Celebrating 50 the Unsporty Way


I’m 50! It was my 50th birthday on Thursday 27 November. Today is Monday and the celebrations keep going on!

Thursday 27 November

For my 50th Birthday I took the day off work and ran 30kms. Thirty Kilometres. It felt great too (shock)! The day was so much cooler than our 26km run on Sunday; starting off at 6:30am and 4ºC, finishing just before 10am at 15ºC. It took me 3:22:35. I went back to the Meander 10km loop and set off to try and run three loops, but if I started to get too tired would finish after two. I felt so chilled and relaxed and just so happy to be able to do a long run on my 50th birthday. I smiled and took in the scenery and marvelled that here I was, the Unsporty Woman, running a very long way on her birthday AND considering it as a birthday present to myself!  Best of all if I’d had to, I could’ve run another 12.2kms.  I am feeling quietly confident about the marathon in six weeks.

When I started running 4.5 years ago my first ever mantra was I’m going to be Fit, Fabulous and 50! I would say it over and over in my head to keep myself going. On my 50th birthday I fulfilled this mantra well and truly. Not quite so sure about the fabulous bit… but I FEEL fabulous and that’s what matters.

If I can do this running thing, honestly anyone can! It’s all about believing in yourself and taking it slowly. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t and especially don’t listen to the small voices of doubts in your head because if I can, you can!

My Pauly waiting at the picnic spot for me to finish my first 10km loop.

My Pauly waiting at the Meander picnic spot for me to finish my first 10km loop.

The run was made very special because all the way around my phone was bleeping with happy birthday texts AND Pauly surprised me and turned up to run the second loop before heading off for a busy day on the farm (he’d already been up since 3:30am that day, opting for a run with the Birthday Girl over a breakfast break).  Thank you Pauly x

Friday 28 November

After a lovely dinner at home on Thursday with my parents and my Mum’s cousins (who were staying to house sit and look after our cats for the weekend), on Friday we headed to Melbourne, Victoria.

I had a fantastic time!!! This birthday weekend had been planned since February. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do to mark this milestone: it was to get together with my parents, children and husband. Meeting in the middle would be the best option for everyone, so the Tasmanians would meet up with the Western Australians and the Victorian in Melbourne. Pauly quietly asked his sisters and brothers-in-law and I was overwhelmed that they wanted to come all the way from New Zealand for a weekend to celebrate my birthday. Then my future Son-in-law invited his parents and one of my Step-sons and his Girlfriend came too. So what was going to be a small gathering got a little bigger.  Lovely!

Saturday 29 November

What does an Unsporty Woman do to celebrate turning 50? She runs Albert parkrun with a tiara over her running cap!


Had a fantastic run, nothing startling but did a 5:09 min/km for the last km. And had a great chat with a guy who is nearly 70, he’s going to celebrate his 70th by running the Paris Marathon next year!

Then she dresses up in another tiara, sash and sparkly dress to go out with family for a birthday dinner.


My sash has my running mantra on it – Fit Fabulous 50.


My Babies x

My Babies x


Turning 50 can be a bit of fire hazard :)

Turning 50 can be a bit of a fire hazard 🙂

Sunday 30 November

First a long lazy breakfast with everyone, then wandering around Melbourne before all flying off back to our home states of Australia or New Zealand.

Melbourne is looking wonderfully Christmassy

Melbourne is looking wonderfully Christmassy

One of the many quirky arcades of Melbourne.

One of the many quirky arcades of Melbourne.

Finally home and there’s another birthday card in our beloved mail box (my first running goal ever was to run all the way to the letter box, 1.2kms from our house). It was very special to open the letter box and find a card from Sam. It was just a beautiful finish to a wonderful birthday celebration. Thank you Sam x Yep, I had a little cry!


Today is Monday and the birthday should be over. I was mid-way through a story for the Story Time pre-schoolers and their parents in the library and a colleague walked in with flowers, gift and balloon.  She was on her way from Devonport to Launceston and called in especially.  Thanks Kathy x

I’ve been so spoilt by the lovely words and actions of family and friends over my birthday celebration. I love birthdays. I love the opportunity they give to reflect on life and to count blessings. This 50th birthday has been the best birthday ever.

