Trophies, a Mountain and Mist


This weekend has been one of creating happy running memories. Yesterday’s 50th parkrun celebrated with Janette and Kay won’t be forgotten ever.


Last night both Paul and I received trophies for the Launceston Running Club events we won during the season. Who would have thought that the Unsporty Woman would ever get a trophy?  I thought long and hard about what I would say when I received my trophy.  This is pretty much it…

Two years ago I plucked up all my courage and I looked up the Launceston Athletic Club’s web site. The first thing I saw was the Road Runner and I had a giggle.  As a child I always wanted the Coyote to eat that dam bird and here I was about to join a running club with him as the logo.

The day came for my first race and on that day I discovered several things. I discovered that not only does Road Runner run with the Club but so do a heap of gazelles, antelopes, thoroughbred racehorses and a few greyhounds as well.  But the most delightful discovery was that despite the Club being full of fast and fabulous runners that not only is a plodder like me warmly welcomed but I am encouraged with every running step that I take.

If we were outside right now and we looked up into the night sky we would see that elusive flock of pigs flying by. AND at this moment several very ancient PE teachers are feeling an oddly cold draft.  That’s because the girl least likely to has a running trophy.

I would like to sincerely thank all the Club members, especially the committee and volunteers who make each run happen and the wonderful sponsors who make it possible for the Club to put on each race.

This trophy is a symbol. It symbolises that anyone, if they keep trying and remain dedicated can achieve in this running world.


I didn’t have to use my quick-draw tissue that I stuffed down my veranda.  But honestly I’m pretty emotional about having a trophy!  By way of illustration as to how fabulous many of the runners in the Club are, one young lady in her mid-30s just ran a smoking marathon that would easily qualify her for Boston if she was able to go.  And this young lady is THE most humble, beautiful, encouraging woman to everyone.  And she is not the only one – there are so many fast and fabulous runners in the Club.  I feel so lucky to be a member.

A year of running memories like no other.  I have the most awesome husband, he is why I started running in the first place and here we are receiving trophies in the same year.  Priceless memories made to smile about forever.

2014. A year of running memories like no other. I have the most awesome husband, he is why I started running in the first place and here we are receiving trophies in the same year. Priceless memories made to smile about forever.

A Mountain and Mist

Today was the day of the Mt Barrow Challenge. Not ideal to be running up a mountain after a celebratory dinner, but that was how it was.

What an awesome morning. The day started out early with sunshine and 11ºC but as the altitude increased the temperature decreased.  And the mist rolled down to meet us making runners cold and soggy.  It was freezing at the top!  I’m talking post-run three thermal layers and I was still cold.  I didn’t warm up until we were back in Launceston with a hot chocolate in my hands!

The event was in memory of Karan, a past and most loved member of the local gym that organised the event.  She loved to run Mt Barrow in preparation for P2P. The below Dr Seuss poem was emailed to us after the event and according to the organiser sums up the lady and who she was.  She sounds like a spontaneous, loving lady who thrived on challenge.  It was a privilege to be part of the event that honours her memory.

You’re off to great places
Today is your day
Your mountain is waiting
so..get on your way!

The run itself was tough, there were some downs and flats but the inclines were super steep. Much steeper than Point to Pinnacle I thought. I did some walking up and around some of the switch-back corners and the final 3.5kms I walk-ran.

I loved it. I’ll be back next year. Hopefully Pauly will be able to run next year too – but this year he was support crew which was so good.

The one time I was in front of Cathy - my lovely running buddy practically flew up that mountain!

The one time I was in front of Cathy – my lovely running buddy practically flew up that mountain!


Paul taking photos from his big black car – several runners said it was like being stalked by the mafia! He would slowly drive up and keep an eye on runners, passing out gear when they needed it.


Up in the mist - brrrr

Up in the mist – brrrr


At the top! Time for warm gear and a glass of Bubbles in Karan’s memory. Well done everyone!

Morning tea and Bubbles :)

Morning tea and Bubbles 🙂

In 14kms the altitude went up 955m!  Steep!

In 14kms the altitude went up 955m! Steep!  Time to run?  2:00:04.

Happy running 🙂

PS normal blogging rates will now return – so many posts in so many days!  That’s because this weekend has been one where dreams are made of and memories created.  Thanks for reading xxx

18 thoughts on “Trophies, a Mountain and Mist

  1. What a weekend! Congratulations on the trophies, you deserve it! That run made me feel exhausted just looking at the photos, you are sure on track to attack that mountain in a few weeks time.
    Looking forward to it myself although my training is definitely not on schedule due to constant set backs, still going to do it but maybe as the walk instead.
    Thanks for sharing with us, made me smile this morning 🙂

    • Thanks Sam 🙂 I’m just going to do a chug up. If you want some company let me know!!! I’m vowed not to talk though. Have strick instructions to conserve energy for km 16! I’m really sorry to hear about the constant setbacks, I’m really hoping that the last three weeks will be positive ones.

  2. You guys look totally STUNNING together!!! What a happy blog xxx Anniebabes, you are SO inspiring to me and no blogs are too many… Just keep doing what you do XXX

  3. Well done to you and and Paul. Lovely pic BTW. I was thinking of you guys on Sunday morning what the mountain would offer, going by the pics it looked very misty and cool Brrr lol. Another amazing milestone. Mount Wellington here you come good on you. 😄

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