Christmas Parma

Merry Christmas!


Monday is parma night at a local pub in Launceston (parma is short for parmigiana which may well be Italian but Australia has taken it over as a standard pub meal).  In fact Monday is Parma and Pint Night to be technical – $15 for a yummy parma and pint of something.  Pretty good value!


A while ago, a run with The Running Group took us passed Sporties Hotel and there advertised out the front was a notice about Monday Parma and Pint Night – this information was taken in by the very lovely Bruce who suggested that we head over after a Monday run.  Monday night Parma and Pint night has become a regular event with a standard table booking for the Runners.  It’s a lovely social time that Pauly and I look forward to each week.


It so happened that The Running Group going to parma and pint night coincided with Sporties starting a Parma of the Week special.  Quickly becoming regulars (we like to think much loved regulars) we were invited for input on parma creation.  The standard chicken schnitzle that’s usually topped with Napoli sauce, ham and cheese has seen some weirdly strange but surprisingly delicious toppings.  They have included the famous Butter Chicken Parma, Pesto Chicken Parma, a Mexican parma complete with salsa and corn chips and an Asian inspired parma topped with mini-dimsims AND just this week the Christmas Parma was the weekly special.

I wonder who the awesomely creative food designer of this this culinary masterpiece was?  Me!  It was me!  The Unsporty Woman came up with this one (hee hee).  AND it was yummy!  We received special treatment and had brie cheese with ours – that was the original design.  We love Parma and Pint Night!


It’s very cruisey out here on the farm today; laid back and relaxed just the way we like it.  AND it’s double up drinks day.  I wonder if the Lazy Runner would approve of doubling up a few glasses of bubbles?  29kms tomorrow which will be our last run over half marathon distance before the marathon.


I hope your Christmas Day is all the things you would like it to be.

Happy running 🙂

4 thoughts on “Christmas Parma

  1. A Christmas Parma and Pint sounds just about perfect right now … actually anything that gets handed to me that I didn’t have to cook or clean up afterwards 😉

    Hope you had a great Christmas and enjoy this last week of the year. Taper ahead!! 🙂

  2. Love, love, love our Monday “Pint and Parmi” nights!!!!! Long may the tradition continue. xxx

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