Things are getting real

An important part of Point to Pinnacle training is mind training. Training the mind to believe that what was previously thought insane and undoable is completely sane and doable. That goals once thought outside the realms of possible are in fact possible.

Hills repeats and long undulating runs are the staples of P2P training. As each week of P2P training 2013 was ticked off I would get more into celebrating every incline I ran. I became known for throwing my arms up in the air and celebrating getting to the top no matter what the steepness of a hill I’d just ran. I truly believe that this celebrating on an almost daily basis trained my mind to love hills, to see them as doable which ultimately resulted in me running one my happiest half marathons (all the way up a mountain) ever.

The training, both physical and mental, got me to the top of that mountain. Coach told us to trust our training – we did and he was right. Our training had been totally trustworthy because it worked and got us all the way to the top.

Today for the first time a running goal made me seize in terror. It all of a sudden got way too real and way too scary. The Marathon Training Plan from our wonderful running Coach will be emailed today. A 14 week plan that takes in P2P and has all those really long runs in it.

My normally positive running brain went into overdrive.

You don’t really have to run a marathon – they aren’t for everyone.

Do you have the time to run all those training runs?

However will Pauly fit in the time to run and have the energy levels to do them? How will YOU?!?

The negatives flooded my soul. They gripped my heart and doubts took hold. It felt terrible.

It doesn’t help that right now I am physically and mentally exhausted from all that life is throwing at me. Farm, day job, worries, cares, issues. And a lack of sleep. I feel like I haven’t had a descent night sleep for a few weeks.

Deep breath in!

Time to start thinking positively. Time to grab my much used but terribly effective bootstraps and give them a good yank. Time to be like a rubber ball and bounce back. Time to take some of my own advice that I so often give to others.


Be your own biggest fan.

Believe in yourself.

No one is going to be prouder of you running this marathon than YOU!

Tell yourself you can run a marathon daily, twice a day, multiple times a day.

Get your mara-tude going!


Yes! This Unsporty Woman has MARA-TUDE! Whatever happens I am going to train and train and train and be the best prepared that I can be to run 42.2kms. 14 weeks of training? Here I come!

Four years of fun run bibs!

Four years of fun run bibs!

Today was Run For Your Heart 5km fun run and walk. This is the fourth time I’ve run this fun run. Familiar old feelings of nerves and anxiety came to me when I walked into Aurora Stadium today – memories of it being my second fun run and how troubled and out of place I felt. I shrugged them off as best I could. Put them back into the perspective of experience, breathing in and acknowledging just how far I’ve come since the first time I walked in to run this fun run four years ago.

I ended up pacing a lady to the finish line. At the 2km mark she asked me if I was running to a time. After parkrun yesterday I was just running for the fun of running, no pressure on myself at all. I said I’d run it in around 26 to 27 minutes. She said that if she ran it in 26 she’d get a PB. So we ran together. Towards the end she was starting to flag, with 600m to go she told me to run on. I was like an annoying blow fly! Don’t give up now, I said, start saying in your head that you can do it! She was huffing and puffing but kept up the pace. We rocked in in 26:02 taking a WHOLE MINUTE off her 5km PB! SWEET!

Fun run start - looking determined

Fun run start – looking determined

Fun run end - looking happy.  My running buddy got a bit ahead of me :)

Fun run end – looking happy. My running buddy got a bit ahead of me 🙂

After fun run breakfast pack - loved it!  Great idea!

After fun run breakfast pack – loved it! Great idea!

And then, over coffee when Coach told me about the marathon plan I was paralysed with fear?

What was once so huge is now just a short run. What once terrified me is now just ordinary. 5kms? Easy, can do it without thinking.

Running, I truly do love how you teach me that the impossible is actually possible. As long as there is commitment and belief, this marathon is doable.


Doubts and negative feelings are part of being human, but to give them wings and to dwell on them? Not helpful. I’m taking my own advice and will be telling myself twice a day for the next 14 weeks that I can indeed run a marathon.

Happy running 🙂

PS This post is dedicated to the awesome Georgie who will be running her first marathon next Sunday.  She has truck loads of MARA-TUDE! Go Georgie!

