a quiet(er) Unsporty Woman

I’ve been told many times that when I run with friends people can hear me coming way before they actually see me. They hear women laughing, chatting and having a wonderful time before they see us going by in running steps.


At parkrun (APPARENTLY) when Janette and I run together we are ALWAYS talking and can be heard all around the course…me thinks an exaggeration!

BUT this post is brought to you in sign language. Well, not really, but if we were sitting down and having a coffee and a chat I would be using mostly non-verbal communication.

I have laryngitis. Giggles! That illness that I would pretend to have to try and get a day off school as a child


Monday I soldiered on to work and even managed to take a very enthusiastic Story Time reading several picture books to the delightful 0 to 4’s and their parents who attend. I had to ask the mums and the one dad to help me sing and make the animal noises though. I’m a librarian who coordinates an adult literacy program but I also look after Story Time for the little ones – it’s a highlight of my working week.

Story Time was interesting with the then undiagnosed laryngitis. But it was still fun.


Monday evening I took the night off from running choosing a walk instead, sometimes less is more with running, better to be careful with this head cold than to overdo it and make it worse.  It was the right call!  I woke on Tuesday morning after a night of what felt like non-stop coughing and made a decision I’ve never made before. After soldiering on for over a week with this head cold I decided to take the rest of this week off and try and get myself better. I went into the office early and spent an hour cancelling appointments and making contingency plans for my students. One of the challenges of working on my own in a regional setting is that I can’t call up an admin staff member and ask them to do my chores – I have to do them myself regardless of if I am sick or not.

I tried to get into the doctor yesterday but even calling at 9am was too late, they were fully booked. I went today and saw a lovely new doctor. Why lovely? After the (giggles) diagnosis of laryngitis (giggles – the doctor must’ve thought me mad because I couldn’t help but laugh albeit in a very scratching hoarse sort of way)…after the diagnosis I asked him if I could still run. He stopped and kind of didn’t know what to say. I filled him in with the details that I have a half marathon in just over three weeks and I have some long runs to do. He still looked a bit blank but basically said that I could run but to be careful and to listen to how I’m feeling. SWEET!  However I am listening to my body and am happily taking an extra rest day today (the weights have been in use along with a wonderful hour of stretching and foam rolling, so still a good day of training).

An early moo-baby - we haven't quite started calving officially...
An early moo-baby – we haven’t quite started calving officially…
...but an official date does not stop some eager adolescent bulls from sowing their wild oats...so there are a few early babies to manage to farm
…but an official date does not stop some eager adolescent bulls from getting through a fence and sowing their wild oats…so there are a few early babies to manage on the farm as a result


Christmas roses
Signs of spring – Christmas roses
Jonquils almost blooming
Jonquils almost blooming

Did I mention we are currently having the most magic winter weather? After all the storms of the last couple of weeks we now have lovely bright winter sunshine. Pauly even got a touch of sun burn yesterday! The jonquils are popping out, a few early calves are in the calf shed and everything is looking ready to burst into spring.


The really good thing about where I am with running is that despite having to take a few extra rest days I’m not phased about my fitness. I know I can take a few days off and still be ready for that half marathon. I know that my body won’t let me down. Yes it would be nice to run the next half in a sub-2:00:00…. but honestly I’ve been rethinking all this… I’m still amazed that I have transformed myself form non-runner to running devotee… striving to get a particular time just isn’t part of my running world… if I happen to do a slower than expected time I will still throw my arms up in the air and celebrate that finish line as if I’d done a PB. Having a head cold and a little laryngitis has been the blessing to help me rethink, take stock and get my goals back in line. I love running and I love winning. Yes, I LOVE winning!  Winning is making it to the end and being happy!

far happy always



This post is brought to you in sign language and a bit of squeaky conversation. Friday is a long run day with Louise… however will she cope without the Unsporty Woman rambling on about this that and the next thing? Gosh, I might have to change my focus from friendship, chatting and company to actually just running! Could I do this? ummm….don’t think so! Are you ready for some running sign language Louise?

Happy running 🙂



30 thoughts on “a quiet(er) Unsporty Woman

  1. I have a name for myself at club for moaning about the hills-loudly! They would love me to have laryngitis. That sub 2 hour half is yours! Go get it

    1. Oh gosh…you need that hillitude Shaz that you are famous for! I just can’t imagine you moaning about running up a hill 🙂 Sub 2 hours….we’ll see…I’ll have a little try but won’t be disappointed if I don’t (and if I don’t I can use my bought of laryngitis as an excuse, I mean reason..hehe)

      1. Always good to have a back up excuse but don’t think you will need it! As for hillitude I only use thus when on my own with others I like to share my misery!

