Ringarooma Fun Run – ‘The Ringa 10’

How to be first woman in a fun run by the Unsporty Woman 🙂

  1. Choose a fun run without many people; then select the distance with the least amount of entrants
  2. Make sure it’s a stinking hot day
  3. Start at the very back and wait until the other runners start to wilt and walk
  4. Keep plodding along at your happy pace and cross the line in front


Ringarooma is a small country town in eastern Tasmania about two hours drive from our farm and about an hour out of Launceston in Tasmania Australia.  With a population of just over 200 it’s a sleepy little town with a post office, a school and a pub.  AND the most beautifully clean, pristine environment – the air is so clear and clean it renews your soul!

Today was the day of the inaugural Ringarooma Fun Run incorporating the Ringa 10.  The fun run had two distances:  10km and 4km.  It was put on as part of the 82nd Annual Ringarooma Show.

And it was hot.  29ºC hot.  Tasmania you are certainly doing some crazy mixed up spring weather this year!

The temperature today – 18C is the inside temperature…it was 29C outside!


While it might have been hot today, this is the forecast for Mt Wellington and the Point to Pinnacle next week.  Please ask the Weather Gods to send some kind weather for Sunday.  Eight Sleeps!
While it might have been hot today, this is the forecast for Mt Wellington and the Point to Pinnacle next week. Please ask the Weather Gods to send some kind weather for Sunday. Eight Sleeps!

The Ringrooma Fun Run today was staged by the Launceston Running Club so Pauly and I decided to head along to support.  Pauly did the 10km and I did the 4km.  My runner’s pride almost got the better of me and I nearly changed to the 10km but with 54kms ran last week I decided not to overdo it.  And I’m so glad I decided not to run more!  Apart from the heat, the hills after the 2km turn around point were epic according to Pauly.  I love hills, but hills and heat?  No thanks.  One lady ran her very first 10km ever and as she crossed the line we heard her say I’m never doing that again!  Everyone assured her that this would have to have been the toughest 10kms ever!  Even Pauly said that while it wasn’t the toughest 10kms he’d ever ran it was up there with a select few!  We think Pauly came in 7th or 8th place, he didn’t take a lot of notice – time was 47:00ish.

The Start of both the 10km and the 4km
The Start of both the 10km and the 4km – beautifully relaxed and casual.
Here comes Pauly
Here comes Pauly



It was so hot!

And guess what happened???

I was the first woman over the line for the 4km and 3rd over all for the distance!  Coming in behind the first man and the first junior, yes, the Unsporty Woman did get herself a place in a running race.  Giggles!  Guess how many were in the entire event???  Guess how many were in the 4km section???  I forgot to ask but I think there would have been about 40 overall and perhaps about 15 in the 4km!

Time was 20:49.

This getting places and trophies thing isn’t doing my happy back of pack style any good at all!  I am the Unsporty Woman and winning isn’t my thing.  Honest!  Running at my happy pace is my thing and having fun.  It would seem today that it was my turn for a little bit of at the front time.  Oh well.  I shall just have to grin and bear it!

My prize for being first woman in the 4km?  Shampoo and Conditioner, donated by a local hairdresser (and an expensive brand that I don’t buy, so a real treat!).  Brown-eyed Daughter #1 said it was because they thought I smelled bad!  AND I probably did too!


If you happen to find yourself in Ringarooma next November, please don’t forget your running gear – you too might be lucky enough to not only run in a beautifully pristine part of the world but you might, just might be able to get a place in the second Ringarooma Fun Run.  The odds are that if an unsporty type like me can…just imagine what the rest of you could do!

Happy running 🙂

Wood chopping competitions feature in Country Shows - and the older gentleman proved to be unbeatable!
Wood chopping competitions feature in Country Shows – and the older gentleman proved to be unbeatable!
This Show had some old cars...
This Show had some old cars…
We checked out some farm gear
We checked out some farm gear


and there were baby animals
and there were baby animals
Honesty is still alive and well in country Tasmania.  Choose your produce and pop the money in the tin.  This was a stand just outside a farm on the running course today.
Honesty is still alive and well in country Tasmania. Choose your produce and pop the money in the tin. This was a stand just outside a farm on the running course today.

25 thoughts on “Ringarooma Fun Run – ‘The Ringa 10’

  1. Congrats to you! I just got in out of the freezing rain/snow, so I will gladly take your weather 🙂
    Fantastic time, lovely photos, and what an awesome prize to boot! So glad you had such a great day!

    1. Thanks Martha 🙂 Our weather can be so changeable but we don’t get the extremes of other parts of the world. It was a great day out and I so loved the prize – very cool 🙂

  2. Congrats Annie. You see I am correct in the changing of the name of your blog. Definitely sending happy weather thoughts for Point to Pinnacle! You go girl

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 we sure need those happy weather thoughts, much appreciated. I’ll always be the unsporty one…I just keep choosing these runs that put me in the lead…have to stop that 🙂

  3. Well done, but I am not liking ‘snow’ as part of our forecast. I have been looking at Hobart and is late showers Sunday, best I start looking at mountain weather.

