Spirit of the Marathon

Finally! Yes, finally I had the opportunity to watch Spirit of the Marathon. I read about this film through one of my favourite blogs, Running Wild, ages ago – July last year. It’s taken me so long to watch because up until recently our internet on the farm was rather slow, small and outdated. But just recently we were able to hook into superfast broadband and our download limit had gone from a hugely limiting 15gig to 100gig (and for less money). Yay!


Yes, I finally watched this film.

It was a rugby night on Saturday. The Wallabys (Australia) v the All Blacks (New Zealand). A very good reason to put ear plugs in and watch a film. Pauly is a very quiet rugby watcher but his body language speaks volumes. It says When this man is watching rugby, leave him alone! Rugby to a Kiwi is not just a team of chaps throwing a ball around it is a religion that permeates the whole being. (Pfft it’s a ball game hehe and the world doesn’t stop spinning around when it’s played…but then I am the Unsporty Woman so what do I know?)



This film though…I loved it.

I loved how there were two almost separate stories. It showed two elites preparing for the Chicago Marathon along with a group of ordinary runners. It showed the struggles, joys and hopes. It showed injury from an elite perspective and from an ordinary runner’s perspective. It showed how both tried to look on the bright side.


Tears streamed down my face as one runner had to walk during part of the marathon with a running buddy talking to her, physically holding her and helping her through.

Oh my goodness. After my happy pace run last week I am more determined than ever to run Cadbury Marathon in January 2015. If you haven’t seen the film please give it a watch, it’s just so inspiring.

Rugby I don’t get, but the passion and drive of the marathon I do. I get it from the perspective of one who has trained for half marathons and I am longing to get it from the perspective of one who has trained and lined up at the start line to run 42.2kms – to become a marathoner.

Happy running 🙂

PS If you would like to be inspired by an awesome blogger and runner please visit Running Wild.

PPS If I were to run the marathon in my happy pace I’d complete it in about 4:30:00 – delightfully average and just my style!


19 thoughts on “Spirit of the Marathon

  1. So glad you were finally able to watch this documentary! It’s just so interesting and powerful for a runner. I have the privilege of running the Chicago Marathon this October, so you can bet that I will be watching this again as inspiration leading up to the race. Thanks for the shout outs, too. You are an inspiration, as well!

  2. The spirit of the marathon sounds interesting might take a look see. As for Rugby it’s sport that is instilled in most of the Southern Hemisphere. I’m a serious Springbok rugby supporter. I guess 2 nations clash:) Thanks for the moral support the other day it really helped:):) stay awesome..

    1. My pleasure 🙂 mmm Rugby… I think you are right, it’s just that in Tasmania we are an Australian Rules Football state so most of us don’t have an opinion about Rugby at all. It’s funny when my Kiwi family try to stir me up about the All Blacks being so good because it’s like another language that I don’t understand hehe 🙂

  3. I can’t wait til the Chook House catches up with the rest of ye in the 21st century and we finally get decent broadband. But at least I’ll be able to follow Running Wild. Thanks for the recommendation.

      1. Oh, I’m not holding out for an improvement in internet speed here. It’s a rural Ireland issue and the government just don’t have the will, and say they don’t have the money, to do anything much about it. So I may just concentrate on my running speed instead!

      2. We’ve had similar issues here with the National Broadband Network. The previous government promised it but the new government says they can’t afford it. Wonder of wonders the farm just happens to be in one of the few areas that it’s available! But I spoke too soon, we are currently on an unexplained go slow. Best be getting the carrier pigeons out again 🙂 or perhaps being like the Incca messengers and just taking a note for a run.

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