The Swallows are back

We are just on the cusp of full on calving on the farm. That means that over the next six weeks 600 mummy cows will give birth to 600 baby moo cows. Calving is later this year (Paul has told me why but it’s a whole lot of farmery complicated stuff). But I think someone forgot to tell all the cows, because there must be at least 30 babies in the calf shed right now. Might have something to do with a couple of adolescent bulls taking advantage of a power outage and getting through a fence!

The nest is that black blog just about the windows
The nest is that black blob just above the windows

The daffodils are out. The daphne smells like heaven. The days are getting longer. It’s a beautiful time of year AND winter officially finishes in two days! Spring is almost here.


The one thing that symbolises this turn of the season here on the farm is the return of the Welcome Swallows to the farm house. I’m not a bird watcher by any means but I do love these little souls who return to nest right outside our front door each year. I wrote a post about them last year too.


Despite two farm pussy cats the Welcome Swallows return each spring. There has been a pair in this nest for nearly twenty years. When the house was painted a few years ago there was a very brief discussion about removing the nest. Pauly saw the look of shock and horror in my eyes. I didn’t have to say a word. The nest was not touched and the painter painted around it.

'Swallows? What Swallows?' sleeping farm pussy cats
‘Swallows? What Swallows?’ sleeping farm pussy cats

These little souls mate for life. I love to watch them swooping around when the cats or humans walk around the verandah. Then when we put the Christmas lights up they sit and swing on them, watching their nest and their growing family.



Yes they leave mess on the verandah and on the windows. But that’s what hoses and window cleaner is for. I would rather have the mess and the company of these friendly little faithful souls living with us.

It truly is the little things that bring happiness.

Happy running 🙂

PS an enforced rest day for me in an attempt to try and clear up this cold. It persistence is really annoying me! But lots of cross training in the form of window cleaning, wood gathering and splitting. It’s such a beautiful day! parkrun tomorrow will be a lovely chatty jog for me 🙂



14 thoughts on “The Swallows are back

  1. Look at those adorable calves! As your spring is coming we can feel winter around the corner. Glad to hear you are taking care of yourself and hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Yep winter is definitely on the way 🙂 head lamp is out and ready for those dark morning runs and the black ice and foggy paths. It’s all good nature is good a bit temperamental at times but it has it’s awesome moments. TX for an awesome insight into what really matters;)

    1. Thanks Red Hen 🙂 I can’t complain, winter has been so mild here. We’ve had some terrible storms but in between has been pretty ok weather really. Autumn is still the best running season I think… I hope you have some lovely weather during this next season.

  3. Love the cute little calves! It’s nice to feel like part of the bigger picture isn’t it? Sharing your home with the swallows and so on! There’s more to the world than the human race!

    1. I hadn’t thought about it quite like that but that is so true. Love that thinking 🙂 it’s a privilege to be sharing the farm with so many lovely souls. I think of our ownership of the farm more like our turn. And we have a huge responsibility to look after it and improve it for the future. To be careful with farming methods to ensure productivity and a healthy land for future genrtations.

      1. Ha ha ! Sorry sometimes my inner hippy breaks out and runs amok! Usually after a happy few days at home well rested etc

  4. Lovely to hear about life on the farm, you must be particularly aware of the changing seasons living and working on the farm. Coming from England I love the distinct seasons we have in Tas.
    Enjoying Parkrun, we are doing our first volunteer session next week!

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