After the marathon…

This was a phrase that I thought and said a lot pre-marathon.

After the marathon I’ll get in and tidy up the garden.

This has slowly started to happen. It’s the height of what is proving to be quite a wet but hot summer here. We’ve had some cool snaps but also some days in the low 30ºCs. After several sessions the garden is starting to look a lot more loved.

The great thing about living on a farm is that the neighbours don't mind if I throw the prunings over the fence.  They quite like it and eat them for a snack :)
The great thing about living on a farm is that the neighbours don’t mind if I throw the prunings over the fence. They quite like it and eat them for a snack 🙂

After the marathon I’ll get that cleaning and tidying done.

That’s slowly started to happen too. The house has had the big once over top to bottom. I just have the enormous four car-sized garage to do. There isn’t a lot to do but it needs a general sweep and tidy.

After the marathon I’ll set some real goals for 2015.

Guess what? I’m not setting goals this year. I know! Very strange for me. For the last two years I’ve had some concrete goals to work towards like running up mountains and running far. Last year, especially, I took massive minutes off many of my favourite events and distances, even winning a handicapped race complete with awesome trophy. I doubt I’ll ever have a running year like 2014 again.

2015 will be a year for fun. A year to be a little easier on me. A year to make plans rather than goals. So how are these plans taking shape? I’m glad you asked!

Nile 10 Mile, 22 February.

This is one of my favourite races. It has a small field of runners even for Tasmania. It’s flat and hot. It’s the one race I looked at that I thought seemed un-doabable. Why? Because I just wasn’t a good enough runner. And it was undoable until in 2013 I lined up at the start line and then ran to the finish line! It turned out that I was a good enough runner! Silly doubts! They were wrong.

Convicts and Wenches, 15 March 2015

This is one event I didn’t think I’d do. There are three options: 50kms, 25kms and 12kms. The reason I thought I wouldn’t do it is because it’s a trail run. Me and trail running haven’t exactly seen eye to eye. But I can’t imagine going to an event and watching everyone else run and not running myself. I’m going out of my comfort zone and will give it a try. I’ll walk the rough parts of the 25kms that I’m not confident to run.

Medals haven't featured highly in Tasmanian runs.  Last year Ross had one for the first time and now Convicts and Wenches are going to have one.  Sweet!
Medals haven’t featured highly in Tasmanian runs. Last year Ross had one for the first time and now Convicts and Wenches are going to have one. Sweet!

Orewa Beach Half Marathon, 12 April 2015

This is the one in New Zealand just after our niece’s wedding. I’m still deciding on this one but knowing me I shall say what the heck and run!

Great Ocean Road Marathon, May 17 2015

I simply can’t wait for this one! We are doing the half marathon distance along Victoria’s beautiful Great Ocean Road. More on this later!

This one is in the list of world's must do events (
This one is in the list of world’s must do events (

Run Melbourne, 26 July 2015

This was so much fun last year that we’ve already entered for 2015!


Pauly and Janette in action at Run Melbourne.
Pauly and Janette in action at Run Melbourne.

The next marathon will either be Melbourne Marathon in October or Ross Marathon in September.

I’m somewhat undecided.

We have weddings coming up in November. Two. Paul’s youngest daughter recently announced her engagement, setting the date for mid-November 2015 and my daughter Anna is getting married the end of November 2015. It’s going to be a busy (and expensive) time. Do I run a marathon in Melbourne? Or do I stay home and run in Tasmania?   The good thing with both events is that the fields are not capped so I have plenty of time to decide.

2015 is already looking like a fun year of running. Varied and interesting events some new and some we’ve done before.


I hope that 2015 is starting off on the best running foot for you. Running has to be fun. For me and I’m sure for you too, life is full of those have-to-do-things, those necessary but not always lovely things in life. Running is my happy place and I’m determined to keep it that way. The pressure valve was never really working properly with my running but what was there has been disconnected and thrown into the recycle bin. I’ll try and chase a few faster pace runs but if I don’t get there, as long as at the end I can say the training was fun and the race was fun, I will be happy. I simply can’t make running a chore like so many other things are. In fact running is the pressure release valve on my life. Thank heavens for running.


And on that note my secateurs are calling me!

Happy running 🙂

PS the reverse taper is going pretty well with a mixture of distances and speed sessions we are even back to cross training – I know because the DOMS are screaming at me today – it’s feeling pretty good too!  And I mean that.  We ran a marathon and now we are slowly getting back into our much loved running and training routine – love it!

20 thoughts on “After the marathon…

  1. Hi there! I love your blog! Your goals last year sound AMAZING, I’m so impressed! 🙂 Loving the idea to have more plans than goals this year too, that’s kindof how I’m rolling these days. You live in Tasmania? I just moved to Sydney and anyone willing to run in the Australian heat has my greatest respect! 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m not sure how plans rather than goals will work but at this stage it feels a whole lot kinder and a little nicer to myself. Thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting. I hope you enjoy Sydney. It’s a whole lot hotter up there than down here. 🙂

  2. I admire the fact that you are already planning more marathons, at this point after each of mine I have been in the ‘I’m never doing that again phase’ that’s why it took me ten years to do five. Amazing mental attitude! X

  3. You have inspired me to finally PLAN MY DAMN RACING SCHEDULE! And tidy up my garage. 🙂 Love following your journey. And I say screw it. Go for the trail race!!

    1. Thanks Colby x you are awesome x you inspire me right back!!! I will go for the trail run and I might just love it. Happy garage tidying. I can’t wait to get in and get ours done, it’s got to that annoying level.

  4. Wow that is a full year ahead Annie. Good for you to look at it as a year of fun rather than a regimented goal setting one. I can see that if we are thinking of visiting in 2016 we best book early in your busy world. 🙂

  5. I have a huge smile on my face because I’m thinking that for someone without any goals this year, you have a full suitcase of plans … which in my book are each individual goals 😉
    I think that’s absolutely amazing … doing lots of the stuff that makes you happy and feel good!!

    1. hehe Joanne – I know I was playing with semantics but it works in my head 🙂 I have a feeling we are about to enter into a pretty full on year on the farm and work fronts so I’ve got my running plans with me sort of like a comfort blanket to keep me sane!

    1. Thanks you 🙂 You will get there. Have you thought about doing a 5km event sometime? Judging from your training you could definitely do that! Run/walk is very acceptable here so I’m sure it would be for you too 🙂

  6. For someone with no goals, there’s plenty to keep you busy still!!
    Glad to hear you are catching up with non running tasks, I’ve only run 3 times since Cadbury but mainly due to heavy work commitments and we now have family over from the UK. Will try to get up early one day to get a longer one in soon, that marathon training plan isn’t going to wait forever for me 😉

    1. Have fun with your visitors 🙂 By my finger calculations you have at least six weeks before you have to start marathon training…I think…my finger calculator can get a little fuzzy. I hope work slows down a little for you lovely Sam x

      1. I like the finger calculations, esp if I have a few weeks before the serious stuff starts!

      2. It’s too hot for serious training right now too 🙂 I’m going to do the Lazy Runner’s plan for the next marathon which is 25 weeks long! But I’m going to start it at week 14. I like how her plan has a long run one week, then back to a shorter one the following – it sort of zig zags up to the big distances 🙂 An experienced runner I know called this ‘bouncing’ – hadn’t heard of the term before.

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