My Happy Place

I love running. I do. It’s true.

Running is my happy place. It allows for time out from life and stress; from the things my heart does anxious back flips about. Listening to the sound of my feet plodding on the ground, the sound of my heart and lungs working hard to propel me forwards, is therapy like nothing else. This rhythm together with the sounds of the wind in the trees and the odd farm noise as I run along country roads calms my soul and gives me precious time out.


This year my running has improved like no other year. Stripping big minutes from different distances? I have certainly done that.

But does this mean that my running has improved?

Nope. Not to me. Not in a big picture way.

My running has improved because this year I LOVE it even more. The happiness it gives me has soared. When I walk passed my medals I feel happy. It’s not just the medal from the day of the race but it’s the physical symbol of the time I’ve spent at my happy pace in my happy place to get that medal. Time out in the weeks of training that lead up to that event. Time for me doing something that I love. Time spent with precious running friends and together we do something WE love! Running.

As I look back at my times from 2013 and forwards to 2014 there is definitately something going on there. The biggest thing that I take away from this is that I’m fitter and stronger. That with the training I’ve learnt to know my runner’s body and my runner’s mind. I know how to make the two work together to enable me to reach the goal I want to get to.  I’ve grown in running confidence.

This morning as I was putting on my makeup my mind rambled on as usual. I ramble when I speak, I ramble when I write AND no surprise, my thoughts ramble and ramble. I was slapping on my spac-filler (aka foundation), lining my eyes, whipping on some lipstick and I thought quite randomly…

…I really don’t like Ross half marathon….who would ever want to do the full marathon there… crazy…those four laps would do my head in…and that head wind? Yuck….

A bit more blush I think…looking a bit tired and pale…

Sigh…Ross and Cadbury are the only on road half and full marathons in Tasmania….I guess that’s because we have such a small population…it’s so good to have at least two…but I don’t want to do Ross…no way!

Grab the hair straightener try and get rid of a few manic curls…

…I could always volunteer at Ross next year….yep…that would be good…need to support the local events even if I don’t want to run them….but wouldn’t it be good to say I’ve done both Tasmanian marathons???….that would be cool….but gosh not those four laps….

Spray some hair spray hoping to keep those locks in place…

…it would be good to do both Tasmanian marathons wouldn’t it??? … I could ask Mum and Dad to come and be support crew…four laps is good for a support crew…just sit in the one spot and read a book and hand out a goo every hour or so…and the four laps would be good because I know so many people who would do the half…lots of people to say hello to as they lap me…oh it would be nice to do both the Tasmanian Marathons!

Stop! Look myself in the mirror! Say out loud…

You want to do the Ross Marathon!!! You do!!!

And that is how the Unsporty Woman makes decisions about events…simple really!

far happy always

PBs like this year won’t be repeated. The improvement in time I put down to becoming stronger and fitter but mostly because I have become a confident runner; I know my running abilities and I trust them too. The magic of the PB does get me in – it’s alluring!  But it doesn’t drive me. Going the distance and being in my happy place and at my happy pace is what I love about running.  The challenge of going the distance.

Yes, 2015 I hope to be at the starting line for the 2015 Ross Marathon. Yep, call me crazy! Thanks rambling thoughts, it’s all your fault…again!  What pace will I be running it at?  My happy pace!

Happy running 🙂

PS Let’s look at these times…The only distance I haven’t shaved some time off is the 5km, my 2013 time of 25:20 is still my fastest.

10kms:  2013, 58:21 – 2014, 52:36

Nile 10 Mile (16km): 2013, 1:45:00 – 2014, 1:37:13

Sidmouth Gutbuster (12km): 2013, 1:17:45 – 2014, 1:11:44

Lilydale Lope (16km): 2013, 1:49.23 – 2014, 1:40:22

Half Marathon: 2013, 2:18:03 – 2014, 2:01:58

Yes! fitter and stronger and more able to go distance AND happy…that means improve to me!


14 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. CRAZY- That’s comes from my blister and black toenail. And from me who struggles with a two lap marathon, Crazy Crazy Crazy oh and good luck you crazy runner! X

  2. Ha ha, love reading your thought process! You’ll be fine at Ross, it isn’t THAT windy 😉
    Very impressed with the progress you’ve made with your times! x

    • Thanks 🙂 it’s been a pretty good running year. Ross was nasty this year. Pauly and I even had one little lady runner sheltering behind us in our slipstream for one of the laps along the big straight. You’re right though, I’m a sook when it comes to wind!

    • Never Dear Sue 🙂 always the unsporty one. Most of the time just plod along, just sometimes I decide a little acceleration might be good hehe. I’m rather inconsistent but I think it’s good to mix it up 🙂 Thanks for the fun comment – made me smile a lot 🙂

  3. Awesome improvements in times, and I love your rambling thoughts. to note in 2011 I was like never again to the 4 lap Rottnest Marathon – but this year embraced and loved those 4 laps.

  4. What amazing improvement in your times, I hope to be able to boast something like that next year!
    But you’re right, they would be meaningless if you were not getting so much enjoyment from your running, that’s the real PB!
    And four laps at Ross, makes my head spin to think of it 😉 Like every other challenge you gave set yourself, I have no doubt you’ll conquer and love xx

    • Thanks Sam 🙂 I truly believe that once you get the niggles sorted you are going to zoom on by me with a happy smile and a wave. I’m just going to plod around Ross – just because I can 🙂 first have to get Cadbury done though! Thanks so much for the vote of means a lot xxx

  5. Welcome to marathon brain. I have found my marathon brain is faster after each race. Why would I want to do that again…. I wonder what the view is at mile 20 in that race… holy crap I think I just signed up for another marathon. It takes exactly 2 mins! Good luck! 🙂

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