Being fit and strong – reaping the benefits


There are benefits to being healthy, fit and strong. A bit of a no brainer really. Here on the farm this is especially true.

We are nearly at the end of the first week of calving. Pauly is flat out busy! (‘Flat out’ comes from an Australian slang saying ‘flat out like a lizard drinking’, translation especially for Sue. It means really busy!). I’ve been helping with a few jobs today.


One of the jobs involved taking the short trek into Deloraine to fill up the diesel and petrol containers. With lots of farm workers hooning around on quad bikes and tractors and nearly 700 acres to manage, the farm uses a fair amount of fuel each week. When I got home I carried the containers up to the silo where they are kept. They are pretty heavy (about 22kgs)! AND it’s up a small bank AND our dear old jeep’s back door doesn’t stay up on its own (it’s been on the fix list forever). With one hand it’s hold up the door, with the other it’s pick up the drum, then carry them up the bank to be put away. This involves a reasonable amount of core strength.


Then it was time to fill up the wood box. With a half marathon tomorrow I really don’t want to do this job after the run. All the farm vehicles were in use so the wheel barrow was the only option. It’s 300m from the house to the hay barn. Another good upper body and core strength workout – a bit of leg work is involved too.


It’s great to be fit and strong and to be able to do these jobs without thinking. Using the principles from G2G Fit, every daily task can become a workout aimed at keeping muscles trim, toned and working at their optimum.

Yes, running is fun. But it gives so much more than just being able to run. With added cross training we can become fit AND strong.  AND you don’t have to be on a farm to reap the benefits of living a fit strong life.  Today just brought it home to me how much I love being fit and strong and how good it feels to be independent with the heavy tasks.

Ross Half Marathon is tomorrow and I’m still coughing just a little bit. Race goals? To have an awful lot of fun. To wave at as many people as I can. To encourage as many runners as I can. AND to have a lot of fun and get another finishers medal. Sweet!

Happy running 🙂

This is THE vainest things I've done in my life :) A big photo of me with Pauly's and my finishing medals hanging from it?  No one is more shocked at how I've become a runner!

This is THE vainest things I’ve done in my life 🙂 A big photo of me with Pauly’s and my finishing medals hanging from it? No one is more shocked at how I’ve become a runner! This is my personal celebration of becoming a runner – very self indulgent!

24 thoughts on “Being fit and strong – reaping the benefits

  1. Annie that is not self indulgent it is a celebration of how far you have come! Good luck tomorrow and I’m not sure all this exercise is just what the trainer ordered.
    I appreciate the translation. In fact I laughed out loud!

    • Glad you liked the translation 🙂 I hope you go well with your 10km race too. And thanks for the positive comment about my medal hanging photo – was just talking to Paul about it and thinking perhaps it should be tucked away in the bedroom but he said to leave it where it was hehe. Now to find a good photo of my Pauly to do the same!

  2. Love the photo and medals, why shouldn’t you be reminded of how far you have come and what you have achieved, I think it’s a great idea, might copy it 😉
    Good luck for Ross tomorrow, still undecided if I am running, shin splints back and I’m terrified of pushing it to the stress fracture level again but have rested, iced, foam rolled and walked up and down in the sea all week and still hoping it will be ok in the morning.
    Hope you have a great and enjoyable run, will certainly be cheering you on if I spot your smiley face 🙂

    • Thanks Sam 🙂 I really hope that your shin splints heal up quickly. Sounds like you are doing everything you can to make them better. In the sea…brrrr! but that must be so good for them. Thanks for your nice comment about the photo. I had thought hard about what sort of medal hanger to get and this popped into my head. The framer guy had lots of giggles about it. I do love finisher’s medals – they remind me of what I thought I could never do I’ve actually done. I hope I see you tomorrow, looks like it could be very chilly at the start.

  3. that is so kewl and SO NOT VAIN… gosh it’s a wonderful accomplishment! enjoy it!!! best of luck with your race… enjoy enjoy, you are my inspiration 🙂 xxx

  4. Having grown up on a ranch in Texas, I love hearing about your farm work! It’s the same, but different! It feels great to be able to throw a 75 pound bale of hay, or shoulder a 50 pound bag of animal food. Good for you. AND, as far as your photo/medals, I LOVE it! Vain, schmain! You did a great job and it actually looks cool! YOU live there, that’s YOURS. Keep kicking butt!

    • Thank you for the lovely comment. It’s great to be fit enough and strong enough to do the things we want and need to do. It feels so good and I’m glad you know this feeling too. Thank you for your thoughts on my medal hanging photo. I read your comment on the way in the car to the half marathon today (Paul was driving) and it really lifted me up. I didn’t kick butt as much as I would liked to today but I ran all the way and finished and we have another medal each hanging proudly with the other one. Thank you so much for the encouragement xxx

      • Congrats on the next finish! I hope you realize that you’re doing something that only a tiny percentage of people on this planet have the gumption to do! I’ve been an athlete all my life: gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, tennis, cheerleading, soccer and even Gaelic football, and I’ve never run a half! So, you should feel great, PB or not! Hang those medals up, sistah!

  5. HA haaaaa!!!! fantastic!!!! well done!!! as long as you had fun and loved every minute that is what counts the most!!!! xxx have a fab week!!!!!

  6. I love your photo and medals! It’s a wonderful reminder to know how far you’ve come and all you’ve accomplished. You have such good points about feeling strong and fit. I think of how weak I started at and how every little gain in fitness has helped with everyday life so much and really does give a feeling of confidence. Have a great run 🙂

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