Fit Fabulous and 50? Yes that’s me!!!  And all the more because I had the courage to transform myself into a runner.

Feeling loved, feeling happy, feeling blessed.  Growing older is pretty fabulous!

Happy running 🙂

46 thoughts on “Celebrating 50 the Unsporty Way

  1. That sounds like an amazing celebration! 30kms on your 50th birthday! You are going to kick that marathon in the butt! Happy Birthday and inspire on!

  2. Happy belated 50th. I love the way you celebrated and hope to so something similar next year for mine, if I can persuade my family to let me go out for a run! Fantastic to hear the training is going well, am sure you will rock that 26.2 miles (no idea of how many kms that is)

    • Thanks Shaz 🙂 42.2kms sounds a really long way 🙂 I really appreciate your confidence, I’m so looking forward to the marathon 🙂 It took a bit of convincing to get the family to run for my birthday!

  3. Happy birthday! Your blog is just what I’d want for myself at 50 ( in just under 2 yrs!). I hope you don’t mind if I re blog you as a source of inspiration! Juliex

    • Thank you Julie 🙂 that’s an honour that you would want to reblog my birthday post. Turning 50 is wonderful! I hope your celebrations in two years are everything you want them to be x

  4. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to youuuuuu (make sure you sing that out of tune 🙂 ) ! And: 30KM !!!! Wooohoooo! Thirty kilometers is a BIG run. What a brilliant present for yourself; to start off your 50s how you mean to go on – showing that you are only getting better, getting fitter and on your way to a marathoner. And your husband (like I have said before) is amazing – so sweet! You look amazing by the way, I bet people didn’t believe you turned 50, eh?

  5. That’s exactly the way a birthday should be – a week long celebration feeling fabulous!

    Six weeks to race day – you’re in the final stretch!! 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday! Caught this from a re-blog … and as another ‘unsporty’ person approaching 50 in just over a year, this was a fantastic read 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s always lovely to meet another unsporty type. I hope you have fun planning your birthday celebration – turning 50 is fabulous! I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  7. Glad you like the card 🙂
    Your birthday run sounds amazing, you are going to cruise around the marathon course with no worries in January, all that work all year is certainly paying off xx

    • Thanks Sam 🙂 I did just love that card so much! It was just so thoughtful of you and came at just the right time to cap off a fantastic weekend. I am feeling confident about the marathon. It will be cruisy one for sure but hopefully one that will get me all the way to finish line 🙂

  8. Happy belated b’day Annie;) You are totally awesome and totally inspiring. I’m really chuffed to know you because when things are pretty tough you have a way of getting us to smile and forget about our troubles for a while. Thank you I needed a wee pick me up. Oh by the way you look absolutely fabulous keep on doing what you’re doing it suits you xxxx

  9. Happy birthday, beautiful lady! You earned that title- fit, fabulous 50. Be proud. I’m honored to know you. Even tho I’m older than you (I can’t have a 50-goal), I am still inspired to keep working hard and continue to improve my health. Maybe some day I will look as fit as you do, too- you look beautiful!

  10. Well that’s is a celebration, you certainly are fit and fabulous and 50 😄. What a way to spend your birthday with family especially when they are all so far away and get to meet up and share your special days yes days, keep the celebration going for as long as you can lol. Loved those shots of you with your birthday cake and your beautiful family. Your running loop looks absolutely beautiful and good on you for doing 3. We are blessed to have such supportive partners to help us along the way also, even though my partner doesn’t run he is there at the finish line holding my stuff, out on his pushy or simply walking and waiting for me. Yes you are so ready for your first marathon, so not long now to conquer another goal. 😊

    • Thanks Leanne 🙂 It’s been the best birthday ever and made even more so because of the lovely words of friends. We are both so lucky to have supportive chaps who encourage us to go for it with our running. Yes, not long now!!!

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  12. Happy Belated Birthday – sounds like you had a perfect one. Also jealous of how you can just pop to Melbourne for the weekend…… I miss the East Coast for that!

    • Thank you 🙂 I know what you mean about being over to pop over to Melbourne. I miss seeing my eldest daughter who is in WA now. It’s such a big event to go and see her or for her to come home. But to see my elder daughter in Melbourne it’s just an hour’s flight away. But WA is a lovely place and full of opportunity that other states don’t have.

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