I might have signed up for another half marathon


This year is the year of the friendly half marathon.  I set myself the goal of running five in 2014, so far I’ve done two, two wonderful half marathons all with wonderful running friends.  With a date clash of two of the planned half marathons I thought that this goal wasn’t quite going to be achieved.  I thought that the fifth would be a friendly 21.1 kms run out and around the farm with Pauly and Louise.  No event, but a half nonetheless.

Bring on Saturday.

Saturday Pauly and went to parkrun.  It was a freezing day but bright and sunny.  We had a great run with Janette and then went out for breakfast.  Over breakfast the subject of the Melbourne Marathon Festival was raised.  This marathon is firmly in the plans for 2015.  But I had decided that due to it being in October and right in the middle of calving, Louise being away and because I’ve been away for so many runs this year, that this year I wouldn’t sign up for the half marathon.  But next year?  Louise and I will be there for the 42.2kms.


The Melbourne Marathon is THE premier marathon in Australia.  As Boston is to the USA, London is to England, the Melbourne Marathon is to Australia. It’s been going since 1978.  The finish is in the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (The MCG).  Home to the 1956 Olympics and the centre of the universe for anyone who follows the cricket or Australian Rules Football.  To run in the steps of Olympians and famous sporting heroes from the cricket and the football is something that draws many to this event.


The MCG with the city of Melbourne in the background(http://www.austadiums.com/stadiums/stadiums.php?id=71)

Last year two friends did their first marathons at Melbourne.  The photos of these two ladies say it all!  Wide happy smiles of accomplishment and joy.

Back to Saturday.

Janette has been known to get caught up in the wave of my running enthusiasm.  This time it was my turn to become caught up in hers.  We are off to the Melbourne Marathon Festival to run the half marathon!  There are several other running friends doing the half and the full marathons so to be there to run together and to cheer them on will be fun.

AND it will be a reconnaissance mission for next year.

It feels extravagant to be going interstate for another run.  But let’s put this into perspective.  The average Australian spends just under $1,700 per year on gambling.  I’m not a gambler apart from the odd tattslotto ticket – I wouldn’t even spend $100 per year.  The average Australian smoker spends just under $6,000 per year (GASP).  I don’t spend a cent on smoking!

I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of race entries and associated costs for Pauly and I this year.  At the end of the year I will reveal the cost per km.  But looking at the figures for gambling and smoking Pauly and I would have to be running at least three events per week to even come close to that sort of spending.  While running may well be addictive and runners can become a little obsessive, the health and wellbeing outcomes compared to gambling and smoking?  There is no comparison.  Perhaps a subject of a future post.

I’m excited.  I’m going to run in the Melbourne Marathon Festival.  Little old me, running into the MCG.   You won’t be able to wipe the smile of my face!  Even us unsporty types can get excited about running into the famous, historic MCG – it’s a venue that is as Australian as they come!  True blue dinky-di Australian! Yes, the smile will be broad, wide and fixed, a smile that says Next year, Louise and I will be here at the same time finishing our second marathon!  Of course there might be others who have another turn at getting caught up in my running enthusiasm and come too, eh Janette 😉

Happy running 🙂

36 thoughts on “I might have signed up for another half marathon

  1. I’m fairly interested in your cost per km of running. I started disbelieving in “running is free” after I almost bought a $30 pair of socks. After the tights, shoes, GU, races, jackets, hand lights, race belts, physical therapy and massages… And I’m not even a “serious” runner!
    Having said that, I’m planning to do 20 trail run next week even though I’ve taken about 7years off training 😛

    • What’s all this not a serious runner stuff? 😉

      Is been an interesting exercise to record cost per km. So far (and this is for two of us) is just over $10 per km. But I’ve only recorded entry fees, accommodation and flights. No gear. Including those things would make the $ go up considerably. But then I wear my gear for training runs and events so that would bring the cost per km down 🙂

      Can’t wait to hear about your trail run!!!

      • The first time I did Nike She Runs, there were lots of comments about how it should give money to charity. But you know, it was a good night out AND a t shirt for about $70. I mean – how many drinks would that buy on a night out?? And that’s only $7/km! Plus exorbitantly priced hot chips afterward!

