Making Lemonade Hobart Style

Where has this week gone? It’s gone in a fuzzy speed of light sort of blurr, that’s where!

Most of this last week saw the Unsporty Woman in Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart.

Ahh Hobart, the city of many epic runs in the life of the Unsporty Woman, the least of which is Point to Pinnacle. I do love Hobart. Historic, gorgeous waterfront, quaint and vibrant bars and restaurants, but this time my reason for being there was for three solid days of work meetings. (Hobart is a 3.5 hour drive from the farm).

I chose a hotel close to the waterfront that has an awesome gym and swimming pool.

Day one saw me in the gym plodding my way through a tabata workout that dedicated a third to arms, a third to legs and the last third to core strength. Every bit of me ached the next day! So good.

Day two was a therapeutic run through the streets of Hobart. At first I thought I’d run up through the first third of the P2P course. But then, on my own, I got a bit timid. It’s still quite dark by 6:30pm and that’s the time I would be running until. Then I thought I’d run with a local running group that casual runners can join any time. Mmmm What if I’m too slow? What if I have a coughing fit? I decided to run on my own.

The run was balm to my soul.

A day of talking? A day of new directions to get my head around? A day of work strategic plans? My brain hurt! My body was weary from too much thinking!

I ran. I ran and ran and I ran. Balm to my soul!

Hobart's waterfront is so pretty.  This is a tribute to the Antarctic Explorers.

Hobart’s waterfront is so pretty. This is a tribute to the Antarctic Explorers.  In the background is a brand new vessel to do just that – head off to Antarctica.



The Aurora Australis ice breaker vessel

The Aurora Australis ice breaker vessel


I threw in some hills too

I threw in some hills too

I ran to Wrest Point Casino, start of the P2P, then made my way back through  Sandy Bay to the waterfront.

I ran to Wrest Point Casino, start of the P2P, then made my way back through
Sandy Bay to the waterfront.

Pauly often comes with me when I come to these three day meetings. He works for himself and rarely takes time off so every so often he makes up for it by taking a few days off in a row by coming away with me. But not this time. It’s the calving season with 600 calves due over the next few weeks, it’s hectic and the work days are long.  In fact today I was in my gumboots feeding calves just to help out and to give the chaps a bit of a hand.

When I have to go to Hobart for work and leave my beloved Pauly at home I try and accentuate the positive. It’s all about making lemonade out of lemons.

This is how I made lemonade…

  • I had dinner one night with a much loved friend and colleague. Over good food and wine we shared our news and solved all the organisation’s problems. Honestly I don’t know why our bosses don’t make us in charge! Hehe
  • One morning I had breakfast with another much loved friend who worked alongside me in a different agency years ago. We shared news and generally chilled and chatted.
  • The last night there was a big dinner on for all my colleagues but I decided to run instead. I ran. Then I had the most amazing dinner at my favourite seafood restaurant. Then went back to the hotel with the intention of having one more glass of wine and a chill in the very relaxing bar (still in my running gear). As it turned out a colleague was also having a chill so we sat together and had a good old chat as well as several glasses of wine. We didn’t really know each other before, she’s quite new to the organisation but now I do AND she’s a runner! Guess what we discussed?

A read of the newspaper with Oysters and Blue Eyed Trevalla from Mures – Yum!

I don’t really enjoy the work meetings. I love many of my colleagues and value them highly but I hate being away from my Pauly. So what do I do? I make lemonade out of lemons and try to accentuate the positive. Oh and the king-sized bed was awesome. I swear I could sleep in it for at least three weeks without changing the sheets. One week on the left. One week in the middle. One week on the right! AND for three days I didn’t have to do any housework or farm work! Now that’s the sweetest lemonade!

Happy running 🙂

It was good to get home and set the house to rights - housework isn't Pauly's strong point!  And all up he had four meals in my absence! Three dinners and one breakfast!

It was good to get home and set the house to rights – housework isn’t Pauly’s strong point! And all up he had four meals in my absence! Three dinners and one breakfast!  These are some of the jonquils that are out in force in the garden.

16 thoughts on “Making Lemonade Hobart Style

  1. That is a beautiful city, thanks for sharing. You packed a lot of fun things into that three days! I like your ‘one more glass of wine’ story- a great way to end a run, end an evening and make a new running friend 🙂 As we head into cold weather here, your spring flowers look so pretty!

    • Thanks Cynthia 🙂 It was a pretty good trip seeing as though I set off feeling a bit disgruntled (and it was a shocking wet day the morning I left). It was good to have some fun things planned in the evenings and breakfast with Jill. Mmmm ‘one’ more glass of wine…that was naughty but very relaxing and perfectly ok once in a while me thinks 🙂

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 I just help out from time to time (just waiting to hear the ATV come down the driveway now before I dash out in my fetching orange plastic pants). Pauly is getting very tired but we are a third of the way through now so we’re getting there.

  2. This may sound like an off the wall comment, but I like the way you took the picture of the hill. I can never make a picture of a hill, look like a hill. Okay, I’m not much of a picture taker. Hobart sounds nice!

    • I know what you mean, Tom! They can be massive, heart pounding Mt Everests but in a photo look nothing more than a speed hump. I’m not much good at photos either so I’m thinking that this was a fluke 🙂

  3. Ha ha I ALSO looked at that hill pic and though ‘what yay be massively steep to look steep in a pic’ lolol!!!! I like the flavour of your lemonade!!!! Sounds and looks awesome!!!! Xxx

    • Thanks Melee 🙂 after the three days of talking about work a career change sounds quite delightful. Hobart is such a lovely city. Very small compared to Sydney but just as historic and quite multicultural too. It has a chocolate factory too 😉

  4. Very interesting. I really love to see Tasmania through your eyes. So much better than some tourism pics. Lovely to see what you get up to too! And good on ya, girl, for getting out there and running. I always feel a lot more vulnerable when on unfamiliar territory, especially as a solo female runner. Maybe if I try being a solo male runner next time, it won’t be so difficult 🙂

    • Thanks Red Hen 🙂 I so prefer running on the farm, it feels a lot safer. Being a man might help hehe I guess if I wore some of Pauly’s gear and didn’t shave my legs it actually could be convincing! It’s a sad thing that we always have to be so safety aware. And thanks for your lovely comments about my happy snaps 🙂 I do love my home state and it’s lovely to share that.

  5. Looks like you had a busy but enjoyable time in Hobart and still managed to fit in a run! Feeling a bit low in energy levels myself at the moment so good to be motivated by your seemingly endless enthusiasm 🙂

    • Thanks Sam 🙂 we did so much sitting during the meetings that I was fare bursting to get out and move. Hobart waterfront is just so lovely to run around. I hope your energy levels pick up – the warm weather isn’t far away, that will help 🙂

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