Time out in the big city

Here I am in Melbourne looking after Blondie Daughter #1 who had her nasty annoying tonsils removed yesterday. After almost eighteen months of debilitating tonsillitis the decision was made by the surgeon to get rid of these bothersome twin body parts. Isabelle has been living in Melbourne for the past three years studying at Monash University.

I hate to say this, but taking time off to come to Melbourne when life is so busy is kind of like an enforced mini-holiday. I’m staying with Isabelle in her little townhouse that’s within walking distance of cute cafes, interesting shops and a lovely shopping centre. I’m reading books, having a few little cat naps and going for runs in exchange for cooking chicken soup, hand holding, dishing out medication and just a bit of general cleaning, cooking and washing.  I could easily make a full time job out of looking after Pauly, farm house and garden… not to mention the times I am called upon to put on my gumboots and be Farmer Annie.  This bit of housework and nursing is like play in comparison!  (whispers) I can say this because Pauly doesn’t read my blog, he likes me to read it to him so I will just not read this bit!

The patient is doing well so far. It’s hard to convince her that even though she feels ok she needs to rest. But I seem to be doing a good job so far.

Yesterday was surgery day so I got my 8km scheduled training run in early. Where to run? A quick look at google maps suggested I could do two 4km loops. Thank goodness for my back to start function on my Polar RC3 GPS watch! The first loop went ok but the second one was a bit off and a couple of times I consulted the trusty back to start arrow due to a wrong turn. I hadn’t used this function before!


Things that struck me about my big city run:

  • I carried Isabelle’s key ring full of keys and garage door opener wrapped up in a tissue so it wouldn’t jingle in my SPI belt and drive me nuts as I ran. There was no need. I could hear NOTHING over the roar of Melbourne’s Monday morning traffic.
  • As I ran I passed a few running and cycling tracks which looked like they would wind around wooded bush and park areas. I chose not to use them because I wasn’t sure about the safety of running on my own in the area. But they are there. Even in this enormous city there are some bushy tracks to explore.
  • I didn’t see another runner! I saw a few cyclists, but no one else running. Perhaps it was the time of day. I started running just before 7am.
  • The run seemed to take no time at all because there was so much to see and take in! That was nice.




Waiting for the surgery took all afternoon. There was a four hour delay. Because Isabelle had to fast I didn’t feel I could eat or drink in front of her so I got to fast too. Great. Honestly I could’ve eaten the hospital bedspread by the end of the day. All that was on offer at this hospital was a very archaic vending machine and I had just enough change for a hot chocolate and chocolate bar. Not so healthy but food never tasted so good!

I was told that Isabelle would be back in her hospital bed within 45 minutes. After an hour and half I started to get a bit concerned and just when I was thinking about enquiring the surgeon stuck his head in the door and told me all was well.  He apologised for keeping us waiting with the surgery.

Me being me held up the book I was reading and said No trouble! I said it was like a holiday being able to sit down and read a book all afternoon. The book I held up was Run Like Crazy. The surgeon it turned out, is a runner. For the next 10 minutes we talked running as if he had nothing better to do. He told me his dad, also a surgeon, was a marathoner and so was he. I couldn’t help but think what a good example it is to be a health professional at the height of the pecking order AND be into an activity that screams health and vitality – running. He wished me well for the Cadbury Marathon and asked me what else I’d done. He raised his eye brows when I described the Point to Pinnacle course and told me no wonder I look in such good shape. That was cool! I’m 50 and I look like a runner!  Best body I’ve ever had thanks to running.


A while after Isabelle was settled a nurse took pity on me and brought me tea and sandwiches. Heaven.

It’s strange to be in Melbourne just a few weeks before Christmas and so close to having just been here for my 50th birthday. It’s like time is standing still but I know it isn’t. Christmas is only a few weeks away and that will mean marathon taper time.

There is always a positive to find in a not so positive situation. Having surgery is never good but the tonsils are gone now. Life on the farm, at work and the training schedule are busy beyond the ridiculous but in the middle of all this demanding schedule I get to slow down; I get to spend time with Isabelle and in the process I get a laidback week.


I shall write about Run Like Crazy in my next post. Now there is a crazy running dude! I read the whole book shaking my head in disbelief at what he was able to achieve.

Happy running 🙂

16 thoughts on “Time out in the big city

    • You’re funny 😉 I’m old enough to be his mother’s younger friend! You know what runners are like…find a runner and you’ve found a kindred spirit. Isabelle is doing really well thanks, quite amazing really. I’m like a fraud being here without too much to do at all! Great for getting training runs in though 🙂

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 I’m feeling pretty amazing – strong and ready to take on a marathon even! Isabelle is doing well. I’m surprised because everything I heard was that a tonsillectomy for adults can be a tough thing to recover from.

