Hillwood 10km handicapped race

Hillwood.  That says it all really. Hills, steep hills. But so good! I loved every moment of it. The day couldn’t have been more perfect for the last Launceston Running Club race for the year.  20ºC warm and sunny.

hillwood altitude

I ran my heart out and kept a good pace that I was extremely happy with. Now let’s be realistic here. There were 44 runners yesterday and while on handicap I was in 11th position my time was right back at the back. But it doesn’t matter! What does matter is that we have fun and enjoy a great day out running.

Post race. 3rd place for Pauly in a time of 46:52 (handicap 27:30) and 11th place for me in a time of 55:34 (handicap 20:20).  The fastest time on the day was 32:54 – up all those hills?  In that time? AMAZING!!!
I was so happy with my laps!  Not one over 6:00!
I was so happy with my laps! Not one over 6:00!

The Club motto is The Club where you can run for fun.

This really sums it all up. In my last post I mentioned that two Club members took out 2nd place for the men’s and women’s in a national ultra marathon last weekend. This weekend a Club member came in 2nd place in a national half marathon event. Many of the LRC runners are top class not only in the state of Tasmania but in the whole of Australia. And yet they run with people like me and do so happily. There are no egos, no I’m better than you stuff. It’s all just so lovely, fun and inclusive.  Really really nice people.

hillwood map

I really loved the run. At the 5km mark a young lady who started behind me on handicap passed me. But she was labouring. She was leaning to one side and holding her waist. I cheered her on. Go Katie, win this for the ladies! There hadn’t been a woman win this event for ages and in the 34 years of this event only two women had won total. She looked pained and told me she had stitch. Before I could think I said No you haven’t! Talk yourself out of it! Sing a happy song in your head and think positive!

At that point we reached the top the most enormous hill. Another lovely lady runner passed me at the crest. Katie zoomed down. Lorraine zoomed down. I zoomed down! ZOOMED! Practically flew! I was determined to keep up. I did! At the base of the hill we started the 4km run around the river back to the finish.  Katie and Lorraine chipped away in front of me becoming little specs in the distance.  I ran on.

Katie won on Saturday! In her winner’s speech amongst other lovely things she thanked me (ME!!!) for the encouragement during the race and said it had made such a big difference (tissues please!). Oh my goodness. Best part of the race ever! I might have been one of the slowest on the day but I encouraged someone to keep going and it helped them. That makes me a winner!

Last LRC run for the year and perhaps the best, most fun, most lovely race ever.  To be able to encourage others to keep going with this amazing running thing?  That’s the best part of all.

The Club where you can run for fun! My kind of Club!

View of Tamar River on a perfect spring day.
Pauly come in for a big finish
Pauly coming in for a big finish and an unexpected 3rd place – he ran so well.
Running is serious business but I absolutely refuse to take myself too seriously.  Running is for FUN!
Running is serious business but I absolutely refuse to take myself too seriously. Running is for FUN!

And on that note Unsporty Women Can Run turned two on Friday.  Two years of telling my story with the hope of encouraging others to get out there and try this amazing thing called running.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the blog’s birthday than by encouraging Katie on her win!

Happy running 🙂

PS I strongly suggest buying a pair of pineapple socks!  The dude who wears these practically flies when he runs, he ran those hills in 33:45.  I hope he has a good supply of them, I haven’t seen him run without his pineapple socks yet.

Some photos shamelessly taken from the Launceston Running Club’s Facebook page.


28 thoughts on “Hillwood 10km handicapped race

  1. Well done you! And you’re looking better and better with each pic. Good comfortable socks are hard to find. Thin ones suit me best- with or without pineapples!

    1. It took me a while to get my head around the handicaps. The handicappers do a great job and most runs everyone finishes very close together. Makes for a great finish that anyone could take out.

  2. Awesome, great run! 🙂 I got a little teary too, but I’m not surprised you got a shout out for your encouragement! It really does help us (yeah, me too!)

  3. Wow well done you with those hills. When I was away this week, Madam won the club handicap and got a PB of 1 min 6 seconds over 5k< not sure she will be invited back!!

  4. Yay! For you,;) I’m so happy for ye glad to see that you took some of my advise to heart 😉 rubbing is and should always be fun and if you get a personal best or maybe just help other runners out its an added bonus;);) I love reading your blogs because they are fun and inspiring. These days it helps to know that there is someone as special as you making a difference keep on loving and enjoying your running rewards;);)xx

  5. Sounds like a great run and such lovely weather for it too! Had a not so enjoyable run at Parkrun on Saturday with sore calves and shins still playing up so hit the bike yesterday and did 46kms in glorious weather, was completely stuffed after though 😉
    So happy to have found your blog, keep it up, we love it!

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 you say such encouraging things. I really appreciate it! Sorry to hear about the not so good parkrun and sore shins and calves. That’s a long way on the bike and it was quite warm yesterday! Completely understandable that you were stuffed at the end!!! Hope the niggles go away!

    1. Thanks 🙂 yes the chest lurgy is pretty much all gone. I didn’t write that at the end of the race I had to go and find a quiet shady spot where I promptly managed to cough and heave and get rid of the last of the gunge (delightful). P2P is so close now, I can’t believe it! I hope you are ok and that the P2P training is coming along well. I won’t be going that fast for P2P, I am absolutely determined to run all the way this year so will be going back a gear for the first two thirds. My time will be slower but I really want to run all the way.

  6. CONGRATS on turning two UWCR!!! thats fantastic! your run sounds/looks amazing as do you and Pauly! LOOK at you finishing, how much more fun and inspirationaly can one be? love you hunny xxx and OMG, how are those socks! *lol* i bet he hand washes them and lays them down to dry if he only has the one pair! *bless* my hubby is like that abouts his beloved Asics running shoes… doesnt beleive there is another pair in the world for him!

    1. Thanks CeeJay 🙂 you are so encouraging to me! I love those socks, I am sure they are just ladies dress socks that he must’ve borrowed from his Mum. He’s not even 20 yet this young chap. His strides are so long that he takes one to my 2.5 (I know because he has passed me soooooooo many times!). I hope your Hubby finds another pair of shoes. A dear blogger called my P2P shoes my ‘Magic Shoes’ last year, I believe the magic is transferred with each new purchase…bit like the Dr Who transformations thingy!

  7. Looked like it was a lovely course, oh those hills lol. Happy 2nd year to, looking forward to many more reads. Loved the guys socks to. 🙂

    1. Thanks Leanne 🙂 the hills were great but it helped that the course we so pretty and scenic. They are great socks for sure – always make me giggle when I see them flash passed.

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