Two Sleeps!


Here we are in Hobart with just two sleeps to go until the Cadbury Marathon. We are as ready as we’re ever going to be. The training is done, the long runs notched up. For the last 14 weeks we’ve followed the training plan and slowly inched towards our goal of running a marathon.  We are right on the door step.  There is the start line!  Right there!

It’s time to relax, breath and trust the training.

To all have encouraged and supported through your likes and comments – thank you so much.  The word is definitely more powerful than the sword.  I’m going to be writing Dig Deep on my arm early on Sunday morning to remind me of how beautiful the running community is.  Thanks everyone xxx



A Meeting of the Body…

Feet: Hello Everyone, welcome to the Pre-Marathon Briefing Meeting.

Arms: Hang on Feet, Brain isn’t here.

Feet: (sighing) I’m not surprised at all by that. Brain is far too busy being all mooshy about the romance and spiritual guff of marathon running – Brain is too busy to get together with us to talk physical logistics, you know, the REAL side of running a marathon. (In a loud determined voice) Let’s face it everyone, it’s up to us!

Lungs: I agree with you, Feet. It’s about us… Heart pumping, Feet plodding, Calves, Quads and Hamstrings pulling together, Arms swinging, Core being strong and me breathing hard. It’s us all working together that’s going to get Team Unsporty over that finish line.

Guts: (trembling) I’m worried though!

Calves: (sounding anxious) Me too!   

Feet: Don’t worry Guts, if you need us to pull into a portaloo we’ll just do that. And for goodness sake if you have to release your inner Shrek just do it! We don’t want to run a marathon with you all uncomfortable.  Manners are left at the start line and collected again at the finish. OK?

Guts: (Blushing) But I might slow the Team down! Or worse, (mumbling) embarrass everyone.

Feet: Slow is ok. We don’t want a pants malfunction, we’ll just stop at the loo, no worries! (Looking at Arms) Hey Arms! Keep her eating under control will you, please? That way there is less chance of Shrek making an appearance.

Arms: Oh she’s being good at the moment. Hands and I have only been picking up good food for the last few days, and I overheard Brain saying that they were determined to make good food choices. So that’s sorted.  Been enjoying all that healthy stuff with no alcohol, eh Guts?

Guts:  Oh yes, it’s been great!  (Whispering) But watch out after the marathon, chocolate!!

Calves: (Still anxious) But what if I get crampy?

Feet: Don’t worry Calves, there’s lots of magnesium in the system – love that soothing feeling – and she’s very well hydrated and staying so.

Calves: I’ll try not to worry, then.

Feet: Ok let’s bring this meeting to a close. Objective is to get from the start to the finish. If we have to we’ll pull in for a portaloo stop. If it’s hot we’ll slow the pace down. We’ll start at the start, follow the course and then get to the finish. Everyone agreed?

Everyone nods in agreement.

Just then Brain wooshes in all flushed with doey-eyed marathon dreams.

Brain: Did I miss something?

Feet: No, we’ve got it sorted. Looks like we’re going to run a marathon on Sunday. You, Brain, just keep believing that you can with no buts ok?


Happy running 🙂

28 thoughts on “Two Sleeps!

  1. I’m so glad you talked me into going in that 5km fun run 18 months ago, I have had such great times at runs and training with you and Paul. We have had lots of laughs and good chats ( actually you have chatted and I have listened haha ) you should be so proud of how far you have come from the letter box to a MARATHON ! 🙂
    Can’t wait until Sunday, glad I’m going to be standing on the start line with my lovely running buddy Dewey and Huey.
    See you at 4-45 Sunday morning. Xo

    • Lovely Louise you have made training such a happy time. I even love those early mornings now! I’m glad you were prepared to come along to your first fun run with Pauly and I. I’m glad that you have unlocked your awesome long distance running abilities and that your love of running has soared to new heights. You are going to do so well tomorrow! And I know I talk too much hehe but running has become about the friendship and the chat just as much about the running and I LOVE that especially running with you xxx Team Huey, Dewey and Louie are going to become marathoners tomorrow. See you at the bus stop at 4:45am tomorrow! (PS got your suitcase for the take home chocolate?)

    • Thanks so much 🙂 I’m honestly going to try and enjoy it. Running is my happy place so surely a marathon must be the happiest run of all??? Full on hours of happiness hehe. Thanks so much for your lovely encouragement and support xxx

  2. Dig Deep! Great post! When all of the body comes together for you on Sunday and propels you to the finish enjoy the accomplishment. Can’t wait to call you a fellow marathoner. All the best Annie (and Pauly).

  3. Love it, especially the guts, I feel for them!
    You’re going to have a great and enjoyable marathon on Sunday, I just feel it. Looking forward to a wave and a cheer and reading all your race report afterwards.
    Dig deep, you can do it:)

    • Thanks so much Sam x I’m going to do my best and try and smile all the way. Hopefully the tummy will behave…now I just have to go and make up about a million tiny harnesses for my butterflies…they are going to pull me along too hehe. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I hope your race going really well too! If you can run P2P in under three hours I can’t wait to see how you go tomorrow!!!

  4. Hilarious Annie. Warming up the pom poms as I write! Can’t wait to celebrate your first marathon. Now not too fast off the start line. 🙂 save it for later.

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 Those pom poms are going to get a workout! I promise not to go out too fast at the start. ‘Own race, own pace, own race, own pace’ that’s what I’m saying in my head to start with until it changes to ‘I am a marathoner, I am a marathoner’. Thank you so much x

  5. Bonne chance from SW France….not that I think you will need it as you are so ready for this…though a little good luck wish never does any harm 🙂 Can’t wait to read all about it …then maybe that book that’s in you will out someday soon ? Xx

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