Hydration – getting on track

I often struggle with drinking more than 1L of water a day.  I have a drink bottle with me all the time but I still get home with it not quite finished.

Over the last two weeks I’ve been experimenting with Hydralyte Sports and making a couple of rules for myself.  I make the drink bottle up with half-strength Hydralite Sports in the morning and if I haven’t finished it by lunch time I down it and then refill with water.  If I haven’t finished the lunch-time refill by the end of the work day, I use my 15 minute drive home to drink it all.

We've just had soil and water analysis done on the farm.  Because of the limestone in the area our water has higher levels of calcium that the milk that comes from the supermarket!  This photo is taken next to our house tank.
We’ve just had soil and water analysis done on the farm. Because of the limestone in the area our water has higher levels of calcium that the milk that comes from the supermarket! And as for our milk?  The calcium levels are off the scale (our milk is made into milk powder and exported so doesn’t go into the domestic market). This photo is taken next to our house tank.

Have I noticed any difference to my running?

The answer has to be yes!  I feel so much better on long runs.  I don’t get that errggg feeling at the ¾ mark as I so often have.  Whether or not it’s just positive thinking about the whole hydration thing or that it’s actually working, the outcome is the same.  I feel better.

This positive outcome is reflected in the running week that was…

Monday:  Fartlek with The Running Group.  I love a Fartlek run.  Fartlek if you haven’t come across it (and I know many of you have and do them regularly) means Speed Play.  On Monday evening we had a 30 minute session where we went at different speeds.  I struggle to work out what is tempo, what is race pace and all those sorts of things.  Basically I ran to feel.  It was fairly dark so I couldn’t keep tabs on my GPS watch that much but a few times I checked and I was running sub 4:30 minute pace per km which is most speedy for me.  But the best thing was that I felt great!

Tuesday:  Outside Fit.  This was more of a leg session with lots of squat jumps, lunges and different forms of step ups.  I’m still managing to crank out very speedy tricep dips with straight legs.  Who would have thought this possible? In the early days of mastering this exercise it would take me forever to complete just 10 and I had to use bended knees!  Then some of us went for 2km sprint.  I was paired with a faster chap and I am very pleased to say (apart from the fact my lungs were ON FIRE and it took me several minutes to recover during which I thought I was going to be sick) that I kept up with him!  We then did a range of kettle bell exercises and finished off with a stretch.

Wednesday:  Wonderful hill repeats with Pauly and Louise.  And they are wonderful!  Master a hill and a runner can run in any race or event or course that they choose.  Get to know that your body can get up a hill in running steps and running confidence goes from zero to levels that explode!  It’s hard at first but with consistent, weekly effort it goes from being terrible to being wonderful.  All of us have had head colds so while it wasn’t a particularly outstanding session it was still great – we did three repeats up our favourite hill in Deloraine that mimics some of the steepest parts of Point to Pinnacle even with a steep switch-back-style corner.

Thursday:  A nice flat 10km easy run on the farm for Pauly and I.

the sort of countryside we ran through on Saturday (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H%C4%81ngi)
the sort of countryside we ran through on Saturday (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H%C4%81ngi)

Friday:  No running but a wonderful massage.  Unfortunately I had to make an appointment in the morning so couldn’t get in for my weekly running fix with Louise (that’s why I ran on Thursday night for a change).  It was such a good massage and I’ve made appointments right through to the end of the year at a time that won’t clash with our Friday morning long run.  It’s so hard to get appointments at this place because they are so good!

Very happy to see the fastest km towards the end of the race.  Did I mention the head wind?  Oh my goodness, not pleasant!
Very happy to see the fastest km towards the end of the race. Did I mention the head wind? Oh my goodness, not pleasant!

Saturday:  Launceston Running Club’s 15.2km Bishopsbourne run.  A gorgeous run!  Out and around farm roads from Bishopsbourne to Bracknell and return.  Farms, paddocks, lazy bulls, a game of country football, bridges with rushing streams, hawthorn hedges, hills and flats.  Beautiful!  I was so pleased to run that race at 5:40 minutes per km pace which is just a second faster than my goal half-marathon pace AND I felt great! (the official results were quite different to my watch but I’m going with my watch just to encourage myself).

A fuzzy 26 place token -  official time 1:27:06
A fuzzy 26 place token – official time 1:27:06

After the race everyone sat down to a traditional Polynesian hangi (pronounced hungi).  Despite being married to a Kiwi and having Maori brothers-in-law and sister-in-law this was my first hangi and it was delicious.  LRC is just the best club to run with.  They welcome everyone regardless of pace – it’s all about the love of running.  It was a great way to refuel and prepared with love by a local family who host this run.


And today is Sunday.

It’s another rest day.  The exercise program has got a little rearranged of late.  Launceston Running Club’s season draws to a close in about six weeks so then we will look to getting a Sunday run done again.  But at the moment this is working for Pauly and I.

Hydration?  On the way to getting it on track definitely seems to be making a difference to my running happiness and enjoyment levels if this last week is any indication.  And I’ve had a head cold all week but still had a great week of running fun.

Happy running 🙂

(PS when it comes to hydration I’ve done a fair amount of reading but I’m no expert. This is what seems to be working for me)

10 thoughts on “Hydration – getting on track

  1. What a great week, Annie! That calcium thing is interesting. Ireland is largely based on limestone too AND I personally live in a very very hardwater area and we drink the water straight from the tap so I’m begining to wonder about that whole calcium thing. Would’ve thought some of it would be helpful to bones of course, but I’m sure there’s a point where it could exceed recommended doses and I expect that must be the case for your water. Right?

    1. Thanks Red Hen 🙂 I was pleased with last week.

      We were told that the calcium was very beneficial for us and the cows 🙂 It helps the grass grow and the fertility of the soil. Paul just gave me a big explanation about raising the PH levels and …. very scientific, over my head…. but basically I don’t think we can OD on it…would have to be sloshing with way too much water me thinks. I didn’t say how delicious our water is. It is cold and fresh no matter what time of year 🙂

  2. This is a good reminder to me to drink more water. I know I’m not getting enough and I haven’t been paying any attention to it either! I’m going to try to make sure I’m drinking enough and see if it makes a difference in how I feel (I bet it does). I really enjoyed your week recap, sounds like a great week.

  3. I bought a hydration pouch with 2 bottle holders about 3/4 months ago and have used it about a dozen times. If I’m running less then 20kms I’ll not bring any water,I dont know why I guess its just the way I am? I often take in water during the day after a run and maybe before. I know that when I do a cardio or plyo session I take in a lot of water. Maybe its my army days and the training…? Any way as for your massage the masseurs must be very good 🙂 I think you should be in advertising lol. You have me convinced and I’d be there in a shot for that amazing massage:) I’m glad you’re going from strength to strength keep it up ;);)

    1. Thanks 🙂 Pauly can run for 18kms without a drink stop, I have too but prefer to have something. I get the feeling that if I pay attention to my daily hydration that running longer distances without so many drink stops might be possible…don’t know. Oh that massage was amazing. I was so pleased to have some of my problem areas worked on 🙂

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