Getting it done

After such a wonderful run last Saturday you would expect a great week of training coming up! No bronchitis, no cough, feeling well again for the first time in weeks? Yes! Feeling well is so good. On the running front though it’s been tough.


Yep. This week has been filled with running and training because I know I have to get it done. The next happy half marathon is less than three weeks away. I have learnt that races are won in the weeks of training not on the day. I know that putting the effort in now means my best chance of a run that I’m happy with, where I can be as prepared as possible to run my best on the day.

Sunday was a slow tough 12kms. Monday was speed work with The Running Group. Wednesday was hill repeats with Pauly. Thursday. Ahhhh Thursday rest day. Then today I went for a 10km run that at the time felt slow, laboured and sluggish but I was surprised to see I ran those 10kms in 59:59 which is quite fast for a training run for me – I’m usually around 1:02 to 1:06.


I’ve felt like an armadillo running. Sir Galahad and I would be good buddies and so would the Tin Man – we could run as one, all stiff and slow.


Not every run can be happy and fun. Running is sort of like life. Sometimes we just need to get stuff done and it’s the getting it done that makes us happy. Sometimes I just need to be a grown up runner and go out and do it even though I don’t feel like it.

When I got home from today’s run I had a long stretch. I was sore all over. Then a good old foam roll which was just plain painful! Afterwards though it was like shedding my armadillo plates, like taking off my armour and even saying goodbye to my Tin Man-like outer shell. I felt so much relief. Why don’t I use that thing more often? Really! It sits in our lounge room and the most I do with it is to move it when I vacuum the floor.

foam roller

I must I must I must use my foam roller more!

All this stiffness and soreness has been accompanied by a huge dose of tiredness. I’ve been putting in a few hours everyday on the farm on top of going to work – we have staff shortages. It’s a good way to do a core strength workout!  But also a good way to become exhausted.

On the family front it’s been a bit special this week. We received a Save the Date in the mail for the wedding of Brown-eyed Daughter #1 and the gorgeous H. It was such a reminder of how time keeps going by. I loved parenting my children as little people and now being a parent of adults is proving to be just as wonderful. In fact it’s kind of like a reward for surviving those hectic days of zooming around and caring for little people. A lovely young lady who comes to my Story Time started a blog this week about the antics of her little pre-schoolers. I see the facebook photos of the disaster that they cause but to me they are little angels who sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at Story Time, who dance to Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and totally love If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands. If you feel like a lovely read please pop over and visit My Crazy Sweet Chaos.

My little monster getting her own breakfast so many years ago.

My little monster getting her own breakfast so many years ago…

Save the Date <3

…and here she is with a Save the Date for her wedding next year.

Tomorrow is parkrun number 48 for me. I’m cutting it fine but I should get my 50 parkruns in just before my 50th birthday.

Getting the running training done even if I don’t feel like it?  Yep, thank goodness for a deep understanding that bad runs happen and that there will always be a good run that makes those bad ones worth the effort.

Happy running 🙂

22 thoughts on “Getting it done

  1. CONGRATS on ‘Brown-eyed Daughter #1 and the gorgeous H’ upcoming celebration!!! how KEWL!!!
    Gosh yes i agree with you, running IS just like life, you gotta take the good with the bad…
    Loved the foam Roller bit *lol* ours is the same… keeps finding itself in a different spot around the lounge *lol* so funny!!!!
    48 Parkruns is AMAZING!!!! wow… well impressed!!!! and what a way to celebrate your 50th!!!
    Have a FAB weekend and go give it Annitude 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks CeeJay 🙂 It’s a bit exciting about the wedding. The foam roller is so good – well I know it is! I think it would be better if I could get back to using it regularly (being in the lounge room is supposed to remind me to use it). It’s definitely less ouchy when I roll around on every day. I said to a few friends at the beginning of the year that it would take me until October to get to the 50th parkrun…it’s just been such a full and fun year of running. I hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. My foam roller comes out of the cupboard most mornings before my run as well as the mat,whether or not I get core or the roller done depends on how far I run…;) I’ve recently realised I don’t like running odd numbers?!? So I was at 9.5k the other day and ended up running 10+ to make it even;). I do agree foam rolling is a must but often time constraints also play a part. Well done on the parkruns that’s totally awesome and I’m in shock that you’re turning 50!! Thought you were in your early 40’s keep running because you look awesome ;);)

    • I need to be more disciplined with the foam roller like you are AND I don’t like running odd numbers either. Well apart from 5kms, but that’s a standard distance. I can’t wait to turn 50, every decade keeps getting better!

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that feels like just have to it do runs, usually during the week when life and work is frantic. I so appreciate the farmers where it’s 24/7 and jobs just have to be done (hats of to you for your extra effort to). It’s funny about the foam roller, I put mine away yesterday because I got sick of it laying around, only to pull up sore after a run last night, read your post and immediately got it back out lol. Weddings are so exciting and something to look forward to. Nearly there for your 50 parkruns before you are 50. 🙂

    • Thanks Leanne 🙂 it’s always good to know that we aren’t the only ones having a struggle to keep the training up. Oh and that foam roller…I am seriously thinking about making mine a ‘bed pillow’ and placing it with the others when I make the bed. Then I would have to use it before I could go to sleep! Yes, nearly 50! Awesome!

  4. Almost there for the 50 on two counts, well done. The physio advised me to use a tennis ball for my calf, boy does that hurt but it really works, bare that in mind for those harder to reach spots!

  5. I’ve heard of tennis ball’s being effective but never tried it ! Think foam rolling is definitely painful enough lol. What was that movie you mentioned before that was about “runners”? I was gonna look for it last night but me eyes weren’t able to focus properly and ended up going to bed..

      • Thanks for the loan;) I’ll get t it eventually;) …the movie that is…I was actually pretty wrecked the whole re-education thing especially this time round a lot more intensive courses and assignments. I love a challenge and I also enjoy being so tired that when I go to bed I sleep before my head hits the pillow;);).

      • I know that feeling of being that tired. It happens all the time especially during calving. Going back to study isn’t easy but more power to you for doing it. 🙂

  6. Isn’t it so with getting what needs to get done – felt like that this morning – and was made worse by hubby telling me I didn’t need to get out of bed and run if I didn’t want too – but pleased I did – got to see the sun rise – and tackle a couple of small hills. Awesome running while so busy on the farm.

    • Gosh that would make it harder to get out if I had someone telling me I didn’t have to. And I suppose we don’t actually have to, we just know that we need to and that in the end getting it done makes us happier than if we just didn’t bother. More power to you for having the determination to get out and then to tackle some hills. That’s awesome!!! I think if I didn’t have running to look forward to with all the busy stuff on the farm I’d go completely nuts! Thanks for your encouragement 🙂

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