Running – so much more than one foot in front of the other

It’s Christmas time.  It’s busy.  We are all busy trying to get ready for this special once-a-year family celebration.  Not many sleeps now!

On top of this Team Huey, Dewey and Louie have just had our biggest week of training for Cadbury Marathon.  But as I sit here and type I can say that we’ve made it.

It’s taper time!  But let’s look at the week that was.

Yesterday I had a wonderful massage and received some lovely affirmations from my beautiful masseuse Maddie (a lovely Canadian girl).  Maddie told me in her sweet lilting accent that I’m in tip top condition ready for the marathon.  It was so good to be told this.

We’ve zoomed here and there this week.  Work has been busy including multiple trips to small towns around and about to finish off things for the end of the year.  Pauly and I even did an after work trip to Hobart to see his grandchildren.  Getting back at midnight; I was tired!

This week is the week of our longest run.  In preparation we’ve been eating well.  In an attempt to stay away from junk food I even took my own lunch to my state-wide meeting!  I believe that my colleagues thought I’d finally flipped my lid!

Thursday night arrived and I was tired.  Pauly was tired.  And Louise looked terribly tried too.  All three of us looked like we needed to take a holiday not run for four hours or so!


After a good sleep we were ready for our epic 37km training run.  Three hilly laps of Deloraine.  It was a perfect day too, starting off at an unseasonal chilly 4ºC and when the run ended it was about 15ºC but beautifully bright and sunny.  Pauly and Louise stuck with me for the first lap and a half and then they went off at their happy pace and I stayed at mine.  They cranked out the kilometres in just over four hours and me just over 4:30:00.

The altitude.  Up and down we went.
The altitude. Up and down we went.

Oh my goodness.  We made it.  How do we feel?  Tired but elated!  As Louise passed me at my 33km mark she high-fived me and said No more hills! The last 3kms were a killer, no hills but my legs just wanted to STOP!  My mantras were put to good use!  Positive thinking is what got me there.  With 2kms to go I saw a man walking in the distance and because my pace had slowed it took forever to catch him.  When I caught up he said hello and we had a chat about the long run.  He gave me a fantastic bit of encouragement.  My tired brain can’t exactly remember what he said but I remember his smile and that it was positive.  Thanks so much!

I love this text from our Coach. So encouraging.  We are so lucky to have him supporting us.
I love this text from our Coach. So encouraging. We are so lucky to have him supporting us.

Finally back at Louise’s house and there was breakfast ready!  After running 37kms Louise scurried around her kitchen and served us the best scrambled eggs ever!  All I could do was hobble and try not to cry, fall asleep, cramp or all three at once!


But then she brought out a special gift.  I am still lost for words.  I am going to have to drink some more electrolytes because I’m losing salt through my tears.  I am so totally overwhelmed.  So here are just a few photos of some of the pages.  I think you will see why I’m overwhelmed.








Thank you Louise x the time and care to put this together when you are so busy is just so … I’m lost for words.  I LOVE IT!!!! (more tissues required)

Running.  So much more than just putting one foot in front of the other in running steps.  It’s about friendship.  It’s about challenge.  It’s about the joy of being able to do something that we never thought possible.  If I can build up to 37kms then anyone can do it.  I’m nothing special.  But, oh my goodness, I feel special today.  Special that someone would take the time to put this beautiful scrapbook of my running journey together.

Happy running 🙂

Symbols of friendship, the best trophies of all x


24 thoughts on “Running – so much more than one foot in front of the other

  1. Annie you are so ready!! Great job and as the coach says you can do 5 more kms. The gift from Louise is such a treasure. A wonderful friend for sure.

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 I thought of you as I was out running today and used your “I am a marathoner” mantra several times. I am lucky to have found my beautiful friend Louise. I’m still so totally overwhelmed.

      1. I am smiling at the thought of me being able to help you Annie in that small way. You were the one who taught me to use mantras and it helped SO much in getting me across the finish line.
        Isn’t it amazing the friends we make as we open ourselves to new experiences and possibilities? 🙂

      2. I’m glad you’re smiling Sue 🙂 mantras are so good for keeping the negatives away. Making friends through running has been so totally unexpected. You are so right x

  2. Oh my what a beautiful person to do that for you, your accomplishments and milestones that you have achieved to put in print is such a lovely gesture and displayed rightfully so.. You all deserve pats on the back that’s for sure and that extra 5 just another parkrun, you will nail it. You will have many supporters waiting for you at the finish line to. X

    1. I know! I’m so spoilt! We all said the same thing after yesterday: it’s just a parkrun more 🙂 I hope everyone brings a comfy chair to sit in at the finish. .. It’s going to be a long wait hehe x Thanks so much for your lovely support and encouragement x

  3. First of all, well done on your run, what an achievement!
    And secondly, what an awesome gift, a daily reminder of how far you have come and how much you have achieved. I particularly love the blank page all ready for your marathon memories, beautiful 🙂

  4. I welled up for you as I read this!!

    The body is ready, mentally and emotionally you are ready, and you have a super support team. It doesn’t get much better than that!

    Enjoy your taper and Merry Christmas! 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 it really was the most amazing gift. Flag in not the only one who gets teary xxx Thanks for your encouragement, running seems to be the smallest part of marathon training. It’s the support from so many lovely people like you that’s going to get us to the finish line. Merry Christmas to you and yours too 🙂

  5. What a lovely post. Its come at a difficult time for me. I am really struggling physically and mentally, and not just with running! I know i won’t be prepared for a pb at cadbury, and even if i finish it will be a PW (personal WORST!)

    But i am excited to come and meet you on your day of triumph! (and maybe the pasta meal the night before and chocolate afterwards). Because running isnt about me, its about *us*. Even though I am injured, and feel a little guilty when people ask “are you still running?” – I am still a part of this loose knit community that can still see into my soul. Runners get each other. The struggle when either the spirit or the flesh is weak… And the triumph of bringing them together.

    I am so glad about your 37km. Whodathunkit when you first started on that old farm road the first time?

    1. Dear Miss Melee, you are so totally fabulous. I am loving following your strong wonderful journey. Don’t worry about a PB, just worry about having as much fun as you can AND it will be a Cadbury Half PB no matter what time you do. Remember you are amazing!!!

      Yes, running is about us, us running people in our special running community. You will definitely bring it all together on the day. I am so looking forward to meeting you. And yes, whodathunkit that me, the unsporty one, the always last to be chosen ran 37kms. I am still totally overwhelmed by this. Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. We’re going to cheer each other on on the day each time we see each other, I’m thinking it will be at least once while we’re running. I think I might be your biggest fan, just keeping putting one foot in front of the other, whodathunkit when you started out that you would be lining up for the chocolate run down in dear old Tassie? You are amazing!!!! xxx

    1. Thanks Shanna 🙂 we are feeling quietly confident. It’s two days since Louise gave me the scrapbook and I still get teary when I think of the time and trouble she went to for me. So spoilt 🙂

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