Feet, lungs and doubts

A few months back I had to take a little time off running due to some foot niggles. I wrote a post about my beloved Big Toes and the problems they cause me.


I’m very pleased to report that the Morton’s Neuroma seems to be completely healed. I wore the pad in my shoe for a few months but now can do without it. I’m one of the lucky three out of four who don’t need surgery for this condition (so far).

The Abductor Hullucis however will always be there. At times it is so stiff and sore that I limp. But the good thing is that I can’t make it worse and I can manage the discomfort through stretches and strapping.  I do my best to ignore it.

Feet? Going pretty well, thankfully.

Big Lesson Learnt? Don’t worry, fret and stress about foot niggles and do self-diagnosis. Feet = Podiatrist. Make an appointment straight away.



It’s been eight weeks of illness for me. Laryngitis and then Bronchitis. I have really struggled.

Finally on Friday I went back to the doctor for the third time. With two runs on this last weekend and a really laboured half marathon the weekend before last, it was important to go and ask some tough questions. My lung capacity isn’t at 100% but it’s getting better. The doctor explained that without 100% lung capacity I’m not getting enough oxygen to my muscles so of course I’m finding it tougher than usual. But he said it was ok for me to keep running. He wasn’t worried at all and told me to take it easy and it should be another week and I’ll be fighting fit again. Yay!


With illness comes doubt – big marathon-sized doubts.

My marathon dreams are alive and well, but being unwell has certainly led me to doubt if I can run those 42.2kms.

Poo poo I say to doubts. I don’t run to get good times, I am a fun runner, a happy runner and very much a distance runner. I have no tickets on myself whatsoever. I run for the pure, unadulterated joy of running. I run to challenge myself and to prove that I can do this running thing AND along the way it is my firm will and intention to encourage others to do the same. To pursue their dreams whatever they are.


Doubts be quiet! If I can run up a mountain I can certainly train and be at the start line of a marathon. I can give those 42.2kms my very best shot – 4:30:00 to 5:00:00? However long it takes me to run this first marathon will be a PB!  AND if I don’t make it the first time, I can pick myself up, dust myself off and try again.  That makes it a winning thing!

Don’t listen to doubts. If you ever need someone to tell you to keep trying or to cheer you on, I’m up for the job.

Discouragement, negative thoughts, listening to doubters…let is all be water off a duck’s back, stick with the positive camp, we are much more fun!

Happy running 🙂

PS this weekend I ran my fourth Westbury Fun Run, it was so good!  Will tell you all about it next.

28 thoughts on “Feet, lungs and doubts

  1. Your attitude/mantra is the one I stick by lately. Often as a runner doubts creep in but its the you process these thoughts that make a difference a few years back all Id be worried would be the time at the and of a race. In my personal its the starting of the race and the finishing. I think as a runner I’ve matured and am learning to enjoy every run no matter how tough or easy. Just being able to run is a blessing. Keep the running faith;);)

    • Oh yes! Keep the running faith, that is a good one! Thanks for your lovely and much needed encouragement. Beung able to run is the biggest blessing ever. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  2. You go Annie! Yes it will be those noisy doubts that can cause such grief in training for a marathon. Good to get them quieted down early in the going. 🙂

  3. Your first marathon should definitely be about getting to the end and enjoying it as much as possible and I have NO DOUBT that you can do it so keep positive and silence those doubts

  4. I call my doubts the “committee in my head”… and then I remind myself that I’M the chairperson… good for you!!

  5. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to and we will be there at the Cadbury start line together ready to add a marathon medal to our collection😄

    • We will! We’ll make the Huey, Dewey and Louie Marathon Dream come true. Thanks Louise. I’m missing my running buddy very much x I love hearing you say that we will be able to do it!

  6. You tell those doubts where to go! It wouldn’t be normal not to question ourselves our ability some of the time but your comments show you can answer those doubts with more hard work and determination. I am very sure you will achieve everything you set out to do x

  7. I love your attitude in regard to your running – and because of it you will make it that 42.2km – I still can’t believe you are doing a Marathon so close to running up that little hill in Hobart again though.
    Interesting about your toe joints – pleased to hear that it seems sorted though. Lungs – please don’t tell me this will last 8 weeks or more – if so, I do think I will be the coughing elephant attempting to get up the mountain in November.

    • You definitely don’t gave the sane lurgy as me. Nope, you have the WA one that only lasts a week 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement! I’m sure I will plod through. Last year we thought about the marathon but were adviced by our Coach to consolidate our half marathon distance and to try a marathon in 2015. Coach is ok with us having a go so I guess it must be possible. But if we don’t pull up ok after P2P he says to go back to the half at Cadbury and aim for a marathon later in the year 🙂 I love having a Coach to ask for advice.

  8. Oh I thought you were doing Melbourne Marathon prior to P2P – Cadbury – no problem, am sure you will do it easy – P2P just another training run. 🙂 WA lurgy is into week 3 – but seems to be easing, ……. I hope – positive thinking!

    • Oh I hope that WA lurgy goes away very fast! I’m so much better today than I have been. Definitely on the mend and I hope you are too. I’m doing the half at Melbourne this year and then hopefully the full next year. Hehe I’m not quite that crazy! But I have several experienced marathoner friends who are doing the full at Melbourne and then P2P as well just prior to doing the Bruny Island 64km ultra! I want to be like them when I grow up (expect that they are all much younger than me). P2P just another training run…yes that’s right hehe 🙂

  9. You are going to ace this half;) Hills are our passion. I personally wouldn’t be worrying too much now just concentrate on your running passion and I promise you’ll be fine. Remember that worry makes more worry. Just be the person that you always are “happy go lucky” so be your awesome ,bubbly and chatty self xx

  10. Your superhero name is obviously “Positivity Girl” – Able to leap any negative scenario in a single bound.
    Keep it up Anne-Marie and you’ll arrive at your marathon start-line no worries!

    • I should’ve thought of that when I was looking for a running costume, I could’ve started a new trend. That’s me Positivity Girl. I like it, thanks Bernie. I’m feeling a lot more positive about it today especially as at last that kettle bell that’s been sitting on my chest seems to have moved a bit or at least got a bit smaller 🙂

  11. Yes, thank you!! I am experiencing some self-doubt in this transitional period of my life, and that is leaking over to my training. This is a much-needed pick-me-up, a proof that I need to get back to my happy place on the blogosphere to seek out virtual positivity from folks such as yourself!

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