Marathon Training – Four weeks to go

It’s a magic summer day on the farm.  Warm with a light breeze and at this point the thermometer is sitting at 27ºC.  A perfect day for running rest day.  A perfect day to reflect on the marathon training so far.  The 14 week plan has ten weeks crossed off with four to go.  The counter on the blog is counting down in days.

Pauly and Louise running through some fluffy seeds from the trees almost looked like snow swirling.
Pauly and Louise running yesterday through some fluffy seeds from the trees above…it almost looked like snow swirling.

As the result of a discussion with Coach last week the planned 35km run for this week was cut back to 25kms.  I am so glad it was.  After a week in Melbourne sleeping on an air mattress I came home tired.  The two nights I’ve been home have seen me in bed extremely early and sleeping soundly until at least 5am (such is the sleep pattern of a dairy farmer’s wife).  AND I must look tired because yesterday Pauly mowed the lawns which is a first in the six years that I’ve been on the farm.  And I thought he couldn’t work my lawn mower!


Week 10 Reflection

These 10 weeks of marathon training have been good.  I can’t believe I’m at week 10 of 14 weeks of training and have survived as well as I have.  Yes I’ve had doubts and wobbles along the way, but on the whole I’m feeling positive.  And I do believe that a little bit of healthy respect for what we are working towards is a good thing.  A good read of the Lazy Runner while I was in Melbourne helped to put everything into perspective.  She says everyone can learn to run and everyone can run a marathon if they prepare correctly.  Have I prepared correctly?  Yes I feel that I have.  We are up to 32kms in our distance and we’ve been following the gradual increase rule diligently.  We’ve been doing our tempo runs, mid-distance runs, cross training and speed work.

This coming Friday will see Louise, Pauly and I run our last long run before the taper.  37kms. Up until our 25km run yesterday we were going to head out to Meander to do the 10km loops we’ve done a few times.  Yesterday we did two 12.5km loops in Deloraine.  Pauly has asked us to consider doing three of these next week (we’ll cut .5kms for the last loop).  Louise is running so well and doesn’t mind where we run.  I just looked alarmed and said NO WAY!

The altitude from our run yesterday – this is two of the 12.5km loops

The problem is there are hills.

Yes, you read correctly.  Me, the lover of hills, just referred to them as a problem.  I have my maratude on but my hillitude is currently on leave, it felt it could have a little rest after living and breathing Point to Pinnacle pretty much for two years.

Dear Hillitude

I need you.  Please come back.  I know there is only a rise in altitude of less than 40m for the Cadbury Marathon and it’s nice and slowly undulating.  I know you feel this is nothing to worry about and that you can leave me to it.  But on Friday I have some steep hills with 70m increases over very short distances.  Please could you come back and help me?

Love The Unsporty Woman

I’m pleased to say that dear Hillitude said yes!  As Pauly said if we can run a hilly 37kms we will have our headspace and mental toughness for our first marathon attempt completely in the bag.  It’s going to be slow, but we can do it.

This time though we are sorting out drink stops every 5kms.  One thing that I took from re-reading Lazy Runner is the importance of the drink stop.  Being marathon Number One I’m going to follow her no-frills-get-you-there advice and take at least a few sips at each one to stay feeling refreshed.  I’m going to stick to her Double Up Drinks day too.

My marathon outfit is all planned and will get a test run for the last time on Friday.  Race nutrition is sorted.  I have a new matching cap for my race top (most important).  I have an SPI belt sorted and a pair of shoes all nicely broken in.  After a big discussion yesterday Pauly and I have even mapped out our eating plan for the next four weeks.  Did someone say what about Monday Parmi night?  Monday Parmi Night is sacred and we will be there!  Parmis have all the important food groups but the most important ingredient about Parmi Night is getting together with our gorgeous running friends:  the fun, laughter and good old chats about running, life and everything.  Most important!


I have some new mantras sorted and some old ones that I will be using

  • Own Race, Own Pace
  • Determined.  Strong.  Mentally Tough.
  • I am a marathoner!  I am a marathoner!

This last mantra is courtesy of Sue from Travel Tales of Life, thanks Sue.


Our long runs for the next four weeks look like this:

  1. 37kms on Friday 19 December
  2. 29kms on Boxing Day
  3. 19kms on Friday 02 January
  4. 42.2kms on Sunday 11 January.

We are ready.  We are pumped.  We are happy and excited. 

Bring it on!

Happy running 🙂

PS I’m pleased to report that Blondie daughter #1 is doing very well.  And I have my Christmas shopping and menu sorted.  Gosh!

Team Huey, Dewey and Louie are special idiots!
Team Huey, Dewey and Louie are special kind of idiots!  Just watch us on Sunday 11 January 2015!

14 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Four weeks to go

  1. Well it sounds like you are ready and organized. I am smiling at the special mention and link
    Annie. You are so sweet. Yes nice and slow with those bloody hills.
    You are a marathoner!

  2. You are so ready and will be more so after that hilly long run. When you have finished with hillitude send him my way for next Sunday I have a run planned (not by my!) with elevation of over 1000ft! Aaah.

  3. You have changed your mind about Friday!!! I knew you would 🙂
    It will be great 🙂 after a restful week sleeping in a real bed you will nail it.
    Love the blog it made me scared and excited 🙂
    Enjoy your week see you on Thursday xo

    1. Scared and excited says it all 🙂 never shrink from a challenge and it’s only three laps of our favourite Deloraine run. Easy! Can’t wait to have it done and in the run bank 🙂

  4. Wow! I’m impressed. I’m organized in my professional life, but not in my personal life. Also, jealous that you are having summer! At least it hasn’t snowed again since our Thanksgiving (fingers crossed). I hope you are feeling good about what you are doing, because it looks like you’ve got it all planned out!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I don’t think I could go into a big run without a plan. If nothing else just ticking off the training runs makes me feel mentally prepared. It’s good to be at the start line (feeling nervous and sick) telling myself that I’m prepared 🙂 Hope the winter weather holds off for you, it’s just getting more and more summery here.

  5. Well done on training during Xmas season – my thought of doing Cadbury one year was questioned when I looked at your next 4 weeks of long runs! 😊
    And you sound ready and prepared – I am sure I will be reading about your first ultra or next marathon by the end of January! GOR is a great 45km trot.

    1. Thank you 🙂 it is interesting training over xmas but we’re all being very disciplined (well, trying to be). We are registered for the Great Ocean Road half next year with a view to doing full in 2016 🙂 Thanks for your confidence, I am really appreciating the encouragement and support.

      1. Have fun on the GOR, will be back one day to do it again – but gotta say you will probably enjoy the full more. More scenary and the last 16km i actually found boring – but maybe becasue of the first half!
        Keep your happy running up!
        Oh and what dairy do you supply milk to? I was only looking at a tasmanian cheese yesterday and wondering where the milk was supplied from (it wasnt King Island Cheese)

      2. We would love to do the full in 2016 if everything goes to plan 🙂

        We supply a Tasmanian company that mostly does milk powder for export. I only know of Tasmanian cheese manufacturers who use local milk. If it was Ashgrove they’re just near us and have their own daries 🙂 Tassie produces great cheese!

  6. Nearly there, love the affirmations, one for me don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are finished lol. Must admit I’ve pushed this week to. You all are so ready and yes you should be excited and pumped, yippee yay. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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