Tasmanian Road Runners

…driven by the simplest of reasons – the love for running

The above quote is from a relatively new running organisation: Tasmanian Road Runners (TRR).


I’ve had a lovely snoop around their web site. The Group is just starting off; the intention seems to be to build a running community: to have a place where runners in Tasmania of all paces and abilities can come together and support each other with this wonderful thing called running.

There are training programs, the offer to help find a running buddy or group in the different areas of the state and lots more support.


One of the things that took my interest was the concept of the TRR Foot Solider. The task of the Foot Soldier is to come last in the events they enter. Yes, Last! Why? This is what TRR says about their Foot Soldiers:

The TRR Foot Soldiers initiative is designed to eliminate everyone’s number one fear surrounding their first fun run – coming last! Our Foot Soldiers have one job – to come last. Well, offering support and encouragement throughout the entire race is kind of their job, too. We’ll be updating our list of Fun Runs that our Foot Soldiers will be attending throughout the year so watch this space!

Can’t say I was ever worried about coming last in a fun run (I always thought it would be inevitable – and I certainly have come almost last quite a few times), but I do know others who have been terribly concerned about this (I’d say it’s a pretty natural thing to be concerned about too). My worry when I first started running in events was that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the finish! That Pauly would come back and find me passed out on the side of the road unable to go on.

The idea of a Foot Soldier supporting the back of packers sounds awesome to me. The idea of someone there telling us we can keep going would be great!  I was lucky to have my Pauly there to support and encourage my first attempts at fun runs.  But what about beginner runners who don’t know anyone else who runs?  Yay for Foot Soldiers, sounds great!

TRR also has TRR Angels who will be pacers at different events.

Wishing TRR all the very best with this running community building. It sounds wonderful.

They have a facebook page and the web site. Anyone new to Tasmania would particularly find this a great way to meet other runners.

Happy running 🙂

PS TRR logo and Foot Solider image shamelessly stolen from http://www.tasmanianroadrunners.org.au/.


18 thoughts on “Tasmanian Road Runners

  1. Woohoo! Something that describes what G and I do at partkrun a bit 🙂 In my Lonnie 12wbt page I try and encourage people to join in by doing this. There is no shame in coming last though – us slow people just try and get value out of our entry fees 😛

    Thanks for the link – I checked out their page and site and they look great x

    1. I so agree Fiona 🙂 nothing wrong with being in last place. I will never forget my first Nile 10 Mile where the entire field of runners sailed off at great speed and there I was plodding along with one younger lady a step behind me. Such a scary feeling. You and G are wonderful a parkrun and yes it does get extra value out of any race entry fee 🙂 that will be me in eight sleeps!

    1. Such a simple idea but so kind and sensitive to those of us back of pack and feeling worried. I’m super impressed with the whole feel of this new place for all things Tasmanian running 🙂

  2. What a great idea. Being last is a common fear. But, knowing me, I would still worry about being last of the “real” runners. I like that they also encourage the runners! Sounds like a great group.

      1. perhaps you misunderstood me?!? By “real” I meant the people who had entered the race vs the people who were *working* the race. Geez…

      2. Sorry, I did misunderstand. I appreciate the clarification. I confess I’m a little touchy on the subject.

        I once had a guy tell me that anyone who couldn’t finish an Ironman in under 12 hours wasn’t a ‘real’ athlete (most Ironman races have a 17 hour cutoff). What was particularly galling was that he wasn’t a competitor himself – he hadn’t attempted any of the gruelling training it takes to just get to the starting line.

        I wish I could say that was an isolated incident 😦

      3. Oh no! That’s horrible. In the words of Madeline ‘poo poo’ to them. If we lace up, jump on a cycle and swim in that washing machine of triathlon swims then we are real sports people! Real live runners. It took me a few years to tell the small voice in my head to be quiet, that small voice always told me that I was a fraud. That I look funny when I run and that I’m too slow. Now I say I am a runner because I run. A real live runner. Thanks Joanne and Cynthia for a nice healthy discussion xxx I appreciate both of you very much xxx

    1. I did wonder if knowing there was someone behind with a job to be last if it could be off putting. But on the whole I think the encouragement and the company would be so lovely 🙂

  3. As a back-of-the-packer, I love this idea … the reality however can be a bit daunting.

    During one Ironman event, I discovered that the last person on the course has a motorcyclist following them as an ‘escort’ of sorts. I was horrified. It was so intimidating to have this guy trying to keep pace with me while I was struggling on my bicycle up the last mountain climb of the bike course. I have no idea how he didn’t fall off his motorcycle going so slowing :/

    1. That would’ve been rather intimidating me thinks! I read a blog about a lady who ran Point to Pinnacle dead last of field and had a police car right behind her all the way. I guess with the Foot Soldiers they would be there and keep the back people company instead of potentially being on our own with a car or sweeper bus behind. Events in Tasmania are much smaller than other places – we don’t have sweeper buses or anything like that. It will be interesting to see how it all goes. I sure hope that there are some at Cadbury and then I can write about it – I’m sure to be a back of packer 🙂

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