26kms is a long way

Today was our first long run beyond half marathon distance.  It’s fair to say that all three of us, Louise, Pauly and the Unsporty Woman went into this run with a sense of trepidation and concern that we wouldn’t make it.  It’s just a week since Point to Pinnacle and while we have all recovered remarkably well, we are all tired.  Pauly is full on irrigating on the farm – this involves 5am starts, late evenings and very heavy work moving irrigators around the farm.  Louise is busy with work and family and is just back from a quick trip to Melbourne and me?  I’m just tired generally.  The Lazy Runner is so right about making sure that life commitments can handle the extra time that marathon training demands.  I wonder if I might be her biggest fan?  Louise and I are often known to quote her to each other.  We just love her down-to-earth approach to running.

But we did it!  We all ran 26kms.  It was warm and it was tough.  We provided quite a bit of curiosity for the locals.  I could almost read their minds.
Are they running?
Haven’t we already seen them?  They ran by an hour ago, I’m sure they did.
What ever on earth are they doing?
It’s a bit warm for running isn’t it?
They must be CRAZY!?!


We ran a 10km loop, parking the car near a picnic spot in the little town of Meander – 10 minutes drive from the farm.  We did the loop twice and then back out for 3kms and turned around and back to the starting point.  We ran out in the country – so calm, quiet and lovely.  At the end of both loops (10km and 20km) we had decent drinks stops because it was so warm.  You can tell from the lap times that I was starting to get very tired towards the end.  It felt so HOT!  The temperature says it was 22°C but honestly when we were out of the breeze and in the still air it just felt terribly intense with heat.

26aIt was a lovely flat run, the course was chosen to give us a break from hills after our big climb up that mountain last weekend.  It was all about getting it done not clocking up any great speed.  Speed?  I’m not even thinking about going fast, it’s all about distance and getting to the finish.

wpid-20141123_092115.jpgPauly’s pre-run fuel.  Only a dairy farmer would fuel up on milk before a run!  Please note the happy face he has on.   Just as well the Unsporty Woman can be cheerful enough for everyone in the household.

wpid-20141123_104552.jpgAlmost at the 10km mark.  Louise and Pauly running strong. The Kookaburra on the electric wires didn’t think it was funny, he wasn’t laughing at all.  Along the way a rental car passed us several times, finally pulling us over.  They were hopelessly lost!  I detected German accents.  They were looking for a local fishing spot.  Pauly was able to point them in the right direction.

wpid-20141123_113749.jpg15km mark.  Not a cloud in the sky.

wpid-20141123_113711.jpgWhat would I do without my beautiful running buddy Louise?  She encouraged me on at all the right moments.  While we were running we had an interesting conversation about cows that gave us the giggles.  I think I shall write a post about some of the interesting things that cows do.  I know it shocked me when I first married my dairy farmer husband and got to know the secret life of cows.  Having a laugh and a chat was a good distraction from the heat.

wpid-20141123_114157.jpgIt’s hay and silage making season.  While the northern hemisphere is freezing, in Tasmania it’s warm and sunny and time to make hay while the sun shines.

wpid-20141123_125856.jpgDone!  We made it.  I’m hopeless at selfies – this was the best out of many attempts.

wpid-20141123_092423.jpgIt must be hot, when we arrived home I could hear some rustling near the front door.  Mintie was taking refuge from the mid-day sun.  Only us crazy running people were out in it.


There is something wonderfully empowering about ticking off another week of training.  It’s been tough and I’ve been tired but it’s all been done.  This was an epic run.  A pivotal run.  My speed wobbles pre-26kms were almost visible, now post run with a cup of coffee and egg bacon refuelling I feel mighty!  Team Huey, Dewey and Louie ran 26kms, further than we have before.

Bring on the Marathon – we are so looking forward to that day in just seven weeks time.

Happy running 🙂

PS as I always say and really do mean, if I can build up to this sort of distance then anyone can.  I am nothing special.  You can see from my lap times that I struggled towards the end but steely determination learnt from training runs got me to my goal.  If you can dream it you can achieve it!

