Getting the hang of getting out of bed…early

I’m not an early riser. With two years of empty nest I don’t have to be. After years of having to get up and be mum to three children, school lunches, buses and zooming around I only have myself to get out of bed and get to work AND only four days of the week since going part time. Nice. Yes I’m married to a dairy farmer and yes I am known to sometimes (if I have to) to get up at 4am and help with the morning milking. But not often. Fortunately.

Why is it that bed always feels THE most deliciously comfortable about five minutes before the alarm goes off? The pillow is sitting just right. The doona is just the right amount of puffy warmness. And I manage to reach that lovely state of blissful half-asleep-half-awake that could lead to a lovely deep deep sleep. Why is that?



Over the last few Fridays I’ve been heaving my tired self out of my haven of cosiness and comfort out into the cold very early daylight. 5:30am. I get up and make a coffee and sit on the couch in a comatose state waiting and willing the caffeine to kick in. Then I make my toast and eat that. With 15 minutes before departure time I pull on my running gear that I laid out the night before. With empty nest I can be an old lady and leave it in front of the fire so it’s all warm and lovely.

5:30am is early. For me. Very early. I know others get up to run way earlier. But I don’t. I’d rather run after work at the end of day. When I’m awake!




milking isn't quite finished

milking isn’t quite finished

Why am I doing this? Getting up in the middle of the night? I have a running appointment with the lovely Louise in Deloraine for our long training runs. Over the last few weeks we have run a number of distances with last week our longest ever – 22kms. We are on the road to the Cadbury Marathon AND we are making progress, our long runs are getting longer and our endurance is growing slowly.

Getting up early on a regular basis is proving to be the best thing ever. Whereas in the past when we occasionally did an early morning run I would struggle, now I’m on top of things. I need to get up an hour before I have to leave so I can let the caffeine do its magic, eat my breakfast and be ready without rushing. I like to be calm. Hate rushing!

Ok, for most runners getting up early to run isn’t a big deal. But for me it is. I’ve found it hard, but now I’m in a routine I’m finding it not quite so challenging. I have Louise to thank for this. Cadbury Marathon starts at 6am so practising with early morning training runs is helping me to be prepared in more ways than just running.

And the other thing is that we are heading into summer. Our weather has been so changeable with snow on the peaks one day and a warm day the next. This morning we finished our long run just after 8am and we could feel the warmth in the sun. We are heading towards a 26ºC maximum day. Getting the runs in early means we can avoid the heat.

Ducklings around the river

Ducklings around the river

It's going to be a beautiful spring day

It’s going to be a beautiful spring day

one more hill to go...

one more hill to go…

Eddy is pleased to have his Mum home!

Eddy is pleased to have his Mum home!

Thank you Louise for making the long runs fun and for giving me a reason to heave myself out of bed. I know it’s doing me good! Next week Point to Pinnacle and in eight weeks…the marathon! I’m going to be able to bound out of bed for both big events, drink coffee, eat breakfast and be prepared because of the practise I’ve done during training. Awesome!

Happy running 🙂

post run breakfast with a hard working farmer - he just shakes his head at my 'early' morning runs...he's nearly done half a days work before I get out of bed :)

post run breakfast with a hard working farmer – he just shakes his head at my ‘early’ morning runs…he’s nearly done half a days work before I get out of bed 🙂  Pauly’s mug pretty much says it all in regard to what he thinks about my version of ‘early’.

20 thoughts on “Getting the hang of getting out of bed…early

  1. Glad your enjoying the morning runs, I think morning is my favourite time to run when everything is waking up ready to start the day. Had a great run this morning Thankyou for getting up early to run with me, hopefully it will become your favourite running time to!
    9 more sleeps I’m so scared and excited at the same time 😄. Xo

    • Thanks Louise 🙂 it is a lovely time of day to run and sets the day up so nicely. I’m really pleased that you have been the morning runner who has motivated me to get out there and get the running done. Eight more sleeps now! I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around. Let’s hope this warm patch continues through to next weekend. xxx

