Saying thank you to special people

I wrote this post last Friday and decided to sit on it.  Perhaps it was a bit too mooshy even for me?  But then on Friday night when I caught up with Leanne T and then Saturday when I went to parkrun and got to say a brief hello to Lynnda I decided I would post it.  And both sent me a message to say how lovely it was to say hello and encouraged me on my Point to Pinnacle run, absolutely delighting in the fact that I met my goal to run all the way – I have to post it and thank a few people for being so lovely.


When I started Unsporty Women Can Run it was because of a need to creatively express my love of running. I didn’t know anyone else who ran apart from Pauly. Anyone who knows me knows that I like to talk and when it comes to a passion I have a never-ending stream of dialogue that goes on and on and on.  I had no one to talk to so I decided to blog about it.  And through blogging I have met some truly lovely souls – but that can be the subject for another post.


With the start of parkrun in Launceston I began to meet some lovely people. We are all runners. Runners at different stages of the journey. With vastly different goals. Run fast, run long, get a PB or like so many of us just to cross the finish line no matter what! Regardless of the goal, all runners and all winners.

This post is dedicated to running friends who have made such a huge difference to not only my running but to my love of running.

There are two lovely ladies one called Lynnda and one called Kay. Always smiling, always a positive word. Despite both having to take time off due to injuries they were still there at events spurring everyone on. Today I would like to say Lynnda and Kay: you are running stars and your kind words and running example has been a treasure x

Through parkrun I also met Leanne T. Leanne is a regular reader and commenter of the blog as well as a fellow running buddy. Last year she had a little detour on her running journey but is now all better and running strong. I remember a run with her when she was just returning to fitness. I joked to her and said I’d have to enjoy running with her while I could because it would only be a matter of time before she got fast again. I was right. Her beautiful heart shines through in all the lovely things she says and how encouraging she is to everyone. Thanks Leanne x

A photo taken by Tina with Lynnda and Leanne

A photo taken by Tina at the Westbury Fun run this year with Lynnda and Leanne.  Shamelessly stolen from The Running Group’s facebook page (

And what can I say about the lovely Cathy? She is petite, runs like a ballerina or perhaps like a barbie doll and yet she speeds on those delicate steps like a rocket. She is always real and always lovely. And it’s always fun when we run together. We have done some awesome training runs together where I gain courage from her and try and be as speedy as I can.

The one time I was in front of Cathy - my lovely running buddy practically flew up that mountain!

The one time I was in front of Cathy on the Mt Barrow Challenge – my lovely running buddy practically flew up that mountain!

I had no idea that races often have photographers. When I saw my first race photo it was such a novelty. I fell in love with race photos. Vain? Yes probably. But to have a photo of me as a runner? I would look at them and marvel. I am a runner. I look like a runner and there is a photo of me running and wearing a race bib.  I must be a runner!

Fiona's photo of at P2P this year

Fiona’s photo of me at P2P this year

There are two lovely ladies who often cheer and take photos. Fiona and Tina. I always say thank you to them for the cheering and the photos but I wonder if they really know how much all of this means to me when I’m pushing through in a race? To hear their cheers and then to see a photo of the hard work? It’s really priceless.

Fiona has been on the Point to Pinnacle course both last year and this year. Last year her gorgeous boys were with her and this year her beautiful daughter was. When I saw Fiona and Gabby last Sunday I honestly could have cried. It was so good to see happy friendly faces that I know cheering me on.

Tina and Fiona thank you so much for all the cheering and all photos x


Who would have thought that running would lead to so much friendship? Not me. Who would have guessed that in running friends we feel so close so immediately? Does running cut to the heart of who we are and show our true selves? Does it give a window of those human qualities that are at the very pinnacle of goodness and light? Perhaps I am being a little romantic in these notions. I don’t think so. Running and friendship go hand in glove. It cuts away the superficial and reveals the treasure that is within – kindness, encouragement and true delight in another’s joy.

Happy running 🙂

Ps one more P2P post to go – this one will be about some of the history of the event that I found out through the speakers at the pre-race dinner.

16 thoughts on “Saying thank you to special people

  1. Thanks Annie your posts have help me with my running and given me lots of inspiration to achieve and enjoy every run that i do:-)

    • Thanks Deb 🙂 that is truly lovely of you to say. It was so good to meet you at P2P. You are one inspirational lady and it is just wonderful to think I’ve been an encouragement to you 🙂

  2. Thank you for the lovely comments Anne-Marie. I always look forward to reading your blog. I would also like to thank you again for spurring me on at the end of parkrun last Saturday. I had decided to forgo my usual speedy finish (I usually sprint the last 150 metres or so even if I have waked the rest of the way. I commenced that habit one day when I was ‘walking’ with Leanne E). I had a bit of a cold and my silly ankle was starting to hurt but you managed to make me find that extra stamina with your encouraging words.

    • Hello Kay 🙂 I just found your comment (sometimes wordpress puts things in funny places and I don’t see all the comments) sorry I didn’t reply to you sooner. It’s so good to see you out there zooming along again. And I really appreciate the encouragement you give to me and to everyone x

  3. I have some great friends through running also, some I have never met, we to me seems strange but tis true. I am enjoying watching Madam do the same through her running clubs, you can never have too many friends and running ones are special.

  4. I see a jean clad runner in one of your pics. It’s something I’ve noticed a little here too. Tricky gear for running in-especially in Tasmanian summer heat!

    You look fab!

    • Thanks Red Hen 🙂 the jean clad lady ran at the start but walked this fun run. But I did see a super fast chap at Albert Park parkrun in Melbourne zoom around in jeans. Unbelievable!

  5. This is a very nice tribute to the special people who encourage and inspire your running.

    My hiking partner once said to me that we never know who we might be inspiring simply because they see us running down the road or persevering through a tough race 🙂

  6. Lovely post. I’ve met some incredible people while running and have had a few angels help me along the way during a marathon. A lot of bonding happens during a run, we have a joke in our group: what is said on a run, stays on a run! Congratulations!!

  7. What an inspirational post, actually gives me goosebumps thank you . Running has helped me personally in more ways than one, not just the fitness but the mental aspect lots of self talk, yes I chat merrily away to myself, at times she needs a good talking to, must be a Gemini thing lol. I have been blessed with meeting wonderful people via the running community or connecting in other ways and by reading this beautifully written blog regularly which I look forward to reading each week. Looking forward to following your next adventure, the lead up to Cadbury Marathon. 🏃🏃😄😄

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