Goals and New Year wishes


Fast away the old year passes… it’s time to see how this Unsporty Woman went with the goals she set 12 months ago.

There were seven goals:

  • Run five half marathons

Yes! Cadbury Half Marathon, Run Melbourne, Ross Marathons Half, Melbourne Marathon Festival Half and Point to Pinnacle. It was the year of the Friendly Half Marathon. The biggest highlights of these five friendly half marathons are:

  • Louise dragging me over the line at the Cadbury Half six minutes faster than my previous PB.
  • Crossing the finish line with my Husband Pauly at Ross.
  • Taking 10 minutes off my PB at Run Melbourne.
  • Having a wonderful friendly trip to the Melbourne Marathon Half and sharing a room with Janette, a real girls trip away – fun!
  • Meeting up with Sam at Point to Pinnacle and crossing the line just behind her then receiving our medals together – a perfect way to finish that could never have been planned, it just happened!
  • Running Point to Pinnacle all the way with Chariots of Fire magically being played at my toughest point, something else that could never have been planned, but just happened.

A wonderful, friendly year of half marathons and with all this 21.1km running, the half marathon and I are on best buddy terms.

Post-race photo with Freddo the Cadbury Chocolate Frog
Post-race photo with Freddo the Cadbury Chocolate Frog
  • Continue with all the amazing fun runs and events that are offered in Tasmania and run a few in costume 😛

Yes! Lots and lots of really fun runs. Some were fun pace and some were race pace. A sign of running experience and fitness growing was that with many I took big minutes off PBs, including 16 minutes off my 2013 half marathon time.wpid-20141018_103700.jpg

  • Conquer pushups! By the end of the year I want to be able to do 30 fast pushups with good form

No! Pushup form is better, I’m on the improve but haven’t got this one licked yet.

Yes! In fact it was 10 times and defying all odds I even won a race on handicap and received a trophy! (This was after going to the handicappers and asking them to make my handicap harder because my running had improved so much and the handicap was based on my 2013 Club results. I’m told that I’m one of the very few people in the history of the Club who has ever made this request).

A year of running memories like no other.  I have the most awesome husband, he is why I started running in the first place and here we are receiving trophies in the same year.  Priceless memories made to smile about forever.
A year of running memories like no other. I have the most awesome husband, he is why I started running in the first place and here we are receiving trophies in the same year. Priceless memories made to smile about forever.

Yes! Along with the lovely Kay and Janette we ran our 50th parkrun together.  Albert Melbourne parkrun run for my 50th was wonderful complete with tiara – no tee shirt yet, but that’s ok.


  • Run a 30km training run

Yes! I did this on my 50th Birthday as part of marathon training.  It was my birthday present to myself.

Yes! Cadbury Marathon here we come!  Cadbury Marathon was chosen because Pauly, Louise and I liked the idea of running our first marathon in our home state of Tasmania.  (Aoraki is still firmly on the wish list!)

A wonderful year of running, perhaps like no other. PBs and a trophy. A year to treasure. A year that symbolises that the Unsporty Woman has truly gone from beginner runner to intermediate runner. A year that shows that me and running, we’re really good mates and we are in it together for the long haul.


What about goals for 2015? I’m not setting any apart from two.

  • Be at the start line of the Cadbury Marathon on Sunday 11 January 2015 then run until I reach the finish line and become a marathoner.
  • Continue to run far, happy and always.

Perhaps there will be more, I’ll let you know post marathon.

Happy New Year, wishing you dreams come true in 2015.  If I can become a runner and chip away at running goals then anyone can do this.  I truly believe that the trick is to set goals that are scary but doable.  Of course having the wonderful support of friends and family both near and far has made all the difference and enabled me to achieve in this running world.

From me to you – Happy 2015 xxx  Hoping for a world of peace, tolerance, encouragement and kindness like we see in our global running community xxx

Happy running 🙂


24 thoughts on “Goals and New Year wishes

  1. What a happy uplifting post, it made me smile and also think about my own goals for 2015, becoming stronger and injury free is my top one 😉

  2. Happy New Year to you as well, have just eaten too much at the Taste festival, off to see the fireworks later. Going to face my nerves tomorrow and get on the bike again, gulp!
    Look forward to waving you off next Sunday xx

    1. Good on your Sam, I hope you have a wonderful ride today! That’s not going to be easy but you can do it! I hope the weather is nicer in Hobart than it is here today – rainy and windy. I’m looking forward to that wave next week x thank you so much x

  3. Happy New Year back at you, well what a year it has been. I’m just sitting here taking a breather, getting through christmas our biggest time of year at work and Christmas itself, phew I’m glad I got through it :). Your tapering post love it the k’s you all have done and to keep it up over Christmas awesome. The cost of running, never really worked it out but thanks for doing that lol. You have accomplished so much this year and your biggest and or longest running goal next week is nearly here and your will knock that one over to. Thank you for sharing your journey and look forward to 2015.

    1. Thanks Leanne 🙂 I can only imagine how busy you have been at this time of year! And training for the half at the same time – that requires a lot of dedication and focus. Thanks for all your lovely comments and encouragement. I can’t wait to see you down at Cadbury. Happy New Year xxx

  4. Happy New year to you to 🙂 it’s been a great year, I’m glad we have had lots of running adventures together and many more to come in 2015 I hope. Love your blog it is so inspiring and always makes me laugh and feel motivated. Love our Friday long runs together 🙂
    Only 11 more sleeps xo

    1. Thanks Louise 🙂 Happy New Year to you too. Such an amazing year of running adventures and friendship. 2015 here we come and now with just 10 sleeps we will be marathoners. Who would ever have dreamed that? From little fun runs in Launceston to the big 42.2 in Hobart. Thank you so much for your encouragement, belief and support – promise to keep my inner Shrek a bit more under control in 2015 hehe

  5. Hello Annie. After seeing your blog title in a comment section on another blog, I had to come over and learn about an “unsporty” woman. I have to say that, at least now, you are not what I would call unsporty. You’ve got some impressive running credentials (i’m not a runner)!
    Congrats on achieving so many goals.
    Happiness and health to you this year!

    1. Thanks LB 🙂 thanks for coming over to have a look. Deep down I’m still unsporty (don’t ask me to throw a ball or catch one or play something with rules and things like that – totally uncoordinated). Becoming a runner is something I never imagined but it’s opened up a whole new world of happiness and friendship that I didn’t know was there. Thanks for the lovely comment and wishes and the same back to you 🙂

  6. Happy New Year! You crushed so many goals this year and it looks like you’ve got a great start for next year already! Love reading your posts!

  7. Happy New Year! Well done on achieving your amazing goals, though you forgot your achievement of inspiring and motivating runners all over the world with your blog! Best wishes for 2015. Tahnee x

  8. Happy New Year to you and your family. Thank-you for all your words of wisdom during 2014 and helping me up that Hill. Well done on achieving your goals and keeping the love of running flowing.
    Looking forward to hearing about the Cadbury Marathon – the key I learnt this year to a Marathon – is to have fun and don’t think about the distance you are actually doing!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 that is a lovely lovely comment. And thanks for your words of wisdom. Thinking about the whole distance is way too scary! I’m breaking it down to the four legs – just up and back, then up and back again. I can do that! I’m telling myself this anyway. I will try and have as much fun as I can. Thanks again, it’s been lovely to get to know you a bit through our blogs xxx

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