Awww Friday

imagesI65BWK11 Thursday is the new Friday, Friday is the new Saturday and Saturday is still Saturday. That’s how it’s been for me for nearly four years since I left my city position and took a role out in a regional area; just 15 minutes drive from the farm is my regional base.

The trade-off was to go from full time to .8 FTE (Full Time Equivalent). That meant ditching 10 hours of driving and 700kms per week that was my work commute from farm into the city.  It wasn’t a hard decision.

My most favourite thing to do on Friday morning is to take a coffee back to bed, catch up on blog reading and perhaps read a magazine.

My view this morning.  We have a parents' retreat that has views of paddocks and flowering wattles.  Spoilt!

My view this morning. We have a parents’ retreat that has views of paddocks and flowering wattles. Spoilt!

Women’s Running Australia magazine came out last week but I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read it so this morning I took some lovely moments to relax and read. Sitting in bed, with coffee and a couple of cats!


Poppy wanted me to stop looking at my tablet and cuddle her. Mintie was happy to chill.

It’s a running rest day because tomorrow is the Launceston Running Club’s last run for the season. It is THE Feature Race of the year. Club members must have run no less than five runs prior to this one to be eligible to enter. It’s a very hilly 10kms in a small district called Hillwood! Sounds like my kind of place to run! I shall have my hillitude on at Hillwood tomorrow.

What a wonderful year of Club running it’s been. Last year was my first year with the Club and I managed to run three times, this year tomorrow will be about the 10th for 2014. My running confidence has grown and grown. With the handicapped system I’ve even managed a few times to come in ahead of some of Tasmania’s most elite runners! (Two of these runners took out men’s and women’s 2nd placings in a National Ultra Marathon last weekend so they are up there with the best of Australian runners and I’m in the same Club!). The people who run with the Club are just so kind, nice and encouraging. I have gone from feeling tentative and awkward at Club runs to feeling completely like I belong and part of the furniture. AND in a few weeks’ time is the Annual Dinner where I will receive a trophy for my win a few months ago! I’m going to get a trophy! Me! The Unsporty Woman. I will write about that after the dinner.

Back to the magazine. I read a fun but motivating article called Get in the mood for running. Most points were quite serious but there were a few quirky fun ones that are right up my alley!


Point 4 was Talk to yourself. I nodded to myself, I do that! Positive mantras are so good when things are getting tough. I read on.

Point 6 made me laugh and laugh. I’m not so strange after all! This point was Set up a Running Shrine. Have a place to display running medals, special race photos and other race mementos. Use this spot as a place to relive memories, keep dreams alive and to reflect on how far you’ve come. Now my photo with medals hanging from the bottom couldn’t get more shrine-y I thought. I hadn’t thought of it as a shrine, but I guess it kind of is. And why not? We are doing these amazing things, running all these races, why not have a special place to celebrate it. I had a giggle. Good to know I’m not as weird as I sometimes think I am. I know a runner who has her race numbers stuck up in her cupboard; what a great reminder each morning of all the wonderful races she has done!

This is THE vainest things I've done in my life :) A big photo of me with Pauly's and my finishing medals hanging from it?  No one is more shocked at how I've become a runner!

This is THE vainest things I’ve done in my life 🙂 A big photo of me with Pauly’s and my finishing medals hanging from it? No one is more shocked at how I’ve become a runner!

But it was Point 7 that really made me giggle. Become a wacky racer. It suggested that running is the perfect opportunity to get into a costume. It suggests that if you were slighted as a child by not getting that desired role in the nativity play that now as a grownup runner you can relive your childhood and dress up. Not everyone is into dressing up, I get that, but one of my goals this year is to wear a costume. I’ve chosen Run For a Wish because they ask people to dress up. It’s a charity that provides special wishes to sick and dying children. Such a beautiful charity doing something so lovely for families at what must be the most nightmarish of times. I’m going to add to the carnival feel of this special event and wear my costume (my gosh though, tulle is scratchy stuff, I’ll need lots of body glide on the day).

It was a fun article to read and there were some serious suggestions as well as the three fun ones I’ve listed above. But today I’ve taken away the fun things. Things that add joy and happy motivation to running.

And on that note my lovely Friday coffee in bed has been drunk and now I’m required over in the calf shed to feed just over 200 baby moo cows. Who needs a core strength work out when there are so many buckets of milk to lift, tip and pour as well as adoring babies to wrangle?

Happy running 🙂

PS Women’s Running Magazine Australia is a motivating read for runners.  I read it cover to cover! images3YFNZQRQ

10 thoughts on “Awww Friday

  1. 🙂 i bought it for the first time this week too!!!! i am glued to it and have read it alt least twice already, and i keep finding new stuff!
    Have a fab weekend and an awesome race! x

  2. Love the idea of a running shrine, and of entering a race where you have to run in costume! That must be so much fun. I must look to see if we have one here, it will be a lot more fun for the family as spectators too!

  3. I haven’t yet figured out how to make my shrine. Must work on this. Also, Love the idea of coffee in bed on a Friday. Snuggles and relaxing… Especially on the rainy days we are now experiencing. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 I hope you figure out your shrine, I thought the article was really good, loved how they called it a shrine. Coffee in bed on a rainy morning? Nothing nicer.

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