How to bog a quad bike

Follow my no-fail tips and tricks on how to bog a quad bike and you are sure of success!

1.  Chose the worse day possible – you know a day where things are going from bad to worse?  That sort of day.  And one where you are totally exhausted.  A day where you had to get up at 4:45am to milk cows would be a good one.  What about a public holiday too? Nothing like having to be up when everyone else is having a sleep in!  Good choice.



2.  Choose the muddiest boggiest paddock on the farm – if you are going to get stuck may as well have as much mud as possible.  And make sure it is a long long long way to walk back!  A few kms at least.


3.  Don’t just go for a little bit bogged – really get those tyres spinning so that the bike is stuck good and fast.


4.  Make sure you are wearing footwear that makes your poor running niggles even nigglier.  Gum boots are an excellent choice.


This is the first time ever that I’ve bogged a quad bike and let me say I did it really well!  Today is a public holiday in Northern Tasmania.  I’m really tired from zooming around helping out on the farm and trying to get the house sorted ready to go to Melbourne tomorrow.  The lower lip trembled but I managed to keep it at that.

There is always a bright side!  Sometimes hard to find, but it’s there somewhere…

I got to walk back to the dairy with my favourite cow, Ruggy; so named because she has the most beautiful coat and would make a fabulous Rug.  I love her to bits.  She is a no-nonsense woman and she hurries up for no one!  We had a lovely stroll together (I was out and about getting the second herd in for afternoon milking when the bogging happened).



I enjoyed saying hello to the girls in the retirement paddock as I strolled by.


It’s a gorgeous spring day and the farm is beautiful to be out and about on. The below photo was taken from another ATV, thankfully we have few.  Pauly didn’t blink an eye at me bogging the bike.  It’s been done many times before and by workers with way more experience than me.  If you look carefully at the photo you can see some black spots on the dam, they are black swans – there are dozens of them around at the moment.


Yes, always a bright side somewhere even on a really bad day!

Three sleeps until the Melbourne Marathon Festival for Happy, Friendly Half Marathon Number Four for 2014.  AND one more sleep until I fly to Melbourne with Janette.  At the moment all I can think of is that going to Melbourne for a half marathon sounds rather restful and stress-free.

Happy running 🙂

32 thoughts on “How to bog a quad bike

  1. Gosh looks like you have had a bit of fun (not). Can only I imagine how tough it is for you and Paul on the farm particularly this time of year. When you are so tired things seem so out of control (for me anyway 😬). Have a fantastic time in Melbourne and some girly time, wishing both you and Janette all the best. Oh looking forward to the happy pics. 🏃🏃😄

    1. Oh dear …. what a day!!!!! You have retold it with such good humour – I couldn’t help but giggle – all at your expense – SORRY!!! (heehee) Roll on tomorrow when we are “leaving, on a jet plane”. Bring on the resting, shopping, dining … oh, and there’s are run too isn’t there?????

      1. Oh I’m so looking forward to tomorrow. I might need a few double shot coffees I think. Yes, there is a race, but a happy friendly one so can’t go too fast with that I don’t think. I did see the funny side of today. Our young chap is here and he did a big bog of Paul’s side-by-side ATV so it must be ‘bog day’ I think. See you tomorrow!!! I’ll either be snoozing or have match sticks propping open my eyes.

    2. Thanks Leanne 🙂 There will be lots of happy photos I hope! I asked Paul for the sack today but he wouldn’t give it to me (hehe). He’s just off now to pull the bike out! Things are ok, it’s just been one of those days and yes super tired and things have got out of control. But tomorrow is another day and I get to go to Melbourne! Thanks for the lovely comment xxx

  2. Oh Annie I think I may have had more than a quivering lip. Good for you to see the positive. Very beat wishes for the half and in this case yes it sounds like a much needed break. Take care my friend!

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 I’m really looking forward to a little time out to run and shop with Janette. (I won’t tell you that when Paul and one of the chaps went to get the bike all that the problem was that it had somehow gone out of four wheel drive and they just pressed a button and then drove it out…subject for another post! – we all had a big giggle).

  3. 😊 I am sure I could follow your instructions well – but I reckon I would also bog the gumboots and then self as well!
    Lovely photos of the cows – amazing how they are able to walk being so full of milk – we really don’t appreciate these ladies enough for what they go through each day – engorged boobs are not fun!
    Good luck for the half – enjoy melbourne and your weekend away!

    1. The gumboots nearly got bogged a few times (hehe). Oh yes the girls love to get to the dairy to be milked but also because they get some special food treats while they are being milked.

      So far Melbourne is wonderful! But tomorrow is forecast to be 29°C. Heat…running…oh dear.

  4. You will be at the start line by now, hope it’s a beautiful sunny morning but not too warm and you enjoy a fantastic run.
    Looking forward to hearing all about it soon x

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 It was hot but there were lovely patches of shade and a few breezes so not too bad. 2:08:05 so not too shabby at all. I am happy with how it all went 🙂 I appreciate you thinking of me very much xxx

      1. What a great result in those temps, the breezes would have been most welcome. It was a beautiful day down here too, up to 25c but I stuck to a bike ride as shins and calves playing up.
        Your running is going so well this year, you’re going to power up that mountain next month!

      2. Sorry to hear that the shins and calves are playing up. I hope they settle down. Thanks Sam 🙂 I’m looking forward to P2P, it’s a lot more relaxed this year!

  5. 🙂 love it! yow, somehow i wasnt ‘following’ you!!!! i wonder how that happenend, you were one fo the first peeps i followed… hmmm WordPress gremlimn!
    Off to catch up on the rest of your news 🙂

      1. truth is i was wondering what happenend to you… i thought “hmmmm A has gone all quiete…. must be training….” 🙂 yes, PLEASED i found ya!

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