Getting to the pointy end

Three weeks. Yes, just three weeks to go until Point to Pinnacle. This time last year I was a living, breathing, running Point to Pinnacle obsessed being. Would I make it in the time limit? was the unknown that terrified me.


Point to Pinnacle will always be my Holy Grail of running events AND my Holy Grail of running achievements. To run the World’s Toughest Half Marathon up a mountain? Epic.

Here we are with three weeks to go and while I’m training training training I’m doing it without that characteristic nervousness. I feel confident in a respectful sort of way. I do! Is that a bad thing I wonder?

It’s time to 100% focus on the mountain. To start positively visualising running those 21.4kms up 1250m of altitude; to celebrate the 20th  anniversary of the running of this event with good friends. I am a hill runner, I can run up hills! I am a hill runner, I can run up hills! Last year the atmosphere was so good, I truly haven’t run in another event that has the same electric sense of anticipation as this one. This sense of anticipation lasts the whole way up that mountain from West Point at sea level all the way up every single increment in altitude to the very pinnacle of Mt Wellington – Kunanyi, as it is known by the Tasmanian Aboriginal people.  It not only lasts but explodes as that finisher’s medal is hung around each runner’s neck.

Sense of achievement?  I simply can’t put it into words.


This is also the end of week three of the 14 week marathon training plan that Coach has written for us. The plan is so scary that I can only focus on one week at a time. So far I’ve missed one run and that was Monday’s recovery run. Why did I miss it? Pauly had an argument with a trailer. He’s ok but needs a week off running.

The plan is so big it doesn't fit on the fridge!
The plan is so big it doesn’t fit on the fridge!  I’m not doing all the runs in order so as I do them I mark them off.  The really big ones have pink highlight on them.  They are too scary to look at right now!

The long run for this week is the Mt Barrow Challenge. This is 14kms of up up up. I grew up in West Launceston and the distant view was of three mountains. Mt Arthur, Mt Barrow and Ben Lomond. As a child we would say Arthur wheeled a barrow up Ben Lomond to remember the names. I remember a few childhood trips up Mt Barrow to play in the snow.  Now a few decades later, I’m about to have a go at running up this mountain.  Sweet!

This event is put on by a local gym and is in memory of a member who loved to run Mt Barrow in preparation for P2P. It’s a low key event, just a run then a shared morning tea at the top. The entry is a donation to a nominated charity. I’m told that the spirit of the event very much reflects the lady who is remembered by running it. I feel quite privileged to be part of it and to run in her memory.

When I look ahead to P2P I am just plain old excited. But as I cast my eye down the marathon training plan there is excitement but there is also the thought of how am I ever going to do all that??? So I quickly refocus back to the week at hand. How do you eat an elephant? Small bites and chew like mad!


Point to Pinnacle? Three weeks away.  We are definitely at the pointy end.  AND I’m going to get to the Pointy End!  The Pinnacle end in fact.  It’s time to shelve the marathon plans and focus completely on the magical event that is Point to Pinnacle – my Holy Running Grail – I’m going to run it again and this time hopefully run all the way!  Louise is determined to make sure I do.  Wish her luck!

Happy running 🙂

PS Apart from the Mt Barrow Challenge on Sunday, Saturday will see Janette and I lining up for our 50th parkrun AND Saturday night is the Launceston Running Club’s Annual Dinner.  It’s going to be a busy but fun weekend.  Happy weekend to you too!


8 thoughts on “Getting to the pointy end

  1. OH-Em-Gee you ARE busy! enjoy enjoy!!! Pleased to hear that Pauly is OK… *phew*
    FIFTY Park Runs??? LEGENDARY babes, both of you! enjoy!!!! and all the best with everything else and all your training… P2P will be AWESOME and you will ROCK that Annitude!!!! xxx

    1. Pauly is ok, thanks, apart from a very pretty pink and purple knee! Thanks for your confidence CK, I appreciate it very much. I will certainly have my Annietude and my Hillitude out in big measures 🙂

  2. I hope Pauly is recovering. That bruise looked awful. Good idea to just focus one week at a time. never let your mind get wrapped in how long a distance is or how it might feel. One km at a time. You rock!

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