My Crazy Running Husband

Running brings out the enthusiasm and positive thinking in me. I have no idea why! From someone who hated running and couldn’t understand why someone would willing put themselves through this torture, to a true running devotee.   That’s me! I love running. I like to dream running dreams then slowly work towards making them happen. From running all the way to our letter box to running up a mountain and now running a marathon. My running dreams have known no boundaries.

With most things in life I am Action Woman. I’m Let’s Get This DONE Lady. I’m Don’t Let the Grass Grow Girl! But Pauly? Well, he likes to think about things. To ponder. To mull. Sometimes I call him Mr Procrastination Man, but that really is a bit harsh, he’s thorough and doesn’t act on whims like I can do. And yet he is the risk taker and I am the cautious one.  They say opposites attract.

Let me tell you about my husband Pauly and risk taking when it comes to running. He brings new meaning to knowing no boundaries; to jumping in and taking a challenge on full steam.

He’s been a runner for a long time. When we met he liked to run with the Launceston Running Club. He liked to enter the local fun runs if time off the farm permitted. The longest distance he’d run before we met was 13kms in an LRC handicapped race.

Once I conquered 5km and started to feel like a runner, the wave of my running enthusiasm caught my Pauly. I’d research and find fun and interesting runs and suggest them to him and he’d be in. That’s in, boots and all!

There’s a misconception out there that I drive all our running dreams. That I decide what we’re doing and he tags along. And yes there is a certain amount of that mainly because I have more time and inclination to go looking for what’s out there. But it isn’t always the case. Not by a long shot! Let me tell you what my crazy husband is dreaming up.

Orewa Beach Half Marathon – New Zealand

At first glance this doesn’t look crazy at all. It sounds like a lovely half marathon in a beautiful part of New Zealand. We’ll be there so why not try a destination run? But why are we in New Zealand? We’re there for our beautiful niece’s wedding. The wedding is the day before. To get to this event we have several hours of driving from the wedding location and the race starts at 8am – we’re talking at least a 4am start. A race the day after a family wedding? That means not toasting the Bride and Groom with bubbles! That’s ok for my non-drinking-energiser-bunny husband!  Did I mention that we are flying on Friday and getting in very late?  This lack of sleep thing doesn’t deter my husband one bit!  It’s only a half marathon he says.  Only???






But it gets crazier still!

The Great PukeokaHu Man v Horse Race – New Zealand

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a marathon distance trail race where the objective is to beat the people on horseback. 42.2kms with a 16 to 1 chance of succeeding and beating the four-legged competitors. The terrain is rough and steep. The altitude gain is on par with Point to Pinnacle.  There are no aid or drinks stops as such, participants have to carry their own water and race fuel, but there are refill stations. Spectators and supporters are not allowed out on the course due to the dangerous nature of the event. I think that’s enough information to realise that this is not for the faint hearted.

Back in the day Pauly worked in this area on the NZ Rabbit Board culling this introduced pest.  He thinks it's going to be awesome! (

Back in the day Pauly worked in this area on the NZ Rabbit Board culling rabbits; rabbits are an introduced pest in NZ that destroy the natural environment. He thinks running through this countryside is going to be awesome! (

Looks like fun doesn't it?  (

Looks like fun doesn’t it? Fancy being passed by a horse?  Could make the trail more interesting coming in behind the horses… (

My husband wants to do this the week after the Orewa Beach Half. Crazy.

I’m all for doing some runs in New Zealand. They don’t have snakes at all, or spiders and ants that bite. Sounds wonderful to me coming from a country where nasties in the bush are common. Orewa Beach I will do (I’ll be the one still half asleep). But Man v Horse?  Every respect for the awesome athletes who take on this epic event, but I am so not in their league…I might be an old nag at times but I don’t run fast enough to try and beat one!

See, just for the record, I’m not the craziest one out of the two of us. Pauly is!

Pauly watching the Triathlon on Sunday where our lovely friends Janette and Bruce took out the team medal!

Pauly watching the Triathlon on Sunday where our lovely friends Janette and Bruce took out the team medal!