      • Totally agree. Events are more than only running. I do like to see some of the $ going to charity but I’m sure these things cost a lot to put on (can only imagine the insurance bills). And yes $70 for a good night and a tee shirt is pretty awesome value. Can’t beat hot chips or my favourite, poached eggs and bubbles after a run 🙂

      • I think most of the charity aspect is about advertising and awareness anyhow. I’m now (happily) at a time in my life where I earn enough (mostly) and have a lot of expenses under control so I can regularly give to charities off my own bat. One of my favourites is the Fred Hollows Foundation. They not only restore sight but they also invest in local infrastructure in the places they establish operations.

      • Oh and I decided last year that every time I feel depressed, I would give the gift of sight. $25 – better mental health management than 3 beers!

      • Soooo I am trying to convince my partner to drag the kids down to Taswegia for the Cadbury Half 2015

      • Yes! That would be wonderful! There are lots of things to do for families in Hobart. And the Cadbury Marathon is a fun day for the small people and the big people! Accommodation books up quickly, so better convince quickly 🙂

  2. Good on you. Yes is all about the fun, participation and meeting heaps of beautiful people who have their own goals, love listening to their acheivements. A half seemed so long a goal personally for me, it’s getting closer (not totally convinced yet) but each time I read your post and the giggles I get with your positive writing, pics and totally positive affirmations it helps me. Looking forward to seeing little old you (pardon the pun) pics lol with that totally big smile, last but not least trademark arms in the air. 🙂

    • You are so up for a half Leanne!!! Your running is so strong right now. Don’t under estimate yourself. I would love to see you at Ross 🙂 it’s as much believing as it is doing. You are so right it is about fun participation and meeting angels like you x

      Don’t worry I’ll have those arms up hehe

  3. Wow! That stat for gambling is a surprise! I’d also like to track what I spend on running. Damn all, I know. And the health benefits are just fantastic, plus it’s a really good example for kids to see their parents involved in a regular exercise regime. And, in your case with Paulie, it’s an investment in your relationship too. So, major cost benefits all around.

    • Australians love to gamble. Pokie machines are huge here as well as the horses and the dogs. Totally agree with all the benefits you list. It’s been an interesting exercise in tracking the spending. I did it because a number of non-runners have suggested to me that running is an expensive exercise, I’m maintaining, at this point, that the spending compared to other pursuits is minimal but as you say Red Hen, the cost benefits are HUGE! 🙂 And of course there is always parkrun which is fee 🙂

  4. Wow, another half! I’m impressed, not feeling too confident for Ross 10kms, only my second ever 10km, but reading your post has encouraged me considerably, looking forward to giving you a cheer at Ross and good luck for all your other amazing halfs! Hope you are having beautiful weather too it has been gloriously sunny all week down here, looking forward to Parkrun again tomorrow.
    The health benefits, both physical and psychologically far outweigh any costs incurred, I’m looking forward to an interstate run, what a perfect break away, travelling to a new place and a run thrown in too 🙂

    • Thanks Sam 🙂 the weather has been absolutely magic here too. I hope you have a wonderful parkrun on Saturday. I’m looking forward to cheering you for the Ross 10km, I am sure you can do it! How is your foot holding up? You are so right, the health benefits so outweigh the costs. And the social side of things is just a huge bonus 🙂

  5. Hehe … good post!!! What a fun time we will have! As for me doing a marathon in 2015 …hmmmmm, not so sure on that one (but hey, I was NEVER going to run up that mountain last year either was I … darn you and your enthusiasm) Like you said this running business all gets down to good health, great experiences, getting together with like-minded people and to top it all off making some fabulous friends!!!!! Roll on October. J xxx

    • Thanks Janette 🙂 yes, roll on October! It’s going to be a fun weekend with a bit of running on the side me thinks 🙂 And wasn’t P2P amazing? And so much more amazing for all the company we had in training and on the day. This running business is a very good business xxx

  6. Hope you two have a wonderful run in Melbourne I will be thinking of you wishing I was there with you. Looking foward to next year when we can do The Maraton and run into the MCG together 🙂
    This means you to Janette :). Xo

  7. I started running at the same time I quit smoking, so I sort of traded one addiction for the other! I justify money spent on race entries and gear with the good feelings I get about myself when I cross the finish line. Although some races are just not worth it- my mud run was $100 entry, and that didn’t include parking, bag check, and spectator fees.

    • Sounds like a life saving swap – and a very tough thing to do! I have never heard of events charging extra for parking, bag drop and spectator fees! That’s a bit over the top!

  8. So excited for you to do this. I feel the sub two hours will be yours. The MCG is special to my dad, he was there in 1956, (can you guess why), he returned 50 years later for a reunion. I love that you will be following his foot steps. Huge good luck can’t wait to hear about it. X

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