parkrun 48 and pineapple socks

Another Saturday and another parkrun. Pauly and I have had so much on this year that we’ve found it difficult to be really regular at parkrun. Being part of the Launceston Running Club, fun runs and of course farming that doesn’t stop for anyone, the Saturdays that we can get to parkrun are precious.

Signature pink hat - check.  Signature running photo pose - check.  Run Positive parkrun top - check.  Good to go!
Signature pink hat – check. Signature running photo pose – check. Run Positive parkrun top – check. Good to go! Thanks for the photo Fiona x

Today was my parkrun number 48. Two more to get to my 50th and just sneak in before my 50th Birthday. And what an awesome run it was today. Getting a PB didn’t make it awesome because I didn’t (26:23 was the time today). Running continuously stronger for the 5kms did!

Very happy with my negative splits and big finish.  I was channelling the Lazy Runner here who tells us to try for a negative split and go for a big finish.
Very happy with my negative splits and big finish. I was channelling the Lazy Runner who tells us to try for a negative split and go for a big finish.

I was so happy with my negative split AND the last km was a sub 5:00 minute per km pace which is most speedy-like for this Unsporty Woman. I’m learning more and more that I can push myself to keep going no matter how I feel. While I don’t really have a pace in mind what I do have in mind is being able to go the distance, a distance of 42.2kms in fact in January 2015 at the Cadbury Marathon. It’s all about distance, getting stronger, enduring and getting to the finish line. (Cadbury Marathon registration hasn’t opened yet but it must be this week – they said late September…not much more September to go!)

We’ve been so busy on the farm that our letter box hasn’t been checked for a few days. On the way home we quickly got out a pile of things. In it was a little surprise fun gift that I’ve bought for Louise, Pauly and I for our marathon. I was so encouraged to see what the lady had put on the envelope. How encouraging is that? I’m not going to tell you what was inside, it’s just a funny little thing to encourage Huey, Dewey and Louie and have a giggle.


AND guess what? There are pineapple socks in the house!

Son #1 is home for some of the school holidays and along with his sweet loveable self he brought home what appears to be a wardrobe of washing. I have encouraged him to bring home his washing so I’m not crabby about it; he’s my baby and my only son AND next year he is going off who knows where for a gap year so I don’t mind doing his washing. But I digress. Guess what I found? A pair of those magic pineapple socks! I may well steal them.

Magic Pineapple Socks drying in the spring sunshine :)
Magic Pineapple Socks drying in the spring sunshine 🙂

Tomorrow is my last long run before the Melbourne Half Marathon. I’m dedicating it to my gorgeous friend Janette who hurt her knee in a basketball game on Friday (or was that a bakery ball game as I so famously texted her one time…me and pre-emptive text do not mix very well). So this run is for her with a big dose of magic running vibes which will get that knee all better for the next friendly Half Marathon. Perhaps I should give the pineapple socks to Janette!

Happy running 🙂

The farmhouse garden is showing some lovely signs of spring…

Tasmanian Native Bush Pepper in flower - they smell so sweet and spicy.
Tasmanian Native Bush Pepper in flower – they smell so sweet and spicy.


Nothing says spring like the first tulip :)
Nothing says spring like the first tulip 🙂

20 thoughts on “parkrun 48 and pineapple socks

    1. Thanks Shaz 🙂 I was pretty happy with it 🙂 I think one day I’m going to have to have a crack but I shall start right up from the front. We have a very narrow start line on the top of a levee bank. Today it took me 5m to get across the start line and then it’s very congested for the 1st 1km until we’re off the levee bank…but then, I wouldn’t get to talk to many people if I ran too hard!

      1. Oh sounds like Killerton an immediate slope up through a gate, I start at the front to be able to get through the gate before the masses! trouble is I then can’t breathe, for a while!

  1. I’m amazed you find the time to do so much, it must be hard living on a farm where there is another job to do, no wonder you have strong muscles and strong mind! Sounds like another great Parkrun, nearly up to 50, wow!
    I had a lovely Parkrun today which felt just great, a new PB and 1 min 39 faster than last week’s tough run. There were lots of new (serious) runners today now that x country season has finished, nice to see an increase in numbers but I hope they can take the time to smile and encourage the slower runners next week, I think they rather missed the point of Parkrun a little.
    Good luck with your final training towards Melbourne x

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 It’s not easy on the farm but we get it done. We had a calf feeding afternoon last Sunday and about 25 people came out to feed moo babies. A few hadn’t been here before and they all commented on how far we drive to get to Launceston to run. But it’s what you do if you want to do stuff 🙂
      Really pleased to hear about your great parkrun today and a PB – awesome! Your niggles must be behaving I hope. A friend of our ran at Hobart today, Mr Speedy Lance. Didn’t they smile? Gosh…our speedy antelopes and gazelles always smile and encourage….I better come down and wave at the lot of the speedy people so I can show them how parkrun is done hehe. Thanks for the Melbourne wishes…I keep forgetting that P2P is almost at the pointy end of training – it’s amazing how running confidence grows and grows xxx

  2. Wow you’re definitely a very ,driven and motivated woman that’s why you inspire me. I’ve been on your other blog and now I’m reading about your”parkrun”;) I’m supposed to be out running but instead I’m reading about your escapades;);) I know,I know I’m just making excuses but it’s easier to sit and listen/read then get motivated for a run this morning..just not feeling it!?! Any way thank you for occupying my quiet time before everyone wakes;);)

  3. You are flying along, girl! Terrific times!

    Oh, and I am longing for our first tulips already! Wish we didn’t have to go through all this autumn and winter stuff first though:-(

    1. And our winters are so much more mild than yours. And we are about to get into summer. There was obviously a good side to transportation from the Motherland to Colonial Australia at least there is for us in generations down the track.

  4. Great blog , great photo, great times! Neither the run or the photo look like they belong to a ‘nearly 50 yr old’ ! Inspirational, thank you julie 😊

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