Week Zero

Hal Higdon’s reverse taper is hard work!  Yes, lots of rest days to cope with when the running feet are itchy to get out there. He calls this week Week Zero. Thursday was the first run and I loved it.  That’s LOVED it! LOVED!

3.2kms up the drive way, passed the dairy with a quick kiss for Pauly who was milking, up to the letter box and down Brocks Road for just a tiny bit.  Surely this isn’t far enough?  I thought to myself.  This is hardly worth getting a sweat up for and even less worth washing running gear for!  Perhaps I shall go for more… Nope!  follow the expert!






By the time I got back I was glad it was only 3.2kms.  I was tired and ready to stop.

Today has been a walk day and tomorrow can be a 5km run or a rest day again.  Getting back into running post-marathon is reminding me how much I really do love it.  And how much I just want to keep on running.


I’m pleased to report that despite her worries that Louise didn’t forget how to run and has clocked up 5kms today.  Pauly is yet to run but he will be doing parkrun tomorrow while I volunteer.


On another note Pauly and I have had honour of having Glory in the Melee and her little family to stay for a night on the farm.  What gorgeous little people she and her partner have.  Sweet and so well-mannered!  We took them to meet the cows.  21 was completely enthralled with the fact that humans also come in pint size.

I love running.  I really do.  Life is sweeter with it and sweeter still because through it I have met and made the most wonderful friends.

Happy running 🙂

19 thoughts on “Week Zero

    1. No hills on the farm at all. In fact I told Paul that the only bad things about the farm is no hill to run up and down and no nice water hole to swim in. This is a big old farm house complete with two old cats, you’d love it. Come for a visit xxx

      1. Oh Anniebabes font tempt me!!!! My dons best friend and his wonderful family now live there the were here for christmas and have also invited us!!! Who knows xxx

      2. Tasmania was known as the Apple Isle for many years because of the huge apple industry we had (not so big now unfortunately). The advertising slogan for Tourism Tasmania was ‘Tasmania, be tempted’ – go on, be tempted xxx

    1. It was lovely Sue, we had such a fun time chatting and looking at the farm together. I’m so glad to be easing back into running, I need it and the thought of doing something silly and hurting myself keeps me listening to the experts.

  1. Your driveway looks like a lovely spot for a recovery run! And I love the concept of week zero – a week where you don’t necessarily have to train to particular goals, workouts or paces. It’s just about turning the legs over (also, I do a similar thing when drafting text where my first draft is always the “zero draft” until it’s complete and actually looks like a manuscript – so I will definitely pay more attention to the Higdon Training Plans next time I’m looking for one, I like his terminology).

    1. Thanks Cecila 🙂 It’s been great to follow Hal Higdon’s reverse taper. Both Paul and I are getting back into running post-marathon and feeling great. We’ve had some hot days lately here so just doing shorter runs has been great because of that too. Good idea with the writing too. I need to be more thorough with my proof reading! I do love our driveway. It’s like my own private running track (sometimes thought if the cows have been on it, it can be interesting!)

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