    1. Thanks 🙂 weather report for the Pinnacle is looking a little better today – 10°C and chance of showers. We have a frantically busy week coming up so I laid out P2P clothes for Pauly and I. I’m going to need a truck! I’m staying positive about the weather 🙂 Won’t change anything but will help me get through this week 🙂

  4. Love the photos and race report! Sounds like a lovely fun day out, it was hot wasn’t it?
    Plans for P2P have been hit hard, training not really going that well and then last Tuesday fell over running, having been warned by a dog walker that he had seen several snakes I was so busy looking out for snakes I tripped over a tree root and went splat! Not too badly hurt other than grazes and bruises so I quickly dusted myself off, looking around to make sure no one had seen me and carried on with my run but then later in the day was remaking the beds at home and suddenly my back seized and I couldn’t move! Have been in pain since despite ice, heavy duty painkillers and massage, tried Parkrun on Saturday but struggled, really not sure whether I will be right for Sunday, can’t believe it! Extra lifting and packing of boxes ready for next week’s move probably flared things up coupled with falling over!
    Starting to think that me and running are not meant to be 😉
    However, I’m going to be there as a supporter if not as a runner and will be looking out for you 🙂

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂

      Gosh! That’s all just not good! I hope the back comes right and not just for P2P but having back pain is nasty – I obviously don’t need to type that, sounds like you know all about it unfortunately. Look after yourself. I wouldn’t want to face that mountain with any niggles. The weather report at least is looking a lot more positive this morning. Whatever happens with your P2P I will look out for you at the start too. Hang in there dear Sam xxx

  5. I did the P2P for the first time in 2012, after losing a whopping 40kilos of fat. I’ve just found your blog for the very first time. What a wonderful philosophy you have. It’s very similar to my own. I could not have been more non-sporty. And, indeed, if I can do it, anyone can! I walk it (back/knee issues prevent my running it). But just walking it is such a huge achievement & blessing for me. Last week I walked 35km over rugged bush trails as part of my training. That’s a miracle. But what’s more miraculous is that I actually got so much joy from it. I now have a lot of adventure in my life. And I’m 48yo!… I wish you all the very best this Sunday. I think the weather forecast’s recently improved a bit, thank goodness! 😉

    1. Thanks Michelle 🙂 thanks for your encouragement. Walking P2P certainly is a huge achievement especially after that amazing weight loss. Your training sounds huge! 35kms of rugged terrain, gosh! It’s amazing how transforming ourselves into a fit life makes us feel so mighty and so alive. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

      Thank goodness the weather report has improved…I’m staying positive. I hope to see you at the finish line 🙂

      1. Yes, it does make you feel mighty & alive. What a beautiful way to put it! And nothing tastes as good as fit, strong & energetic feels! I forgot to say, a big congrats on your recent place-getting! I can truly imagine how strange that must have felt. I hope to see you at the finish line too. I’ll the tall woman grimacing & limping! (wonky right leg!) If I can beat my previous walk time of 4hr 20min I’ll be both ecstatic & amazed. 😉 Actually, the weather forecast is looking very 50/50 at the moment. Might be fine or might be lots of rain! Well, I’m off to type up a list of happy thoughts to use during the walk. 🙂

      2. Thanks Michelle 🙂 I like the idea of the list of happy thoughts! That sounds like a very good idea. I like to use mantras and often will sing a song in my head too. I will certainly look out for you. I’m number 1269. All the best with beating your time…but just getting to the top makes you a winner in my book. Hoping for a lovely day on Sunday or if not the strength to love whatever the weather gods give us xxx

  6. Congratulations!!! I don’t think being strategic had anything to do with your victory here, it’s all about your bloody fast pace!! Running when it’s really hot is absolutely miserable (and something I won’t get to do for at least another 6 months!) and to be able to put in a good race like that… wow!! xx

    1. Thank you Dear Hysterical Runner 🙂 I will think of you over there in the mother country with nasty winter while I have hot summer out in the colonies 🙂 Let’s hope it’s mild for both of us xxx

  7. I was nearly going to do this race this year, but considering Point to Pinnacle is next week I am saving my legs for that event. Nice photos of the race too!! Who actually won the 10k race and what time do you know? Cheers Julian

    1. Hello Julian, I think Amy Lamprecht won the 10km last year and she won yesterday too. I can’t remember who was first male last year but Damon Whish-Wilson flew the course and won this year – not sure of times. I chose the 4kms last year because I was running P2P this year I did the 4kms again because it was such a nice run 🙂 No P2P this year for us due to family commitments in November – I’m going to miss it but it’s nicest have a break. I hope you have a great run and that the weather gods give you a lovely day.

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