PPS I have two more Point to Pinnacle posts to write.  I really need to say thank you to some beautiful people who have helped this unsporty woman to achieve her goal.

if you can dream it4f3b1c3b65e63cc519a354737d1b45a9Thanks Pauly and Louise for an epic run today


29 thoughts on “26kms is a long way

  1. Good job Annie. Each long run you do in training now will be a first. Always a bit intimidating but always confidence inspiring when you get it done. It looks so hot! no worries about those last few laps. these long runs are supposed to be about getting the mileage. You are totally right this is not about speed. Drink and eat lots and pat yourself on the back. Cheering madly from Canada. 🙂

    • Thanks Sue! That is exactly what I needed to hear. I’m having a blissful afternoon of not too much. Feeling a bit for Pauly who is out and about on the farm and Louise who is home being Mum. I on the other hand, right now have a glass of wine on the deck enjoying the warmth of the late afternoon while reading blog posts! Thanks for the cheering 🙂

      • You are doing just what the cheerleader ordered. How are your feet doing by the way? You haven’t mentioned them for awhile so I hope that means all is well.

      • 🙂 Feet are pretty good thanks. The Morton’s Neuroma is all gone, thankfully. The Hallucis Abductor issue is always going to be there due to my toe abnormality (have to laugh about that) – it burns but since I know it’s not going to get any worse I kinda switch off to it! Thank you for asking.

  2. Sounds like a great run and a glorious day! Not sure I could run in all that heat but those photographs are certainly much nicer to look at than the grey British drizzle outside my window this morning. Well done to all of you! 🙂

  3. Another lovely post Annie. You always mske your runs sound interesting and you make me feel like going for a run too! Despite the fact that you are achieving so much you sound so laid back and not at all precious about it. Keep up the good work! Julie

    • That is such a lovely comment, thank you so much Julie 🙂 I try to be laid back and make running as happy as I can. There is so much stress and upset in other areas of life, running has to be fun and something not to be precious about. I am so glad that my writing comes across that way. Thank you so much for this lovely comment!!! I just love the encouragement!!!

  4. Wow, I’m so impressed, all I’ve managed this week is a 5km Parkrun! 26km is just huge, especially after the P2P, go you 🙂
    Moved house on Friday, hoping to settle back to some regular training once my back settles down 🙂
    Have a lovely view of the mountain as a reminder every day of what we all achieved!

    • Thanks Sam 🙂 last year it took me weeks to recover from P2P, I couldn’t get over how stiff and sore I was. It just shows that this running thing gets easier (?) or perhaps we get more stubborn 🙂 I hope the move and the exams went ok, I can’t even contemplate moving house and training and running a big event like P2P! The view of the mountain never gets old. As we drive into Hobart both Pauly and I soak up that view with a sense of achievement. It was an amazing day and one that won’t be forgotten.

  5. I am trying to catch up, apologies my wordpress app on ipad is not working which means reading your blogs on my phone which is interesting, commenting impossible! Now the lap top is fired up I will try and catch up, in reverse! Cant believe you are running in that heat, that far, amazing stuff.

  6. Wow glorious weather you had by the look of the lovely blue skies, another big wow on 26km for you and your running buddies after P2P. You all are most definetely on you way to the Cadbury marathon. Seven weeks away you said yikes lol. ( that’s for me BTW). The beautiful scenery and limited traffic, gee I love Tassie. Love the pic of Mintie hiding to get out of the miday sun. Keep up the great work all of you. 😄😃😃

    • Thanks Leanne 🙂 seven weeks is yikes! I hear the marathon taper is hard to cope with but I’m looking forward to having all the long runs done. Tassie is the most beautiful place. We are so lucky to call it home. I hope TRG come for another run on the farm so I can share it with you 🙂

  7. Well done – and yes looks like a hot tassie day with not a lot of shade! I was only reading about the Cadbury marathon tonight and wishing for a paid flight to come do it – on the bucket list to do – this one isn’t just about the medal – it’s the chocolate at the end. 😀
    And others have already said – the long runs are about the mileage not the speed – you are doing great.

    • Thanks so much for your encouragement 🙂 I am loving the concentration on distance rather than trying to go faster, it just feels right to me. I hope you get to come and run Cadbury one year, I loved the half last year, well organised and lots of fun. And who wouldn’t love a race where at the end you can have your photo taken with Freddo Frog and Caramello Koala?

  8. With my marathon days behind me, I will happily sit on the sidelines and cheer you on. This is now a huge mental challenge as well as a physical one. You are sounding strong!! 🙂

      • When my two sons were preparing for their first half marathon, I told them that they should respect the distance but not be intimidated by it. There is no doubt they could do it, the question was simply … how long will it take and how much will it hurt?

        Just remember that the same applies to a marathon 🙂
        You’ve got the right stuff!

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