The penultimate month before turning 50


01 October 2014 is here.  This is the penultimate month before I turn 50 at the end of November.  My birthday bash is all planned:

  • accommodation booked? yes
  • flights booked? yes
  • sparkly dress bought? yes
  • birthday sash, badge and tiara bought? yes
  • birthday dinner organised? yes
  • and several other details planned?  yes

I’m so excited to be turning 50!  Each decade, I truly do swear keeps getting better and better.

Bring on the growing old disgracefully!


Me! I’m turning 50!

How was the start of this second last month before my 50th celebrated?  A good question!  It was celebrated by Pauly, Louise and I registering for our first marathon.  We are now officially registered to run 42.2kms on Sunday January 11 2015, at 6am to be exact.  We will be lining up at the start line of the Cadbury Marathon.


I’m so grateful for all the lovely ladies I get to run with

After reading The Winsome Run’s report on her first marathon I am totally inspired!  She had the most amazing run at the Loch Ness Marathon AND she is a Tasmanian girl living in Scotland.  The best thing I took away from her race report is that she was really happy with how it all turned out.  How sweet is that?  To run a first marathon and come away so positive.  Yes, she has totally inspired me.


Next steps?  Melbourne Half Marathon in less than two weeks, then run up a mountain in the Point to Pinnacle just before my birthday, turn 50 AND THEN run a marathon in January 2015.  Simple really.

The focus for the next six weeks must turn to running up that mountain, all 21.4kms of 1250m climb in altitude.  The difference between last year and this year is that it’s no longer an unknown.  Last year the time limit terrified me.  TERRIFIED!  But this year I am certain that I can do it.  The training now focuses on hills, hills, inclines, ups and hills.  Hills are my friends!  I love hills!  Hillitude?  I have it!  To anyone else training for this event, above all believe you can do it!  Run hill repeats regularly and do an undulating longer run each week slowly increasing the distance.  If I can the P2P you can too!


But today, 01 October I’m feeling grateful.  Grateful that I can register and train for marathon number one.  This post is dedicated to my beauitufl friend Catherine who lost her fight against breast cancer and will never get to blow out candles on a 50th birthday cake.  It’s also dedicated to my beautiful friend Craig who lost his battle with mental health just a year ago.  Birthdays are a privilege.

Turning 50?  Growing old disgracefully?  Embracing all the good things that life has to offer?  Yes please, that sounds awesome.

Happy running 🙂

PS Huey, Dewey and Louie are going to be at the start of a marathon!!!!!! OMG!!!!!  And let’s not forget about the very lovely Miss Melee who is coming down to run for chocolate too!  Sweet!


16 thoughts on “The penultimate month before turning 50

  1. Fabulous and Fifty! gosh you ARE organised girl! *lol* where are you going? somewhere romantic? fun? tropical? is there a Park Run *lol* kidding!!!
    Yes birthdays ARE a priveledge, celebrate and enjoy!!! and as my Dad always used to say to us… “if you cant be good… at least be good at it!!!” 🙂

    • I love to be organised. Most things have been all set for months 🙂 We are heading to Melbourne for what was supposed to be Paul and I, Mum and Dad and my children. I love my birthday but I didn’t want too much fuss – but now my gorgeous son-in-law to be is brining his Mum and Dad (who I love) and my gorgeous sisters-in-law and husbands are coming from NZ and a couple of Paul’s children are coming too! And yes, part of the deal for my children is that I would pay for them to come (one is in Western Australia, one in Melbourne and one is Tasmania) as long as they run parkrun with me on the Saturday morning! Then there is a dinner that night and I am wearing a sparkly dress that I never had the confidence to wear when I was younger. I’m a bit excited…just have to run up a mountain first!

  2. I’d say you’d be the stunner with that sparkling new dress;) I can feel your excitement and I’m sure you’ll do really well @P2P because you’ve got “hillitude”. Your accomplishments are nothing less then remarkable;) Well done on everything so far.

  3. Can’t wait to tacke that Mountain and the Marathon 😄 I am so glad I have an amazing friend to share it with. Bring on those hills xo

    • Thanks Louise 🙂 It’s going to be epic and something that we will never forget… especially crossing the finish line of our first marathon. So glad to be training and preparing with you xxx AND getting to know that mountain all over again. P2P – so excited!!! Yes, bring on the hills!!!!

  4. Aww, thanks for the mention 🙂 Good luck with the hill training, there is something oddly enjoyable about them isn’t there (or perhaps that’s just me!). I have every confidence that you’ll storm in the P2P, 50th party & the marathon (6:00am start? Eeeek!). X

    • It was my pleasure. You have no idea what a big shot in the arm your post was! Thanks for your confidence in me – I so want to run all the way with the P2P this year…I’ll just try my best!!! 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 Good to hear you’ve seen the movie. Just the start with the foot sounds and Deena running was inspirational. Makes you want to put on running shoes and get out there 🙂

  5. Exactly!! The novice runners should watch this movie it was without a doubt an awesome motivational and inspirational movie;);) my passion has gotten even stronger..

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