      2. Oh I do appreciate your confidence in me! And I do understand sharing the old misery with our running buddies… at least they have to run up the nasty old hills with you 🙂

  2. I used to be plagued with larngytis so I know just how tiring it is. You must be feeling that. Rest up oh and sipping water helps too. But whispering actually makes it worse. Mind yourself, Annie! Oh, and maybe give the voice a break too-silent runs for another while! 🙂

    1. I’m sorry to hear this, Red Hen, Laryngitis is proving to be rather a pain, mostly due to the coughing that is coming with it. I can believe that whispering makes it worse so I will take your advice and try and keep quiet! mmmm easier typed than done!

  3. I will be surprised if The Unsporty Women can run 1km on Friday without talking! Our run won’t be the same without our chatting 🙂 Louise xo

  4. I hope you get your voice back soon, doesn’t sound like fun at all. As a child, one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up was a librarian. I loved to play “library”. I kept a love of books, until recently. I realized that I just don’t read books anymore. Not sure why, maybe too much internet interference. I have a “library” in my house but seems to be just a collection of unused items behind a closed door 😦

    1. Thanks Cynthia 🙂 definitely better today 🙂 I developed my love of libraries and librarians when I did my first degree…I went into it not knowing quite want I wanted to do. The librarians were so lovely and far less scary than the lecturers. They seemed to want to help and were sort of maternal in the way they went about it. I have a confession re books….these days unless it’s professional reading in work time I read chic-lit AND it has to have a happy ending and it’s usually when I go on a plane. The good thing about a book is that it’s always there and it can be like a little mini holiday giving the soul time out from the real world…oh dear I just rambled on about books.. they are there when we need them. Actually running is a bit like that too…precious time out to refuel the mind xxx

  5. Poor you …. but I’m with Louise… super duper surprised if you can be a quiet runner!!! Hmmm – but know that I’d struggle big time with that too. hehe. Wise woman resting up, get some honey drinks into you too. Take care. xx

    1. Thanks Janette 🙂 the whole run would just be like the last km at parkrun when I actually try to run a bit faster hehe. I know you would struggle with being quiet and that’s a good thing…running is so much better with a friend to chat to xxx

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 Day three of not being a work and not feeling guilty like the last two days so that’s good. The calves are very cute. The novelty of them hasn’t worn off on me although the novelty of scrubbing feeders has hehe

  6. At least you can still type! Hope u r feeling better soon. With your positive attitude I wouldn’t be surprised if you do get a PB in your half marathon. It’s a bit like an early taper!

  7. Wow! I’m speechless and no I don’t have Laryngitis:) (can’t even spell it) thanx for making me remember why I started running in the first place.. This past 2/3 weeks I’ve had my fair share of problems. As soon as I read your post everything seemed to be put into perspective and come what may I will persevere. That positive outlook on life and running is infectious and your joy and passion shines through. So I hope you don’t mind but I published your blog and I’m gonna reblog as well thanks for bring such an amazing awesome person. Keep that positive attitude it’ll get will get you whatever you desire.

    1. You say such lovely things, thankyou! I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been having problems, I hope the solutions are very close by!!! So glad my ramblings have been encouraging to you and totally happy for you to reblog (I feel rather humble about that). Hope you have a wonderful week that sees the problems put behind you 🙂

  8. My problems started 3 yrs ago when I injured my shoulder.. Life is what you make of it and you’ve shown me on more then one occasion that if a person can keep a positive outlook on living and life that things no matter what will be bearable. Your quirky and bubbly attitude towards everything in general is awesome. I just have to remember to breathe and enjoy life no matter what the circumstances are. It’s definitely not been easy but running has been my saviour:) Importantly I’m alive and besides all the negatives like small niggling injuries,new dentures and financial worries. I’m in good health. Now if I could only turn my wife to running I’d feel accomplished.. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments it means a lot:):) hope that speech impairment will go soon so that you can once again express yourself on your run.

    1. I know what you mean about having a spouse who also runs. I think it makes it a whole lot easier to get into running when both are runners. But not impossible if only one does. I am sorry to hear about your shoulder injury and all the bad things that life has thrown at you. I do firmly believe that a positive attitude helps all of us to cope better. It doesn’t change the outcome but it does change the way we work through things. I am not always happy and positive but I certainly strive to be that way. I’m so glad that you find my posts encouraging, that makes me very happy. I wanted to tell my story, just an ordinary person finding out about the wonders of running with the hope of encourage others 🙂 Flip side is that I get so much joy and encouragement from other blogs and comments! (voice is still rather scratchy but getting there!)

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