So many races not enough weekends

There are so many running events to choose from. So many races not enough weekends. There is one that has recently caught my attention. The Sussan Women’s Fun Run. It’s the first weekend of December in Melbourne Victoria. The Fun Run is over various distances – 5km, 10km and half marathon. I’d like to do the half!

A photo of last year's event (
A photo of last year’s event (

The course is just fantastic.  Runners will go around the beautiful St Kilda beach precinct – it looks magic!


Women’s only events are not my favourite events. I get that they raise funds for breast cancer research but men can be just as affected by breast cancer as women. And by affected I mean through the pain and hurt of seeing someone they love suffer and all too often losing that someone to this cruel disease.  I say let the blokes run too 🙂 AND you have to love a hairy bloke in a pink running top and tutu!

The event is the weekend after my 50th Birthday Weekend in Melbourne so I’m not likely to go back for the following weekend. I decided that this wasn’t the year for it. Another year though, I’ll be there.

But then Blondie Daughter #1, the lovely Isabelle sent me a text to tell me that after over a year of battling tonsillitis she is scheduled to have them removed the day after the Sussan Women’s Fun Run. In Melbourne!  Isabelle is currently studying at uni in Melbourne!

Does this caring, kind, generous Mum think My poor Baby Girl! No! She thinks: Beauty! That’s the weekend before that fun run! I might go a day early and do the run! What a terrible mother I am! But of course I shall take a week off work to look after my darling daughter… after the run!

With running there is always a silver lining to find.  When life give you lemons…umm… go for a run! That works for me!

Happy running 🙂

PS If I do get to run this event it will be in memory of my Nanny who we lost to breast cancer in 1977 and in celebration of my Mum’s survival 🙂

12 thoughts on “So many races not enough weekends

  1. You make me laugh!
    Good luck to your daughter for her op and what a kind mum taking a week off to look after her, if it means you can fit in another run, then that’s the silver lining. And I agree with your comment about women only events, men get breast cancer too, even if in very small numbers compared to women (about 1%) and are most definitely affected by caring for and loving relatives and friends with breast cancer.
    Have a good run x

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 I’m so relieved that those tonsils are coming out. They have punctuated Isabelle’s life with so much illness. She’s studied and worked regardless so it will be good to get rid of them. The Dr has explored all other options so we feel it’s the right choice. I’m glad I’m not the only one who agrees with the women’s only runs. I do think they are great but I’m less inclined to enter them when I know that Paul can’t participate too.

  2. Bonjour ! When life gives you lemons …go for a run – can’t believe I’ve just read that…..I wrote the same thing on a blogpost on the healthunlocked forum for C25K yesterday afternoon 🙂 great minds think alike eh ?
    Hope all goes well for your daughter when the time for her op comes round…it’ll be comforting for her to have you around.
    Love your attitude….love your blog.
    Happy running x

    1. Great minds definitely think alike! Running clears the head and helps to put those lemons into perspective. Thanks for the well wishes for Isabelle. It’s been a pretty tough road for her. She is looking forward to having her mum with her. Thanks for the lovely comments 🙂

  3. Oh multi tasking is a great think as is time management, well done to you. PS to daughter, good luck, I had my tonsils removed when I was 18-not fun. As a mother I nursed young Madam after her op, both of you have my best wishes oh and enjoy the run.

    1. Thanks Shaz 🙂 It has to be better than all these constant bouts of tonsillitis. I had mine removed in 1972 and to this day remember the epic sore throat. It’s a good time of year though during the uni break. It’s going to be fun to do the run and then down to the serious business of getting Isabelle back to good health 🙂

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