  1. Hope your daughter is recovering well, how lovely for her to have you looking after everything and how lovely for you to take time off the life treadmill for a day or two.
    I have been reading all your recent posts but due to a lack of internet couldn’t comment but all good as we are back in the 21st century again!
    You’re doing great with your training, can’t wait to see you come over the line after running a whole
    big marathon 🙂
    Will hopefully be fit for the half, training has had to take a backseat to a prolapsed disc, moving house and extra work but feeling positive still that I’ll be at the start line, after all I can run (shuffle) up a mountain therefore I can do anything 🙂

    • Thanks Sam 🙂 it’s a little surreal to be having a kick back at this busy time of year. Ooo a prolapsed disk sounds nasty, I hope it’s better very soon. Are you all settled now? Moving is such tough work. And yes if you can run up a mountain you can do anything! If you’re going to wait for me to finish the marathon please bring your deck chair and your knitting or cross stitch hehe that would be lovely but I’m honestly not expecting anyone to wait all that time. I’ve asked Mum and Dad to come and be on the course with their super soakers in case it’s hot but they think I’m joking. I don’t know what it is about P2P but it really does unlock this door that says anything is possible…glad to know that I’m in good company with this!

  2. Nice to get a breather no matter the circumstances;);) I’m sure your daughter will make a swift recovery.. As for you Annie just enjoy being the awesome person that you are. Its funny how we runners just click.. I met a fella in my class a couple of months back and even though we had never really spoken before,I started talking passionately about how stiff I was after my run before school and low behold he understood ;);) and could relate. Amazing!! Gosh! If I get the chance to talk about running there’s no stopping me;);)

    • We runners are the same everywhere and at every age. It really does unite us hehe (love the name of your blog). It’s so good to talk to someone who understands instead of those who don’t run who glaze over with boredom. Isabelle is doing really well thanks, so much better than it used to be back in the good old 70’s when I had mine out.

    • Bernie! As I said to another comment I’m old enough to be his mum’s younger friend! Hardly flirting, he’d just ripped out defective body parts of one of my offspring hehe. We did have an interesting conversation about my lack of toe joints. I think perhaps he was so interested because I’m a bit weird in the anatomy stakes 🙂

  3. Best well wishes for Izzy and a speedy recovery… and HE WAS FLIRTHING with yooooooooou BIG TIME!!!!! GORGEOUS… FIT, FIFTY and FAB! Whats not to flirt with… enjoy Anniebabes, enjoy!!!!
    Lovely post to read… xxx

    • (sighs) Corina! There was no flirting…just a running conversation 🙂 It was good to chat to a kindred spirit and one that got rid of those nasty tonsils. So glad to have those gone. Funny that you call her Izzy. All her school friends call her Izzy but I call her Belles or Bellie. When the tonsillitis hit she had just got up to running 5kms and we were going to do a parkrun together. Hopefully sometime in 2015 we might get to run with each other.

      • *winks*
        Aww poor thing… Luckilly setbacks are temporary… At least looking forward she shouldnt pick up any niggly throat infections as much… No? SO KEWL that you guys are going to get to run together xxx cant wait for my son to come running with me again… He whips my butt but i fo love it when he comes with xxx

      • She’s doing really well so I’m sure once she’s recovered from the surgery she’ll be back in her running gear. At the moment I can whip all my kids with speed and endurance, it will be interesting to see if that stays the same. I have even come in front of Paul’s two sons a couple of times. I train and they don’t though!

  4. Hee hee! Flirty doctor! 🙂 Looking through the comments, am glad to hear that Isabelle’s doing well!

    I like to think my mum also had mini-holidays when she came up to Sydney to look after me in the first week or so after my knee surgery. In fact, I’m sure she had a blast as I’d sometimes return from uni to find Mum had spent a bit too much time in the sunshine (she’s naturally very pale) walking between Coogee and Bondi, or Coogee and Maroubra! She didn’t grow up with the slip-slop-slap message, but at least visiting me meant she then had the time during the day to go out for walks!

    Now that I’m back in Melbourne (and somewhat close to Monash, so it was with a bit of amusement that I looked at the photos and recognised where you were), I have to agree with your regarding the sound of traffic during the peak rush! It’s crazy! I clearly spent too much time running along the coast in Sydney! Although it’s actually quieter in the Melbourne suburbs most of the time than it was in Sydney’s eastern suburbs along the coast, I never ran along main roads that had lots of moving traffic in Sydney – and it was generally a gridlock if it was peak-hour!

    • Thanks Cecilia 🙂 Isabelle is doing really well. It is sort of like a holiday just looking after her and doing a little bit o cleaning and cooking compared to the usual rush and zoom of life. Good for you Mum to get some walks in while she was looking after you! I can’t imagine noisier traffic than what I’ve heard this week. I’ll be looking forward to the quiet again although with so much to look at the running seemed to fly by.

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