PPS Run For Your Heart photo credit to the wonderfully talented Darren – thank you!  When I grow up I’d like to be as good a photographer as you 🙂

26 thoughts on “Things are getting real

  1. Great effort today!!! How happy you looked. You + marathon= so CAN DO it !!! You WILL put in the training, you WILL listen to your body, you WILL get there! How proud we will ALL be of your achievement. xxx

  2. Oh, the mind plays awful tricks on us with everything. I love your idea to celebrate every climb and so create a positive attitude to hills. Gonna steal that idea while hoping I don’t look like a crazy lady at the top of the hill!

    • Oh you will look like a crazy lady Red Hen! I know I do 🙂 But it works so I do it. My running friends don’t blink an eye anymore but other people still give me odd looks. Whatever works I say 🙂

  3. Where’s the positive Annie who loves running? I find thinking about a marathon as another challenge of mind over matter. You’ll do fine if you think of a marathon as just another long run ;);) Admittingly my first marathon was daunting but I always used to think of running it in 10k increments and taking in the atmosphere. You’ll be fine ;);)

    • Yes, mind over matter. Doubts were just a hiccup, now onto positive thinking. I’m thinking of it in quarters too – it’s and out and back, then out and back course so it naturally divides into quarters. Thanks for your encouragement, I appreciate it very much 🙂

  4. You helped that woman to achieve a pb because you knew she could do it. Your coach knows that you can do a marathon, so I’m sure that you will! A bit of anxiety when faced with a new challenge shows that you are aware of the problems you will need to overcome, which is the first step to overcoming them. If you werent a bit anxious you would be a fool! You can do it! 😎

  5. Urggg that incline photo is on my desk at work and the past week I have had thoughts of What the frig have I signed up for! – defiantly a mind over mater and I am sure if you can run up this incline – Cadbury marathon will seem like a walk in a park – I am actually truly thinking I should of planned my visit to do the Cadbury marathon instead of the P2P. Having done 4 marathons already you defiantly have the right mind set and awesome family and friend support which is important too!

    • I know, it looks so terrible, and it is up up up. BUT at the time it’s like one step in front of the other…chip chip chip. It doesn’t feel like it looks, honestly! It gets tough at the 16thkm. That’s the one I had to run-walk at. It really is mind over matter as you say. Gosh, I didn’t realise you’ve done four marathons already. They say P2P is the equivalent of a 30km run so you will be fine! Thanks for the lovely encouragement 🙂

  6. Oh can relate to this, with marathon looming so are the doubts and this will be the topic of a future blog for me, one where I will be asking for help. Love the mara-tude gonna need that in the bucket loads. X

    • Mara-tude comes from your hillitude, Shaz 🙂 Just adapted for 42.2kms. I thought about you when it popped into my head. I’m looking forward to your post on doubts. I really do love your blog and get so much inspiration and encouragement from your writing (and love the photos). I know you will have mara-tude in more than bucket loads – you’ll have it in 40 gallon drum loads!!!

      • Oh that’s lovely of you to say but that self doubting voice gets louder each day we get nearer. I love your blog too, so upbeat. I love hearing about your life and running on the other side of the world

  7. When I get home I’m going to rid your head of all these negetive thoughts 🙂
    We are going to do all the right training and be very prepared for Cadbury and together we will NAIL IT and it will feel GREAT 😄 after we have finished we will eat lots of CHOCOLATE !!! Xo

    • Promise they are all gone now!!! Feeling like it’s all doable. One little step at a time. We are going to nail it and then eat lots of chocolate and drink lots of bubbles! Thanks Louise xxx

  8. I needed to hear this. I have a marathon in two weeks and I’m freaking out right now. So thanks for the motivation and to remember to get rid of the negative thoughts (you would think a therapist would listen to her own advice!). You will do great and I can’t wait to cheer you on from afar!

    • Thanks 🙂 appreciate the lovely comment very much. And I’ll say it all right back to you – I am sure you will be awesome at the marathon especially now you have those terrible cramps all under control. I will cheer you from afar too!!! No more freaking out allowed 🙂 We can both do this.

  9. Maratude! Love the term Annie and you have it for sure. The endorphins from all that training will be a huge help inanaging day to day worries. You can so this!

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