An irrigator run

Summer is punctuated by runs to and from irrigator supplier and repair places.  This involves at least a 45 minute journey in the car and sometimes up to an hour and half.  Then a wait.  A twiddling-of-the-thumbs sort of wait with no determined finish time.  We wait to have the part repaired.  Without irrigation the grass dies and the cows main form of food is no more.  Most of the farm is under irrigation.  It’s hard, heavy manual work for the most part.  Long long days from 4am to 7pm is the standard and then a drive around before going to bed to make sure all is working ok.

And all this to get some milk out of a cow so everyone can enjoy their cheese, yogurt and a bit of milk in their coffee.

This is the first year that I haven’t taken all of January off on leave without pay.  I’ve been the farm gopher girl.  I’m the one who made the trips to get the parts fixed.  I call irrigators irritators – because they do irritate me immensely!  And Pauly becomes irritating too – it’s just such hard work that his usual calm unflappable self gets rather tested.  Sigh.  But not this year.  I’m on holidays (we have a full contingent of staff so my help hasn’t been required – yay!)  And it’s rained quite a bit so while there have been some heavy days of irrigation there have also been some rather casual (wet) summer days for Pauly.

But alas not this week.  This week has been full on!  And today was another dash to Latrobe to get a part fixed.  But since I’m not gopher girl this year I was able to come along just for the ride.

Why twiddle the thumbs sitting in the car when we can go for a run instead?

That’s what we did.  Come for a run with us around the nearby town of Devonport….here we go!

Let's run around the river and out towards Don.

Let’s run around the river and out towards Don.

Tracks are really well kept

The tracks are well kept

we cross the train tracks a few times

We cross the railway lines a few times

It's really quite hot but the shaded areas are cool

It’s quite hot but the shaded areas are cool




I love how well maintained everything is - even the bumpy bits are painted so we can see them in the dappled light

I love how well maintained everything is – even the bumpy bits are painted so we can see them in the dappled light

There are sign posts at all the intersections

There are sign posts at all the intersections

Want to do some hill repeats?  Not today, too hot.

Want to do some hill repeats? Not today, too hot.

A little detour to take in the beach

A little detour to take in the beach


Pink Galahs - so cute

Pink Galahs – so cute

Drink stop

Drink stop

A detour into the Bluff area

A detour into the Bluff area




Finished!  There's The Spirit of Tasmania, the ferry that runs between the Australian mainland and the state of Tasmania

Finished! There’s The Spirit of Tasmania in the back ground, the ferry that runs between the Australian mainland and the island state of Tasmania

Post-run breaky for Pauly

Post-run breaky for Pauly

Post run break for me!  Complete with Canadian Maple Syrup - yum!

Post run breaky for me! Complete with Canadian Maple Syrup – yum!

And what’s the latest weather updates looking like for the Cadbury Marathon on Sunday?  I’m glad you asked.  With our Dairy Farmer gum boots on we are EXCITED!!!!  It’s most likely going to be raining – Yay!  Pauly can turn the irrigators off!  With our running shoes on it looks like we could get soggy.  Seeing as though we’ve had some +30ºC days over the last week soggy is much preferable to hot.

Want to know more about Devonport and the lovely tracks that are just awesome for running?  Check out this link.

Happy running 🙂

29 thoughts on “An irrigator run

  1. Oh the temperature looks good Annie as do you! on another note I wondered how we would get to Tasmania from the mainland when we visit Australia. There is the ferry. Fabulous. 😉

    • I’m so hopeful about the weather! I don’t like to get worried about the weather but if it was going to be in the 30s I was just going to slow down heaps to cope with it. The ferry is great but we have three airports and lots of flight options so that’s the best way to get to Tasmania from the mainland. Sometimes they are as little as $49 one way (if booking ahead). Most people I know use the ferry when taking the car over and back.

      • Oh good to know about the ferry for the car. Mental note made. 🙂
        I can not even imagine what running a marathon in 30 degrees would do to be, well other than put me in hospital. So happy the weather is cooperating!

      • I think that sort of temperature would do the same to me Sue! The forecast max has gone up to 20 for Sunday but it looks like it will be hovering around 12 to 16 but getting up to 20 for the very last bit…the bit that goes up the hill! But that’s ok – I can do it!

      • You can do it for sure. Just be sure to be extra well hydrated for the last slog. I will be cheering and since you are 18 hours ahead of us I am thinking I should start getting the pom poms ready at noon on Saturday. 🙂

      • Great. Imagine all the things you are going to write/say/tell me about it!. I’m ridiculous. I have goose bumps on your behalf!

      • Annie what time does your race start? Dave and I want to be sending the positive energy at the right time. 🙂 Is there any on line tracking for your race?

    • That’s pretty much it Red Hen 🙂 the travel gets a bit tired sometimes but unless we get off the farm the old boy is at work all the time. But it’s ok, at least we don’t have neighbours to speak of. I was pulling out a few weeds yesterday and just threw them over the fence from the house yard as I always do. The neighbours don’t mind this at all – they just eat them. That doesn’t happen in the town 🙂 Always got to find a positive.

    • Oh my goodness, that’s so cold! People in Tasmania think I’m nuts when I go out in 4°C – it’s all relative I suppose. The good thing is that the season wheel is always turning 🙂

  2. What a lovely run!
    Like you, I’m glad it looks cooler for Sunday although I would prefer the rain to wait until we have finished!
    Very warm again today, off for a run now before it gets too hot, slept through my 5 am alarm, whoops 🙂

    • Thanks Sam 🙂 I hope it doesn’t rain while we’re running too – I can only imagine the chafe after five hours of running! I hope you had a lovely run yesterday – 5am getting up is serious commitment. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! Please don’t feel you have to hang around to the end – it could be a very long wait for this Unsporty Woman to cross that finish line 🙂

      • But I didn’t get up at 5am, set my alarm for that time but woke, put it on snooze, and then went back to sleep, finally ran at 10am 😉
        Was a good run although the dreaded shin splints are still hovering and my knee is still not quite right from being knocked off the bike, I did ask Santa Claus for a new body for Christmas but sadly I’ve got to work with this one!
        Looks lovely for Sunday, just hoping it doesn’t go higher than 23C, that’s plenty warm enough! Just home from night shift, time to start hydrating really well and hitting those bananas 🙂
        I will hopefully see you set off as I plan to be there nice and early, will have my son with me so will try to see you finish, who knows I may still be going myself!

  3. Such a pretty area you live in! I really enjoyed your tour. It’s funny to see you all hot and sweaty when it’s bitter cold here with snow on the ground and no sunshine! Wow, farming is so much work. Yay for cooler rainy weather! Perfect timing 🙂

    • Thanks Cynthia 🙂 I’m currently sitting out on our front deck with the most beautiful drenching summer rain happening. I’m willing the clouds to keep it up all day and all night! It is odd how on one side of the world it’s winter and the other it’s summer. It’s looking like it’s going to be about 22°C max on Sunday now and only 20% chance of rain. That’s ok, I can do that!

  4. Wow that bought back memories. We used to stay in the bluff caravan with my nan during summer holidays when I was a kid – loved it 🙂

    I hope you get lots of lovely rain tomorrow and Hobart turns on an amazing dry 18 degrees for you Sunday 🙂

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