Happy Tapering Unsporty Woman Style

This time in two weeks I hope to have a marathon finisher medal around my neck.  I think this medal will become my new best accessory.  I think I shall wear it forever!  Medals go with everything don’t they?


Tapering?  I’m loving it!  Honest!  I am!  Today I have indulged in my complete OCD love of spring cleaning ~ happy sighs ~  I’ve spring cleaned the bedroom and the ensuite.  A lot of dust died in the process but now everything gleams and (for this still moment in time) is in complete order.  The bedding has been washed and/or aired and the whole room smells like lemons, limes and sunshine with a hint of furniture polish.  Happiness.

Gleaming crystal and Wedgewood - Tapering is great for OCD cleaners

Gleaming crystal and Wedgewood – Tapering seems to be great for OCD cleaners like me

So what’s the run plan for this first marathon attempt?

  1. Pace: The Unsporty Woman’s Happy Pace – 6:30 to 6:15mins/kms (I won’t be going any faster than this but most likely a whole lot slower at times)
  2. To have a drink at each drink stop even if it’s only a sip (following the Lazy Runner’s approach here).
  3. To have a gel at 10kms, 20kms and 30kms with a spare for the 35km and jelly beans in between – I’ve practised this and it seems to work.
  4. To smile and wave (no matter how exhaustedly) at ever single camera.
  5. To thank every volunteer (no matter how much of an exhausted mumble it is).
  6. To use mantras and songs to keep me going.  Mind over matter.

The overall plan is to run all the way and finish.  Judging from the training runs over half marathon distance, I’ll be crossing the finish line between 4:45:00 and 5:15:00.  It’s going to be a PB no matter what because it’s marathon number one.

Pauly will be running with Lance and hoping for a 3:50:00 finish.

Pauly will be running with Lance and hoping for a 3:50:00 finish.  This photo was taken at parkrun yesterday by the lovely Lynnda.

Cadbury Marathon Event Director, Shelly Miller, was featured in an article on the Cadbury Marathon web page this week.  She has some great tips:

Any personal tips or hints for our runners on the day? 

Personally I find that standing on the start line knowing you have trained consistently without taking shortcuts is the best feeling. Then the nerves are due to excitement rather than dread!

Hydrate properly during the event especially as it may warm up later in the morning.

Don’t worry about not sleeping the night before, instead make sure you get a few consecutive good nights of sleep in the week leading up to the event.

Prepare your shoes and shirt with your timing chip and bib the day before if you can.

And when it starts to hurt – start smiling! It will help to relax you.

I particularly like the last tip: to smile.  If running isn’t happy and smiley then why do it?

I think that all three of us, Louise, Pauly and I, can say that we have trained consistently and that we haven’t taken shortcuts.  It’s a good feeling!  We ran our last long run on Friday – Boxing Day.  29kms.  It wasn’t an easy run, we were all tired and a bit flat but we made it.  Our mental resolve to finish is right on track.  Couple this with the wonderful support of friends and famly and yes, we are truly on track.  We are ready to line up at the start line and we are ready to do our best on the day.



Last year we ran from Deloraine to Exton and it felt like such a long way. This year it felt like a little jaunt. It’s amazing how our attitude to distance has changed during our 14 weeks of marathon training.


Just watch my speedy running buddy Louise go – I’m predicting a 4:00:00 to 4:15:00 marathon for her. Her aim is to run all the way and finish. She makes running look so effortless; even after a tough 29kms she looks gorgeous.


Janette and I yesterday - a happy chatty run - photo by the lovely Lynnda.

Janette and I yesterday – a happy chatty run, Janette has been so supportive and slowing right down to my pace for parkrun.  This week we snuck over the line just under 30:00, the company and the chat are just so helpful – photo by the lovely Lynnda.

Mmm now what to do?  I think I shall mow the lawns…loving the taper!

Happy running 🙂


26 thoughts on “Happy Tapering Unsporty Woman Style

  1. I like your plan. Particularly the smile, wave enjoy aspects! Can’t wait to hear how it goes! I’m feeling quite inspired and considering following your example with an October marathon, with a half about April time. Enjoy the rest of your taper😎

  2. You are ready to go Annie! I have one more trick that someone gave me. If things get tough focus on those people you know who are cheering for you or have helped along the way. One by one and spend a few minutes reflecting of the ways they have helped and what you will say to them. I pulled that out at about 34 kms. 🙂
    You are going to rock and yes a PB in the making!

  3. I can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks I lost track of that over the Christmas madness 🙈 I think that’s scary !!!!
    You are way to kind to me I looked and felt like …. After our run
    Enjoy you tapering spring cleaning I have started my carb loading early 🙈 Christmas pudding, raspberries,chocolate, I’m loving it 🙈 xo

  4. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the taper! I’ve been following your progress and you’ve been doing marvellously! That positivity of yours coupled with your weeks of training will pay dividends on the big day!

  5. Going through taper is an experience all of its own … that feeling like you are going to jump out of your own skin. It sounds like you are ready!! … get lots of rest, you’re going to rock the run 🙂

    • Thanks Joanne 🙂 Trouble is I don’t feel like resting. I feel like cleaning, gardening and sorting out sheds hehe. I will rest though. I have a few days with all the visiting children going off to do different things so I will be reading a few books. Thanks for your encouragement 🙂

  6. Happy belated Xmas Annie;);) You’ll ace this marathon because its what you’ve been training for;);) Savour every moment of your first marathon like I’m sure you will;);) well done on getting this far. Just in case I dont get a chance to wish you for the New year happy New year pet;)

    • Thank you so much. Happy Holidays to you too 🙂 And thanks so much for your positive words and support. I can’t believe that it’s less than two weeks now. Feeling so excited! 🙂

  7. You sound like you are in a great headspace right now! Whatever keeps you happy as far as the cleaning goes, even though it is not rest as such, your legs will be appreciating it and your soul too as (bizarrely) it makes you smile 🙂
    Not long to go now, I’m not even in a taper because I haven’t trained enough to need one, what with bad backs and bike accidents;) But I’m planning on running, maybe the 10km, will see how I feel this week with a few days off work, did a nice 6km fun run in Hobart yesterday, boy, it was hot!
    Looking forward to seeing you at Cadbury 🙂

    • Thanks Sam 🙂 The Run to Taste must’ve been very warm. It was a hot day all over the state yesterday by the looks of it. Look after yourself and save everything up for the marathon in May! I’m looking forward to seeing you at Cadburys too. I can’t believe it’s getting so close. More cleaning and storing today for me, ready for a rest tomorrow!

  8. Based on past posts, I’d say you’re definitely prepared; you also sound like you’re looking forward to it and are in a good mood – finding the funny side to the taper-related jitters! I think you’ll absolutely smash it on the day, so continue to enjoy the next couple of weeks of tapering!

    Oh, and I adore the photo of the muddy pups!

    • Thanks Cecila 🙂 the photo of the muddy puppies really summed up how I feel when I stand next to my lovely running friends. They are the big grown up runners but they still like to ‘play’ with me! Thanks so much for your positive thoughts and your confidence that I can do this thing. I so appreciate it. The more I hear it the more I believe it 🙂 Thank you so much! xxx

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