Oh and the other thing he’s getting itchy feet to try is a Triathlon – now that’s not crazy but it does show his enthusiasm and desire to keep getting out there and try new things. I’ll be Tri Supporter Number One and no doubt the one who gets the gear ready. Did I mention that Pauly doesn’t know where his own clothes are kept?  But rather than temper his latest Kiwi running dreams, I will be there to support encourage and to make sure he has the right gear to get him through!  Old Nag, Pack Horse, Wife and biggest fan…that’s me!


Happy running 🙂

PS Pauly is a Kiwi through and through.  He moved to Tasmania, Australia 20 years ago.

24 thoughts on “My Crazy Running Husband

  1. *lol* omg i am exhausted just reading this… your zest for life is inFECtioS!!!! well, i am hoping – i need some SERIOUS zest this bleak Monday morning…
    Go TEAM LOADER!!!! xxx

  2. Go Paul!!!
    I get the beach marathon and think it’s definitely worth giving up the bubbles the night before and I do get the triathlon itch as I also have it, just a little.
    The chasing of horses, well, I looked it up and it just looks awesome, wacky, challenging and exciting so yes, I get that one too although I don’t think I’d be queuing up for it!
    On my Wishlist are more modest aspirations like the Queenstown marathon and the Marathon du Medoc where you can have wine, cheese, oysters, charcuterie and strawberries at frequent refreshment stations 🙂
    What a great pair you make, this is you g to be an exciting year of running xx

    • I would love to do the Queenstown Marathon! That’s on my wish list. I see that it sold out in a small number of weeks last year. That one will have to wait until after farming. And I read about the Marathon du Medoc for the first time in ‘Run like Crazy’ – I could see me having a go at that one too. I hope you get to these Sam! Great Ocean Road first and then who knows what’s next for you! And I’m with you on the horses. Paul is seriously thinking about taking on Convicts and Wenches 50km in a few weeks and I might do the 12 or the 25…still thinking. 🙂 We had so much fun watching the tri on Sunday, the tri people were just as encouraging as the running people. Janette told us about a tee shirt for people who do tri’s: ‘why such at one sport when you can such at three?’ If ever I gave it a go I would HAVE to get it!!!

      • “Why suck at one sport when you can suck at three!”
        hehe. I’m wondering if you read this blog to Pauly before posting it …. I’m thinking not. He is the quiet, crazy one!!!!!

      • Oh dear I need a proof reader! I did read it to him believe it or not. I needed to check on a couple of facts before I posted it. He gets a kick out of being subject number one I think. I agree, he is the quiet crazy one x

  3. Ha ha ha! The dog and I loved this post: I found it hilarious, and she loved the belly and neck rubs I was giving her while reading it. ☺ That horse vs human race race (sorry, couldn’t help myself there) sounds like the best idea ever! Well, the best novelty-run idea ever! I look forward to a post-run blog post about it, no, I demand one!

  4. Annie it seems that you and I may share the same issue. People think we have all the crazy ideas but it actually is our husbands! Pauly’s goals sound pretty adventurous!

  5. I have a feeling you both push each other for the running adventures, and good for you! Like you, I used to shake my head at ‘running’ people. But then I began to try it out and I got hooked. I will never forget the rush of beginning the run, then getting into the rhythmic swing of it, and getting away from everything else but the joy of feeling my feet hit the pavement. 20 years later, my knees doth protest, so I walk. Sigh. ENJOY!

    • Thank you 🙂 we do encourage each other and push each other at time, very true 🙂 Running is a wonderful thing that’s for sure, sorry to hear your running has slowed, walking is great though and any sort of movement outside is good for the soul 🙂

  6. You’ve both got that bug we runners all have and its called extreme runningitis;);) I would love to chase horses because I’d never catch em;);) fairplay to the both of you. #keepgoing don’t give up..

  7. Nothing like having a family event to attend then combining it with another event, in your case your love of running. Looks pretty awesome along the beach. As for your hubby, yes crazy lol, my gosh but how awesome a challenge especially in a beautiful spot of our planet. As for triathlons wow I was exhausted just being a spectator lol, the swim, then cycle and last but not least the run, I so admire anyone who does this. Good on you both for having dreams and living them x

    • Thanks Leanne 🙂 totally agree with the awesomeness of triathletes. I don’t know how they do it! And no socks for running – can’t get over that fact all on it’s own. It’s going t be interesting to see how Pauly goes with his big plans. I’m happy t be spectator for the Man v Horse 🙂

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