Huey, Dewey and Louie run Burnie 10

It’s so lovely to have my beautiful running friend home. Louise and her family have been off on an adventure travelling around Central and Western Australia for the last six weeks. They took their car and caravan on the ferry from Tasmania over to mainland Australia.  They made their way west taking in the iconic sites of Uluru in the Northern Territory, then over to Western Australia and the town of Broome, down to Perth, across to Adelaide and then finally to Melbourne Victoria and home again to Tasmania taking in many many places in between and travelling thousands and thousands of kms.  Australia is a big wide land. Via Instragram I saw glimpses of their trip. Perhaps the most interesting photo I saw was one of Uluru. This famous rock is known for its amazing sunsets and sunrises and especially for the way the moon appears over this mysterious rock.  Louise even managed a half-marathon run around the base.  How cool is that?

It’s lovely to have her back home all rested, relaxed and tanned AND ready for hills hills and more hills. Point to Pinnacle is only a few short weeks away now.

Sunday saw Huey, Dewey and Louie reunite for another fun run. Burnie 10 is famous for its changeable weather; its wet and wintery conditions were nowhere in sight though. It was hot! 23ºC.

Pauly and Louise did not convince me to get up the front as they usually do. I let them shuffle through the 3000 other runners to the front of the pack while I happily stayed in the middle. I had the good company of Louise’s husband Grant and their two beautiful girls.  And my lovely running friend Lynnda also did the nervous wait for the start gun with us.

There's Louise in her blue cap and Pauly right beside her in a white top.  I'm somewhere back in the throng.

There’s Louise in her blue cap and Pauly right beside her in a white top. I’m somewhere back in the throng.

Guess what? Grant ran those whole 10kms with TOTALLY NO TRAINING! Impressed! We’ll make a runner of him yet!  His time was 1:01:05!!!

I really enjoyed the run. There were no time expectations other than getting across the finish line in under an hour. How times have changed. Only a year ago that would have been such an almighty accomplishment for me. Now I have confidence that I can. The only thing that was a trial was the heat.

It was so hot. All the way around I smiled and told myself that this was excellent Cadbury Marathon training because it could well be very hot on Sunday 11 January 2015 – right in the middle of the Australian summer.

A highlight of the run was hearing a pram runner behind me; the sound of the wheels was a giveaway. I moved over to allow the pram to come through and then I noticed the young mum had a 2014 Melbourne Marathon finisher’s tee shirt on. A week ago she ran 42.2kms and there she was running a smoking 10kms and pushing her little one in a pram. I yelled out lots of encouragement: Awesome work Miss Marathon finisher! And pushing a pram? You are a star!!! She waved back to me and smiled.  My lovely running friend Georgie also ran Burnie 10 after finishing Melbourne Marathon last week too – Go Miss Marathoner!

AND Pauly pipped our wonderful Coach at the finishing line, just coming in with a gun time of a few seconds in front. Go Pauly! That was a shot in the arm for the crusty old farmer. He is running so well at the moment. There are a few photos of him running with much younger men which has done his running ego the world of good. I on the other hand was passed by two lady veteran runners. I was just in awe at how easy they made it look as they zoomed passed – two frail looking but obviously very strong little old ladies. I watched their gorgeous white curls bobbing and floating up and down with each running step. I want to be like them when I grow up!!!

Hmmmm two of these runners are putting in and one isn't.  I don't know who!

Hmmmm two of these runners are putting in and one isn’t. I don’t know who!

Times: Paul 46:06, The Unsporty Woman 56:36 and Louise 50:32



It was a happy run. Run happy? Yes, best way!

Next stop for team Huey, Dewey and Louie? Point to Pinnacle!

Happy running 🙂

PS thank you to the wonderful Darren for some of the photos but especially thank you for the cheering at the 9km mark just before that hill to the finish 🙂

10 thoughts on “Huey, Dewey and Louie run Burnie 10

  1. Love your blog it is so good.
    Especially the story about certain parts of our holiday 🙂
    It was lovely to run with great friends again, I missed that while away.
    I still think you should put your blog story’s into a book, they are very encouraging and I love how they always makes me laugh xo

    • You are way too kind 🙂 I’m glad they make you laugh! I hope you have framed that special moon shot, it really is most spectacular. It’s lovely to be running with you again too!!! Bring on the hills!

    • I’m convinced that there is some sort of male running ability in men from Deloraine. Another man we know ran a half marathon with his wife with no training! Both are fit men who work outside so I’m thinking that has something to do with it 🙂

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I am amazed at how many people show up for a 10K race. I am not sure we get this many here. You look like and sound like mentally you are in great shape for the Point to Pinnacle! Way to go!

    • Thank you 🙂 it was fun. Burnie 10 is Australia’s premiere10km event. Good prize money elite runners from all over the country enter. And we have hardly any events over 10kms! We have to travel off our island state to the mainland to get in some half marathons. I would love to see some more longer events. But the other issue is our small population. Thanks for the boost of confidence about P2P. I can’t believe it’s so close!

  3. It is so nice to run with friends – but I had to smile at the Hot 23 degrees – we have rotto weekend with a prediction of 23 degrees and thinking at least it is nice and cool for the run – bugger about the swim afterwards!

    • Giggles, yes I know! Temperature is all relative. Last year the Burnie 10 was about 18 and we sweltered, but that was because we’d been training at night in temperatures between 4 and 6. If I was there I would definitely need a swim to cool off 🙂

    • I will tell him 🙂 Thanks Red Hen. He has a new camera ready for his family trip to Asia next year. Glad I make you want to run. I am definitely decided that this PB thing isn’t my thing – I’m in it for the fun!

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