  2. haaaaa ha ha haaa!!! LOVE his MUG!!!! I am an early bird, i am up at 04’45 every morning and start work at 06:30. But that is because i can, i can work flexi and so i do so that i can get home and run in the sun (summer) and in the light (winter) and of course fetch my son from school. But, i am DEF not able to motivate myself to run in the morning… I have triend, hence no Park runs yet *lol* omg, that Saturday morning under the duvet till after the sun rises is my SINGLE most fave thing!
    Your pics are gorgeous, looks like a stunning place to be living!
    Have a fab weekend, happy training xxx

    • You need to be married to a dairy farmer CK! That’s even more in the middle of the night than 5:30am! I can understand why you haven’t made it to parkrun, I’d be craving a sleep in on a Saturday with all those early week days. Pauly has a collection of slightly inappropriate coffee mugs! It is a special place to call home especially when not having to get up before dawn to work. I’m currently sitting on our front deck eating my breakfast – it’s 7:13am but already I can tell it’s going to be a hot one today! Happy weekend CK xxx

    • Thank you 🙂 Pauly has a collection of slightly inappropriate coffee mugs, good for a giggle and excellent to get out when the bank manager comes to visit! All the best with the early mornings. It’s not easy for us sleep-in types. I would never have been able to get into the swing of it without my beautiful running friend Louise. I consider myself to be highly motivated but I just don’t want to get out of bed early…I need a reason!

      • Yeah, I’m not a morning person but then again I’m not an afternoon or evening person either?! Hmm. Good that your friend motivates you to get up and out early. And you live in such a beautiful part of the world, must be so lovely early in the morning 🙂

  3. I used to be a super early morning person. Then menopause hit and i am fatigued all. The. Time.
    Adrenal boosters help, but yes, mornings are the best time to be outside. :-). Great post. And i want that saying on a tshirt to wear to faculty meetings!!!!

    • Menopause – ugh. I honestly feel like writing a post about the nasty way menopause negatively hits our running and fitness! And let’s not talk about the irregular periods. My last two half marathons were adversely affected by these nasties. I totally agree and feel for you! Giggles, yes the mug is great. Good to get out when the bank manager comes! HIs other really good one says ‘despite the look on my face you are still talking?’ hehe It’s especially funny because Pauly is a man of few words, not known to be easily upset and usually Mr In Control and Calm. So the mugs are sort of an oxymoron and don’t fit him which makes it even funnier…hope that made sense. Here’s to the end of menopause and more energy xxx

  4. Great post! I vary between waking up at 3:30am for runs and loving it to sleeping until the absolute last second before I’m going to be late for work. Sometimes the bed is just too comfortable!

    • 3:30am? Oh my goodness you are amazing. I hope you get some lovely sleepins on the weekend 🙂 My 5:30am looks like the middle of the afternoon compared to your super early and super dedicated running time!!!

  5. Oh I absolutely hate getting up in the mornings…..when it’s cold. Late Spring, Summer, and Early Fall I can get up and go run. But if it’s chilly in the am, and I hate to be cold, I do not have any desire to get out from underneath my warm comfy blankets. As of now, I am usually running on my lunch break at work or in the evenings afterwards. I am new to races and mostly sticking with 5K’s, but I am thinking I have to reconsider my stance based on some of your points.

    • I so relate. Getting out in the cold…just nasty! Louise and I have run in some cold and very wet conditions but it all helps to be as ready as we can be for race day. I’m a firm believer in training in all conditions in case race day isn’t the best of days. The more I get up and practise with eating before training runs the more prepared I feel for early morning events. I won’t be doing it all the time but for me it certainly has been beneficial. All the best with your running! When I started with races I stuck with 5ks too and slowly slowly eased up. When I line up at Cadbury Marathon I’ll have been running for 4.5years.

  6. I can write my blog or read at 5.30. No prob. But get up for a run? No way. Killer! And it’s not going to happen now that we’re winging our way to winter either!

    • I’m with you Red Hen. Those early starts in the winter are just plain nasty. We haven’t done many early starts during winter mostly because the roads are way to slippery with frost. I don’t think I could write a blog at 5:30am! I am useless until the coffee is pumping through the veins! 🙂

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