a letter to the Weather Gods

Mt W weather

Mt Wellington Weather

Dear Weather Gods

It doesn’t take a qualified meteorologist to know you love Tasmania. Four seasons?  Mountainous interior?  A small island tucked in under the Australian mainland but bordered by large expanses of ocean?  These things give you all so much scope for creativity.


Just today we’ve had some lovely patches of warm sunshine – thank you. Some howling gales, rain and now snow clouds descending down the mountains.  Oh and a beautiful rainbow.  Yes, I think you truly must love how you can make things change, alter and amend at your combined will. Who cares if it’s spring right now, throw in a bit of winter and hot summer all at once just for the weather-loving fun of it all.  One day it’s been warmer than warm and the next day back to freezing.

A view of the mountains at 5pm today

A view of The Great Western Tiers at 5pm today

Your choices aren’t boring like in other parts of Australia. You can do hot, freezing, rain, snow, wind. You can do the full pallet of weather conditions, throwing down at us every element available to you.  And sometimes all in one day.

I absolutely love the four seasons. Love them so much.  I’m not saying this to suck up to you either, I promise.  I love how every three months the wheel of weather turns and we are experiencing something new.  Colours, climate, conditions.  Nothing is ever dull.

And at 5:30pm.  The Tiers are 1255m, the farm sits at 300m, snow is forecast tonight to 400m. Brrr.  It's spring here!  Feels like winter.

And at 5:30pm. The Tiers are 1255m, the farm sits at 300m, snow is forecast tonight to 400m. Brrr. It’s spring here! Feels like winter.

But I have a special request. I know I made it last year and I know that there are more important things for you to be considering.  With El Nino coming up we are facing a dryer than dry summer and I know you will do your best to look after the men and women who farm the land to feed the people.  I know that in other places of the world that things are looking bleak and I do appreciate you do your best to minimise the bad.  I know I shouldn’t be asking for this certain weather wish.

And the wind is howling

And the wind is howling

But I am, I am making another request. The same one as last year.  And last year you turned on the best day in 19 years, thank you.  A day out of the box, perfect.  A day that the Unsporty Woman achieved her Holy Running Grail.

Please could we have another one?  Another perfect day?  On Sunday 16 November a perfect day to run Point to Pinnacle?  Just for the morning?  Please?

Love the Unsporty Woman and 2399 Point to Pinnacle Participants

Happy running 🙂

PS the weather will be what the weather will be, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for a good day…I’m sure it doesn’t 🙂

Thank goodness for the wood heater

Thank goodness for the wood heater

8 thoughts on “a letter to the Weather Gods

  1. This post made me laugh, it has been extremely variable this week, hasn’t it? Driving home from work in the mornings I get a wonderful view of the mountain, and it’s different every day!
    Can I ask a few tips from an experienced half marathoner and one who faced the mighty mountain before?
    Did you carry any drinks or just use the stations, I believe there will be 7 this year?
    Food, what did you carry with you?
    Extra clothes, did you plan different outfits depending on the weather, I don’t want to carry extra on me but equally don’t want to get out halfway up!
    Were you scared about the cutoff times? I’m really not ready for it yet, time has got the better of me and I’m fast running out of training sessions but after pulling out last year I want to just give it a go but know I may not make the second cutoff at the turn off to the mountain, scaring me silly!
    Moving house in the week before or the week after so that is adding to the stress levels too, I must be mad 😉
    And yes’ I’m praying to the weather gods, park run was hard enough today in the wind, goodness knows what it will feel like up there!

    • Dear Lovely Sam, I was TERRIFIED of the cut off time last year. But there was no need to be. I’m going to answer all your questions in a post (hopefully tomorrow, long weekend here). You are asking all the questions that I asked everyone last year. Moving house? Gosh… all the best with that. If I can do P2P you can too. Post coming up with all the unsporty tips and tricks on how to face the mountain xxx

  2. Your seasonal variations there are interesting. Do you get much snow? Like enough to ski? Or like us here in Ireland, does two days of snow count as a very cold winter?;-)

    • We do get a fair amount of snow in the highlands. There is enough to ski with two mountains having ski runs (the season only goes for three or four week though). But where we are it can snow but it doesn’t settle. Our winters are usually really cold, under the mountains we can go down to -6°C regularly. That’s freezing to us 🙂 But I know our winters are nothing to compared to other parts of the world. Really it’s quite mild here 🙂

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