That voice that says you can’t is wrong

The slow and the fast of it…

Friday was long run day with Louise.  17kms of lovely chatting but my goodness it was slow and sluggish.  Louise was very gracious to stick with me. I’m still not quite 100% from the head cold and laryngitis. But with Louise’s encouragement I made it.  It was more a mental run than a physical run.  With only two weeks until the Ross Half Marathon, getting in some longer kms was necessary to be mentally prepared as much as physically ready to run those 21.1kms.  We plodded out those 17kms in 1:44:23. least I didn't stop!
…at least I didn’t stop!

But then came today. The Launceston Running Club‘s Longford 8km handicapped race.

running from people

I decided that I would put in some effort.  I ran as hard as I could.  For a while there I had two blokes right behind me, then they passed me, then I passed them.  Finally at the half way mark one passed me and continued to tick forwards while the other one lagged behind.  It was a great boost because I literally felt like I was being chased there for a while, I know how Jack Sparrow felt (well just a little bit)!

I wore my LRC top with pride.
I wore my LRC top with pride.

It was a great run!  Someone has forgotten to tell the weather man that it’s August in Tasmania.  The last month of winter, it was a balmy 17ºC.

We ran out of the little town of Longford...
We ran out of the little town of Longford…
...we ran passed Brickendon Homestead...
…we ran passed Brickendon Homestead…
...through beautiful countryside...
…through beautiful countryside…
...passed lots of baby lambs and their mums...then we turned around and went back.
…passed lots of baby lambs and their mums…then we turned around and went back.

I ran my heart out.  It’s not about being fast, it’s about being fit and having the stamina and the endurance to get to the finish line.  I’ve learnt that I can indeed keep running when I feel like I’m about to conk out.  In the early days this feeling would signal a big slow down.  No way did I want to be a DNF from pushing too hard.  Now I know that I can push and run hard and still finish.  It’s the voice in my head that says I can’t.  I’m pretty good at silencing that voice now.

I came 20th!  I was the 20th winner!  I ran the best I could.  I ran my race and finished.  (I had a huge coughing fit at the end, but I finished).  I’m so proud of me!


That’s what I love about running.  It’s all about Personal Bests!  I did my personal best today.  I have no idea if it’s my personal best for 8kms but I know I did my very best today.  And I feel great!

As runners we need to be proud of every effort, ever run.  Each run is a run in the run bank that helps us to meet our goals whatever they are.  Regardless of time or pace if you feel you did your best on the day be proud of yourself!  And if you didn’t do your best but you finished and you participated well be proud of yourself too!

And guess who won the handicapped race today?  Pauly did!
And guess who won the handicapped race today? Pauly did!
Pauly and Lance at the end.
Pauly and Lance at the end.


Yes Pauly got a win today, I’m so proud of him!  This win means that both Pauly and his unsporty wife will be receiving trophies at the LRC end of year dinner.  Me, getting a trophy?  For sport?  For running?  There are a lot of PE teachers shaking their heads right now.

Unsporty Women Can Run!

Happy running 🙂


16 thoughts on “That voice that says you can’t is wrong

  1. I experienced that very same running experience today and it was a really good friend that kept me going felt like I had nothing left in the tank? Ok so I haven’t run in a week but I’ve done a lot of strength and cardio work and today was supposed to be rest day.. ? I ran 18k which felt like a full marathon. My breathing was off and my heart rate was up at a 175b/min.. Even though I felt rotten it was my friend Kevin who stuck with me not because he had to but because he is a good runner:):) a mate that I could rely on;) I mean he didn’t have to drop back he could have just gone on ahead. As for your 8k.. Well done you and a big round of applause to your Pauly:):)

    1. It’s so good to have mates like Louise and Kevin who help us through. Go us for getting those longer kms done when we didn’t have much gas to run them. I wonder sometimes if I will ever get to return the favour for someone, I have ran with one running friend once who I helped through but usually it is a whole group of awesome people that I do long runs with who help me. I guess I’m the bright spark who suggests all the events! Thanks for the applause for Pauly, he is one happy smiley husband right now, very happy with his run and same for me too 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your trophy! A big achievement for an unsporty woman! I hope that you are going to put it somewhere where you can enjoy a moment if satisfaction and achievement every time you see it! Juliex

      1. I’m intrigued now! Where will it be? The loo( traditional British spot) the mantelpiece, the office? I have my finishers medal from my first 5 k on the pinboard in my office at work – it’s there to remind me that you (I) can do things I never thought possible if I try!

      2. Paul has a few trophies so it will go next to his. Our finishers medals are on our hat stand. Love them! They are the best reminder that we can indeed do the impossible 🙂

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