Eat Drink Sleep Relax


Mt Wellington – Kunanyi as it is known by the Indigenous people of Tasmania

The counter is ticking down to the pointy end.  The pointy end to when we start at sea level and run all the way up to the very pointy end – the Pinnacle of Mt Wellington in The World’s Toughest Half Marathon – the Point to Pinnacle.

21.4kms of climb – 1250m of up or 4101 feet.  Whatever method it’s measured, it’s a long way up!  Will I ever get sick of quoting those stats?  No, never.  Last year I didn’t know if I could do this run.  But I did, I achieved my Holy Grail of running events.  This year it still feels like an unknown but with a little more confidence.


There are five tasks for this last five days:





Eat well, but nothing new – stick to food that we know, plain and simple.  And while it’s not an excuse to over indulge, eating a bit more will help fuel our running legs up that mountain.

Drink lots of water – get ready for the Lazy Runner’s Double Up Drinks Day so that we are fully hydrated and ready to run.

Sleep well – get to bed a little earlier and rest up.

Relax!  There is nothing more that we can do to improve our fitness and worrying about the weather won’t change the outcome.  Breath out the stress and worry, breath in the calm.


But there is one more task.

Visualise.  Get into some positive self-talk and visualise crossing that finishing line all the way up on top of that mountain.  Visualise and hold that thought.  Get those positive mantras ready for when the going gets tough – have them on a play list inside your head.  Remember that if the Unsporty Woman can run up that mountain anyone can!


and just look at how positive the weather report is getting!  Thanks to everyone who has wished P2P kind weather!

and just look at how positive the weather report is getting! Thanks to everyone who has wished P2P kind weather!  Please keep those thoughts coming!



And finally after much thought I am going to make a dedication.  Last year I dedicated each km to someone special.  It made running up the mountain even more meaningful.  I memorised my list too and thought of the person as I got to each km marker.  This year I am dedicating my run to my Mum and Dad, Graeme and Dianne.  You see this week my Castle by the sea that I have been trying to sell on and off for six years has finally sold (settlement is this Friday).  At a very dark time of my life my parents helped me to buy this little house and in so doing provided my little family with the security and safety that we needed so badly at the time.  It seems fitting to dedicate this run to them because they go the extra mile for me in such a generous and sacrificial way.  Thanks Mum and Dad – this one is all for you.

Happy running 🙂


17 thoughts on “Eat Drink Sleep Relax

  1. Take that mountain by storm girl!! Not a real storm, we want great weather. Love the idea of running for “people” because you take your mind off what you’re doing! You go!!!

  2. Gorgeous pic of your parents, Annie. She looks Irish, he looks Italian. Are they? They look very much in love. Congrats on the house sale!

  3. such a lovely description of your parents and how they helped you through such a tough time Annie. Good luck but you won’t need it. so strong you are now. your former self would barely recognize Unsporty Woman. 🙂

  4. That’s lovely, what great parents, we all hope to be that wonderful for our kids xx
    Like the simplicity of the plan, eat, sleep, relax, hydrate, and be positive!
    Forecast looking better too, no snow on the mountain forecast now, which would have meant a funny half out and back run, no fun in not actually getting to the top!
    Managed a run yesterday, rather stiff after not doing anything for a week but more hopeful for Sunday :):)
    Still feeling sick about the second cut off time though (the one at the turnoff to the mountain)
    Read all your posts again about the lead up to it and what it actually felt like on the day last year, smiled at the frequent toilet stops before the start, that will be me!!

  5. So sweet to dedicate your run to your parents 🙂 That’s a great idea to dedicate your runs. I like your plan, seems like it will work well for you this week. I’d be a total bundle of nerves and a plan like that would help me get through those last few nervous days. Go get that hill, Annie!

  6. You have worked so hard and you are prepared. What are lovely way to dedicate a run to our most loved ones, All the best and looking forward to seeing those wonderful pics of you conquering the mountain again, oh what a birthday celebration it will be. X

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