Daughter Wisdom and Running with Beer

Daughter Wisdom

Brown eyed daughter #1 is home from Western Australia for Christmas, along with the gorgeous H they have two weeks with us in Tasmania.

Of course Pauly and I have filled her in with all our running. She has patiently listened, been polite and ooo-ed and arr-ed in all the right places as the thoughtful, respectful daughter that she is. But she has also dropped in some Anna Wisdom as well.

  1. When I was talking about running long distances Anna’s comment was: They invented cars for this you know.
  2. Her comment when I mentioned the time it took me to run my longest run was: I could fly from Tasmania to Western Australia in that time.  (this is a trip from one side of the continent to the other – it’s a long way!)
  3. Pauly had a big talk about nutrition and replacing glycogen stores after long training runs (she had to listen because he was slicing some ham for her and Anna does not like craving ham at all), Anna’s comment was: I do training. I catch the train to work every day.

Bless her. She thinks we are nuts for wanting to run such long distances but I know she is proud of her old mum 🙂

Running with Beer

Yesterday was the last Launceston parkrun before Christmas. It was a nice slow and steady 5kms in the company of the gorgeous Janette. Along the way we were able to encourage and cheer on a few people. It was hot out there yesterday.

Two Christmas Snowflakes at parkrun.  Even though our Christmas is in Summer we still have all the snow-type themes going on for the season.
Two gorgeous Christmas Snowflakes at parkrun.

For the afternoon we joined a number of Launceston Running Club members to test out the Club’s new timing equipment. We were told it was going to be a novelty race and to bring our own drinks of choice. The run was to be 3kms with an alcoholic beverage at each 1km mark. It was so hot at 4pm when we met. I opted to walk with a number of others who were also walking but Pauly ran. Pauly isn’t a drinker so his bevvy of choice was soda water. An under-age runner was on the ginger beer. BUT a couple of the elite runners were full on swilling down the amber ale! Run, stubby, run, stubby, run, stubby – then perhaps stubby, stubby, stubby…. It’s Christmas!

Here comes Pauly on the return of the first km.
Here comes Pauly on the return of the first km.

I give the beer drinkers full marks for being able to set a speedy pace and keep the beer down. But I give them even bigger marks for allowing their inner-Shrek to be heard. But then what happens on the run stays on the run!  I think the new timing equipment worked well!

Pauly running back down on lap three.  There's part of the timing equipment just in the front of the photo.  The Club's Committee work so hard are always working to improve the way things are done.
Pauly running back down on lap three. There’s part of the timing equipment just in the front of the photo. The Club’s Committee work so hard and are always looking to improve the way things are done.


It’s always good to mix up the running and to do it for the pure pleasure of having some fun. That was definitely in evidence yesterday. It was all about running, enjoying the company of like minded people and serving up and sharing a whole heap of Christmas Cheer!

Happy running 🙂

18 thoughts on “Daughter Wisdom and Running with Beer

  1. Don’t think i could so the beer while running but definitely after. Your daughter’s comments sound very similar to ones I heard while training for the marathon. 🙂

    1. With you on the beer while running Sue and in fact not even after – never acquired a taste for it. But some bubbles definitely but only afterwards. I do think my children think I’m a little strange but Paul’s boys are into running. The fact that my PBs are currently up with theirs is a bit of a bone of contention and one that I will enjoy only fleetingly 🙂 but that’s ok!

      1. Love that you have the same times!!
        On another note Annie I plan to do a post on my top commenters over the past year. Is it all right if I include you with a link to your blog?

    1. I know! We have traditions that go back to the fact that Australia was settled by British people. Even though it’s hot we still have all wintery Christmasy stuff around. It makes sense to us because that’s what we’ve grown up with. Santa is sometimes depicted in boardies on a surf board though and we have a great Christmas Carol about Santa being pulled along by Kangaroos! We even have the full on roast Christmas dinner as the norm. Sometimes we have a ‘Christmas in July’ themed meal to get that really wintery feel 🙂

    1. Oh yes, for sure they do! One of the lovely Tasmanian ladies who read the blog just announced on her facebook that she has signed up for her first marathon… one of her friends said how much she admired her but also that she thought it was all a bit crazy 🙂 Have to be a bit crazy to do these things me thinks 🙂

  2. Running and alcohol don’t mix well for me. On the other hand, when when seated with a beer, or a glass of wine, I can plan my very best runs.

    Yep, love those outfits too!

  3. This post reminds me of when I started running about a dozen years ago. I wasn’t exactly the ‘sporty’ type …. think couch potato having recently discovered the concept of sweating. It wasn’t pretty.
    I had just finished my first 5k race and was beside myself with pride and excitement. A few days after the race I received a card in the mail from my sister …. it said “I guess pig’s can fly afterall” 🙂

    To this day, my siblings don’t get the running thing … but my sons have both caught the bug and it’s been a thrill to be on the starting line with them in a few races 🙂

    1. Oh my goodness Joanne – I would have loved that card. Love it!!! That is a true compliment! It must be so good to line up with your sons. I can only imagine how good at this point. Thanks so much for telling me this story. Love it!

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