Thanks Shaz 🙂 it helped that the photographer was a friend who cheered us just before he took the snaps. We are having fun even when we are hunched up and looked pained…we are…yes…honest!!
      I had a big chat with my Anna yesterday – we are still so shocked about the accident. I can’t imagine how shocked her family and close friends must be.

  4. More inspiring paragraphs to run on without run-ons! Good to catch up again. Praise to the memory of an uplifting person lost to earth but gained beyond in some heavenly destinations…condolences!

  5. awww im sorry for your loss… she sounds like an amazing lady, inpirational like you! )))hugs(((
    The pics of you and Pauly are gorgeous, your smiles say it all… one day i hope to be able run and smile and enjoy like that xxx

      1. )))hugs((( awwww thank you… everytime i run i think of you HITTING THAT PEAK and think OMF i have along way to go *lololol* but i have you guys to inspire me and IT WORKS!!!! *mwah*

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about this loss. If her presence in your life was so meaningful, I know it was for so many others also. So sad. She truly lead a meaningful life and will be remembered. Annie, you are such a breath of fresh air because you have such a positive, healthy attitude and even when sad things happen you can think of the good and happy things life offers. Like running and achieving goals.

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